Kasam- Tanu’s reincarnation story (Episode 3)

Good evening friendz, Im continuing the story and also changing my writing style so that it will be more easy for u all to
read and understand.

Recap: Sarah, lookalike of Tanu gets the job of Rishi’s secretary.

Rishi’s office is getting closed. Rishi and Manpreet are leaving.
Rishi: Chote, I have to buy a gift for ur daughter Sandy’s birthday. I forgot to gave it in her birthday.
Manpreet: ok bhai, I will also come.
Rishi: No chote, I will manage.
Manpreet: ok bhai.
Manpreet leaves. Rishi goes to the mall to buy a dress for Manpreet’s daughter.He gets confused seeing too many
brands of clothes and wonders what to buy. A hand touches Rishi’s shoulder. It was Sarah with her friend Ashley. Sarah was
wearing shorts. Rishi looks at her and remembers that Tanu didnt liked wearing short clothes.
Sarah: Hi sir, what a coincidence?
Rishi(surprised): Oh Sarah, really what a coincidence it is. First meeting in the office and now here.
Sarah: yeah, looks like we have definitely something old between us, Ashley he is my new boss Mr Rishi Singh Bedi and sir,
she is my friend Ashley.
Ashley:Hi Mr Bedi.
Rishi: Hello Ashley, so Sarah what bring u to this mall.
Sarah: We just came for some shopping and what r u doing in ladies section of clothes, r u buying gift for ur wife?
Rishi: uh, no actually Im buying gift for my niece, she had birthday yesterday and I dont have a wife.
Sarah(surprised): oh so u r still single, wow, great.
Rishi: yeah, but Im really confused, there are so many brands and designer clothes. I dont understand, what to buy?
Sarah: May I help u?
Rishi: uh, sure, please.
Sarah:whats her age and which type of clothes does ur niece wears?
Rishi: She actually loves fashion so she wears top designer clothes and her age is 10 years.
Sarah shows Rishi a top asks him, how is it?
Rishi: Its really good but isnt it too short?
Sarah: But its in the fashion, your niece will like it.
Rishi: Yeah,ok Ill buy it.

Rishi,Sarah and Ashley after shopping come out from the mall after shopping.
Rishi: Do u two need to go somewhere? Ill drop both of u.
Sarah: thankyou sir, but we r going to a nearby coffee shop to have a cup of coffee.btw why dont u join us?
Rishi: No thanks, I need to go home. see u at work tomorrow, bye.
Sarah: bye sir.
Sarah gets hallucinations of previous birth.Rishi leaves in the car.Sarah looks at Rishi’s car.
Ashley: What happened Sarah?
Sarah: uh nothing.
Ashley: I think u really like him. Are u in love?
Sarah: r u mad, I just met him today?
Ashley: Yeah, love at first sight. and guess what, he is also single.
Sarah(smiling): Just shut up ok.
They laugh and leave.

In Rishi’s house, Raj, Rano and Ahana r sitting in drawing room.Manpreet enters.
Manpreet: I want to give u all a breaking news.
Raj: Breaking news? what is it?
Manpreet: Today a girl who looks exactly like Tanu came to the office and bhai made her his secretary.
Everyone gets shocked
Ahana(Angrily): Shut up Manpreet, This isnt funny.
Manpreet: Ahana, Im not joking, Im serious.
Raj(shockingly): Are u really serious?
Manpreet: Yes dad, she is Tanu’s lookalike. The only difference is she has blonde hair, blue eyes and also she is an American.
Rano: American?
Manpreet: Yes mom and her name is Sarah.
Rishi enters
Raj: Rishi, Manpreet told me that u met Tanu’s lookalike today.
Rishi(looking at Manpreet): Chote, u told everything?
Rano: so, u were planning to hide it?
Rishi: No mom, but….
Ahana: Rishi, I want to meet her, please bring her home.
Rishi: How can I bring her home like that, I just met her today.
Raj: But she is ur secretary now, bring her home with some excuse of work or we all will come to the office.
Rishi: okok, I will bring her home, but u all know na that she is not Tanu but a lookalike of Tanu.
Ahana: Yes, we know Rishi but still I want to meet her, dont know why?
Manpreet’s daughter Sandy enters.
Sandy; Rishi Chachu, where is my gift.
Rishi shows her the dress.
Rano: u bought such a short dress for her.
Rishi: But mom, its in the fashion and u know Sandy loves fashion.
Rano: And who told u this?
Rishi(excitedly): Sarah…
Everyone gets surprised.
Manpreet: so u even met her in the mall.
Rishi: yeah
Raj; Now i really want to meet that girl.

At night, in Sarah’s home she gets hallucinations of her death in the car accident while saving Rishi. sarah wakes up. It was a
Sarah: Why am I getting this dream since childhood?
To Be Continued……….

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