Kasam- Tanu’s reincarnation story (Episode 4)


Recap: Manpreet tells Raj, Rano and Ahana that Rishi’s new secretary Sarah is a lookalike of Tanu. They ask Rishi to bring Sarah home, they want to meet her. Rishi agrees.

In Rishi’s office, Manpreet is doing some work in his cabin. Ahana enters.
Ahana: Hi Manpreet!
Manpreet(surprised): Ahana, what r u doing in the office?
Ahana: I brought lunch for u and Rishi.
Manpreet(surprised): What? U never did that before.
Ahana(Angrily): What do u mean? I brought lunch for u and u are talking to me like this. Take it or I will break ur mouth.
Manpreet(smiling): U came here to see Sarah. Right?
Ahana: uh, yeah I want to see her, where is she?

Manpreeet takes Ahana to Rishi’s chamber. Rishi and Sarah are doing some work there. Ahana sees Sarah and gets shocked.

Rishi: Ahana, what r u doing here?
Ahana is still staring at Sarah.
Manpreet: Bhai, she brought lunch for u and me.
Sarah sees that Ahana is gazing at her.
Sarah: What happened Mam?

Ahana gets emotional, goes outside and starts crying. Manpreet goes to her
Ahana: When I saw her, it felt like my Tanu di came in front of me.
Manpreet: Please don’t cry, she isn’t ur di.
Ahana: But when I saw her I felt that I know her already. Ok Im going home.
Manpreet: ok fine, take care.

Sarah(to Rishi): Sir, what happened to that mam? Who was she?
Rishi: She is Manpreet’s wife.
Sarah: But why was she staring at me?
Rishi: Actually, her health isn’t good today.
Rishi(thinking): Thank God, mom and dad didn’t came to office.

Manpreet again enters Rishi’s cabin, while Sarah is leaving.
Manpreet: Bhai, why don’t u tell Sarah the truth?
Rishi: And what will I tell her, that Sarah, u r a lookalike of my ex-lover whom I have lost. I don’t want to make her feel bad that her face reminds me of my painful past. I don’t want that she starts hating her own face.
Manpreet: What u r saying is right but u r also feeling bad, na
Rishi: I don’t know, I’m having mixed feelings. When I see her I feel like I’m seeing Tanu, I feel that Tanu has came back to my life.
Manpreet: But u know na that she isn’t Tanu.
Rishi: Yeah, I know.

At night the office gets over, Rishi and Sarah come out office.
Rishi: Sarah, where do u live?
Sarah: Sir, I live in Manhattan.
Rishi: Manhattan comes in my way to home, come I will drop u.
Sarah: Sir actually I’m going to a disco with Ashley. She will meet me there.
Rishi: Ok so I will drop u there.

Sarah: ok sir.
Sarah sits in Rishi’s car. In the car
Rishi: Sarah, do u live alone.
Sarah: no sir, I live with Ashley.
Rishi: And ur family? Where do they live?
Sarah(tensed): Uh, actually my mom and dad died in a plane crash.
Rishi: What? I’m really sorry.
Sarah laughs
Rishi: What happened? Why r u laughing?
Sarah: I’m joking sir. I lived in a foster home since birth. I don’t even know my family is alive or dead.
Rishi(shocked): Don’t u feel bad ?
Sarah: Im happy sir,having a family would have been great but what I do if I don’t have one.

They reach the club. Ashley meets Sarah there.
Sarah(to Rishi): Sir, Why don’t u join us?
Rishi: No, sometime else.
Sarah:C’mon Sir, u always say no.
Rishi agrees after Sarah insists and all three of them enter the club. Sarah takes out a cigarette and starts smoking. Rishi sees it and gets shocked.
Rishi(thinking): Sarah’s personality and behavior is so different than Tanu, but still why am I getting attracted to her.

Sarah brings Rishi to the dance floor and they dance. Main sharaabi plays in the background.
After the club gets closed both Sarah and Ashley get drunk heavily and are not in their senses.
Rishi: Where is ur home Sarah? I’ll drop both of u.
Sarah(drunked): Manhattan
Rishi: yes I know but where in Manhattan?
Rishi(thinking): They r heavily drunk, I have no option, other than taking them home but I don’t know what will be the reaction of mom and dad after seeing Sarah and that also drunk?

To Be Continued……………

Credit to: Luna

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  1. Nice….it feels like we r seeing future episodes of kasam

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    How I wished the future was the same with Kratika sengar only playing the role of Tanu.

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    Nice luna and agree with Sanika

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  4. Very nice Luna ? . Keep writing

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