Kasam- Tanu’s reincarnation story (Episode 2)


Hi friends, thanks for liking my fan fiction, now I’m continuing the story.

Recap: Sarah comes to Rishi’s office for giving interview for the post of his personal secretary. Rishi is shocked to see that Sarah looks exactly like Tanu.

Rishi stands up from his chair seeing Sarah, he is shocked to see that she looks exactly like Tanu.Sarah wonders why Rishi is gazing at her like that. Rishi becomes speechless still looking at sarah with wide eyes. He takes deep breaths and drinks a glass of water. Sarah wonders what whats wrong with him. She says,r u okay sir, is everything alright, did I did something wrong. Rishi says Tanu!. Sarah says Tanu? Sorry sir, my name is Sarah, not Tanu. Rishi thinks that he has gone mad or something is wrong with his eyesight. He says in a shocked state, please wait outside, I will call u later. Sarah says,ok sir and starts leaving but turns back to Rishi and Sarah gets hallucinations of her previous birth. Rishi is still gazing at her. She leaves.

Rishi calls Manpreet and asks him to come to his cabin. Manpreet comes and asks, what happened bhai? Rishi says Chote, I saw Tanu just now. Manpreet says what r u saying. Rishi says I mean I just saw a lookalike of tanu, I mean I don’t know was it just my imagination or I really saw her. Manpreet asks, where is that girl. Rishi brings manpreet near the window and shows Sarah to him. Manpreet gets shocked and says, oh my God,she looks exactly like Tanu, I cant believe it. Rishi says so u can also see her. Manpreet says ofcourse , she is a lookalike of Tanu but she is an American. Rishi says , so Im completely fine, I thought I have gone mad. Manpreet says but bhai….Rishi stops him from saying anything and asks him to leave.

He calls Sarah for the interview. He still gazes at her and remembers Tanu. Sarah again gets hallucinations of her previous birth seeing Rishi. Rishi looks at Sarah without saying a word. Sarah feels awkward and says, is everything alright sir. Rishi says, yeah , everything is alright btw what name did tell of urs? she says, sir my name is Sarah Williams. Rishi says , I actually got a severe headache that’s why I send u outside but now Im fine, lets start the interview. Show me ur certificates. Rishi takes a look at her certificates and says okay fine, u r selected, u r my new secretary. Sarah got surprised that he selected her just like that and says, really thankyou sir. Rishi says and ur salary will be 80,000$, is it okay. Sarah gets shocked and says 80,000$, really , thanku sir. Rishi says welcome to the company, they shake hands and feel a shock in their hands. They take their hand away. Sarah says sorry sir,I don’t know what happened. Rishi remembers that how he also felt a shock when he first touched tanu’s hand. He says, its ok. Sarah thinks what is wrong with her ? She thanks Rishi and leaves happily.

Sarah goes to her apartment. She lives with her friend Ashley. Ashley comes and asks, did u got the job. Sarah says yes Ashley, Im so happy today. And u know my salary, its 80,000$, I cant believe it. Now we can pay the rent of this house which we haven’t paid for 6 months. Ashley asks, how is ur boss? His name is Rishi Singh Bedi, he is an Indian and must say he is really handsome, though he shall must be atleast 20 years older than me. But I feel like I have already met him somewhere, like I already know him very well, I am having a very strange feeling. Ashley says it must be ur imagination. Sarah says, yeah I also think like that. Sarah thinks whats wrong with me, why I am having an attachment with a man whom I just met today, why am I feeling that I know him for a long time.

In the office, Manpreet comes to Rishi’s chamber and asks, bhai, I heard that u selected that girl who is lookalike of tanu. Rishi says, her name is sarah. Manpreet says, u gave her job just because she is a lookalike of Tanu. Rishi says no, I didn’t gave her the job just because she is a lookalike of Tanu, but its true that when I saw her I felt an attachment with her. I don’t know why but its not just because of same faces. I got an inner peace which I never got in these last 20 years. Manpreet asks, what r u doing bhai? Rishi says, I don’t know chote, what am I doing, why am I doing? Don’t know whats the plan of God for me?
To Be Continued………………

Credit to: Luna

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  1. Siddhi

    Awesome episode lunar loved it very much.I have also written 2nd episode of kasam ff pls read and comment

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      We both are writing same type of story.What a coincidence ☺

    2. Thanks Siddhi but i think u r writing better ff.

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        No I think u are writing better

  2. The epi was nice.keep writing luna??

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