Kasam- Tanu’s reincarnation story (Episode 5)


Recap: Rishi,Sarah and Ashley go to a bar. Sarah and Ashley get heavily drunk and were not in their senses. Rishi decides
to take them his home.

Raj, Rano, Manpreet and Ahana r in home.
Rano: Its 9:00 pm,Manpreet, where is Rishi?

Manpreet: Mom, Bhai didnt said me that he is going somewhere. but yeah, I saw bhai giving lift to Sarah.
Raj: Sarah? you mean that lookalike of Tanu.
Rano(to Raj): Suniye Ji, we need to talk to Rishi. He should get over Tanu, and now she is behind that Tanu’s lookalike,
its not good.
Raj: ok, I will talk to him but I also want to meet that girl.

Ahana(to Raj): Bauji, I met that girl today in the office
Raj(surprised): u went to office today? Tell me how she looks? Does she looks like Tanu?
Ahana: Yeah, she looks like Tanu di but her hair and eye colour is different.
Raj: I told Rishi to bring her home but I dont think he will bring her home, I should have also gone to the office,
why didnt u told me Ahana. I would have also met that girl.

Rishi arrives with drunked Sarah and Ashley. Raj and Rano get stunned to see Sarah.
Manpreet: Bhai, why u brought Sarah to home in such late night and who is this other girl?
Rishi: Actually we all went to a bar they both got drunked heavily, they were not in their senses and I didnt knew their
address so I have no option other than bringing them home.

Rano(shocked): Omg, she looks exactly like Tanu.
Rishi: Mom, I told u all na that Sarah shouldnt know anything about Tanu
Sarah didnt understood what Rishi and Rano said as she didnt understand Hindi because she is an American.
Raj is still looking at Sarah.
Rishi(pointing towards Raj and Rano): Sarah and Ashley, They r my dad and mom.
Sarah(drunked): oh, Nice to meet u all Mr and Mrs Bedi.
Raj remembers that Tanu used to call him Bauji.
Rishi: Chote, please help me in taking them to the guest room. They arent even able to walk properly now.
Manpreet: Ok bhai.
Rishi and Manpreet take Sarah and Ashley and leave.

Rano(to Raj): What happened to u? why r u so silent?
Raj: I cant believe it. When I saw her it felt like I am seeing my daughter Tanu.
Ahana: I can relate to u Bauji, I also felt like Tanu di came in front of me when I saw her.
Rano: But she isnt Tanu. She is a lookalike of Tanu. Didnt u all saw how shameless that girl is. She was shamelessly standing
drunked infront of us, no respect for elders, dont know what her parents taught her.

Raj goes to guest room where Sarah was sleeping. Raj puts his hand over Sarah’s face and gets emotional.
Raj(thinking): When I saw this girl I forgot for a minute that she isnt Tanu, but her lookalike. Why am I feeling a
connection with this girl whom I just met today, just because she looks like Tanu.
Ahana enters
Ahana: What r u doing here Bauji?
Raj: uh nothing Ahana, just came to check whether both of them r alright.
Ahana: I know what u r thinking Bauji, but we have to understand that she isnt Tanu di. She has no relation with us, we have
to accept that.

Raj: yes, u r saying right.
They leave.In the morning Sarah and Ashley wake up.
Sarah: oh god, where am I? Hey Ashley where r we?
Ashley: How do will i know?
Sarah: what happened yesterday night, I dont remember anything.
Rishi enters.
Rishi: How r both of u now? Yesterday night u both of u got in hangover and were not in ur senses so I brought both of u
Sarah(shocked): oh I am really sorry sir, I troubled u a lot. Please dont take my job.
Rishi: No need to say sorry, It happens.Now come and have breakfast.
Sarah: Thankyou sir, but I think we should leave.
Raj and Rano enters.
Sarah(to Raj and Rano): u both must be mom and dad of my boss. Good morning Mr and Mrs Bedi. We are really sorry for all the troubles.
Raj: Its ok. No need to say sorry, now both of u have come then have the breakfast before leaving.
Sarah: Mr Bedi, I think we should go, we already troubled all of u a lot.
Rishi: I told u na, have breakfast and then leave. I listened to u and went with u to the club. Now u both listen to me.

Sarah: uh ok sir.
Rano(thinking): What is the need of inviting them to the breakfast?
All of them come to the dining table and sit. Manpreet’s daughter Sandy enters and sees Sarah and Ashley.
Sandy(to Ahana): Mom, who r these two guests.
Ahana: She is secretary of ur Rishi chachu and her friend.
Sarah(to Rishi): Sir, If Im not wrong then she is ur niece, right.
Rishi: Yeah, right.
Sandy looks at Sarah carefully and thinks.

Sandy(to Ahana): Mom, isnt she Tanu mausi whose photo is hanged with garland on it in Rishi chachu’s room.
Sarah hears it and everyone gets tensed.
Sarah(surprised): What she said?

To Be Continued………….

Credit to: Luna

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