Kasam- Tanu’s reincarnation story (Episode 1)


Hi friends, Im new to this site and instead of commenting first Im writing a fan fiction , so tell me if u all liked it or not.

Rishi and his family returned back to USA after Tanu’s death.20 years has passed. They now live in New York. Manpreet and Ahana got married and have an adopted American daughter named Sandy. Rishi is now 43 years old , still single and living in Tanu’s memories.
The episode starts with showing Statue of Liberty and other locales of New York. Rishi’s house is shown. There is a grand birthday party of daughter of Manpreet and Ahana. Manpreet and Ahana are doing all the arrangements. Rishi’s dad comes and asks are the snacks ready, and isn’t the birthday cake still brought. Ahana says don’t worry dad, I have given the order. They will soon do the delivery. Rishi’s mom comes and says guests can come anytime, we should get ready. Rishi’s dad asks wher is Rishi, I have not seen him since morning. He should help us in arranging the party. Rishi’s dad asks Manpreet to call Rishi.

Hudson river is shown, A man is standing in front of Hudson river. Aye Khuda song plays in the background, the man is Rishi dressed up in coat and tie wearing glasses looking like a businessman who he actually is. He sees a selfie of Tanu and him together., and recalls the romantic moments between them, his happy days with Tanu when he was enjoying life. And then he remembers that just one day before their marriage, Tanu saves Rishi from getting hitted by a car but herself got hitted and dies. Rishi’s tears come out and he wipes it. He gets the call from Manpreet. He asks, where are u bhai, the guests will come soon, please come fast. Rishi says Im near the Hudson river, im coming, just wait a little. Manpreet says ok, but come fast.

All the guests arrive. Bedi family welcomes and greets them. Rishi arrives. Rishi’s mom goes to Rishi and asks him, Manpreet told me you were in the Hudson river, what were u doing there. He says nothing mom. Rishi’s father welcomes everyone. Manpreet’s daughter Sandy comes. It was her 10th birthday. Rishi’s father asks Ahana to say a few words. Ahana says what will I say dad. He says c’mon say something, its ur daughter’s birthday. Ahana says, Thankyou everyone to coming and joining us in our celebration. Manpreet and I got married 20 years ago. For 5 years we didn’t got the happiness of child, reason was because I was infertile. After 5 years we decided to adopt a child. We made an American child our daughter, but relations are not made on the basis of religion or nations or blood. It is made purely based on love. And my father in law taught me this. He made me her daughter and accepted me when I lost my dad, mom and elder sister.

I am really happy to be a part of this family. Everyone claps. Sandy cuts the cake, everyone gives her gifts. Rishi’s dad says everyone to have snacks and drink. Sandy goes to Rishi and asks, what gift will u give me chachu. Rishi says, sorry Sandy I forgot, but don’t worry, I will give u a very cute dress tomorrow. Just wait a little. Rishi goes to a corner and gets a drink. Manpreet goes to Rishi, and says,bhai today is a day of celebration, atleast smile today and be happy. Just for the sake of Sandy, but it looks like u don’t love my daughter. Rishi says, what are u saying Manpreet, I really love ur daughter, she is like my own child. Manpreet says, do u know sandy thinks u r more handsome than me. Rishi smiles and says, u will never grow up, u r now a father of a 10 year old, atleast now talk maturely. Manpreet says what will I get after growing up when I will always be a younger from u. They both laugh.

After the party gets over, Rishi’s mom asks Rishi’s dad, Did u talked to Rishi that we have seen a girl for him. Rishi’s dad says oh I forgot about it, due to making arrangements for the party., ok lets talk to him now. He calls Rishi. Rishi says, yes dad what happened. Rishi’s dad says I need to talk to u, what do u think about marriage. Rishi says, what I told u all so many times that I don’t want to get married, why u all don’t understand. Rishi’s mom says, u just see the girl and if u don’t like her then reject her. Rishi says I only love Tanu and I cant give any girl her place, and even if I marry someone then neither I will be happy nor that girl, so please just forget about this. Rishi leaves.

Next day Rishi and Manpreet go to office. Rishi asks , I told u that my personal secretary has leaved the office and I want a new secretary. Manpreet says, yeah bhai, few people have come for the interview . Ok send them to me one by one. Rishi goes in his chamber. Interview starts. Rishi starts doing some work in the computer. A 20 year old American girl enters the cabin saying may I come in sir. Rishi not looking at the girl says come in as he is busy in the computer. He asks her to sit down, still not looking at her face. The girl says, good morning sir My name is Sarah Williams, I have come for the post of secretary in ur company. Rishi looks at her and gets shocked. The face of the girl looks exactly like Tanu, except that her hair is blonde and eyes r blue and skin more whiter than Tanu. Rishi shockingly gets up from his chair. Sarah says, what happened sir?
To be continued…………

Credit to: Luna

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