hii guys I am back with episode 2

so letsector start without any bak bak

khurana industries

as tanu was in rishi’s hands they share a passionate eye lock

the dj plays a romantic song and then suddenly a fast song
they both came into their senses

tan: sorry
ris: no no but take care
tan stares him and he leaves as he was looking dam hot

On road
as swara was walking a goon holds her hand and say
goon: ruk to jaa jaanu meri jaanu
sw: look don’t come near me nhi toh mein …mein
put her hand in her bag
goon : nhi toh kya chilaogi ha… chilaogi
swara sprays pepper spray on his face
sw: nhi toh Yeh karugi
sw runs
goon calls his gang members and ask them to follow her up
sw was running fast and goons circles her
goon 1st : Abh kaha Bach kar jai give
goon 2nd: dekh iss sumsaan road per koi bhi nhi hai
goon 3rd : hum tum …..hum tum

sw: dekh accha nhi hoga so leave me
swara takes out spray but goons wears mask and laughs evilly

a goon was about to snatch sw dupatta but a strong hand holds goon’s hand
sw opens her eyes and says sankyy
yes that Was our hero sankyy

San bash them hard and say phirse kisi ladki ke saath aisa kya toh aur bhi but a karuga
sw: sankyy sorry ki maine Tumme slap maara
san: forgot that
sw hugs him tightly and he also hug her back
San : friends

Credit to: Janvi

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