kasam se kasam FF episode 26

rishi tanu coming fighting
rishi-how can it be that you dont know
tanu-rishi i seriously dont know anyways all the three are like you so you ask
rishi-thats true but tanuja have almost habbits like you so
tanu-rishi you are irritating me
rishi-tanu first answer

raj-what happened why are you fighting like small kids
tanu-bauji rishi started
rishi-bauji just wanted to know how tanuja and rakesh are connected
rano-so what
rishi-yes so what
rano pulling rishis ear
rano-cant you ask tanuja directly and tanu from next time if he disturbs you just pull his ears
manpreet-but the question is right as rakesh is nor known by bhai neither by nakul
tanuja-the answer is na

tanu-not applicable question
ahanna-but why
natasha-di and bhai are collage friends masi
tanya-and mumma we came to say that all our coming
tanu-lets go
at mehendi:-
after mehendi was putted in tanus hand
tanu-rishi find

tanu-so fast how
rishi-true love can always find a way
all clapped
rishi whispered-tomorrow i will give you a suprise
tanu-oh please every time your surprise becomes a shock for me mr.bedi
rishi-misses bedi i will give it means give it lets see who wins
tanu-deal lets see who wins what is the gift for winner
rishi-a day his or her all wishes will be fullfilled
bijji-tanu rishi nacho
both danced on pass baitho na

after function at rishis rom:-
rishi-i will go in tanu room and give the gift oh god what about tanuja i totally forgot about her
at hall:-
rishi in mind-i have to do something fast
tanuja-no not at all
naira-tanuja only one night
rishi-what the matter

nakul-see chachu tanuja is denying to go to farm house just for tonight please request her
rishi in mind-matter solved
rishi was about to open his mouth
tanuja-no papa
rishi in mind-totally gone on tanu now you will agree in RSB style
rishi-tanuja listen dont be boring like your mumma
tanuja-mumma is boring
rishi-i mean be modern like the girls of your age secondly you are not going so far its near our house inside the gate means part of your house and if you dont like still going there than you may come
tanuja-good idea

tanuja whispered-papa bye the way style of letting me stay away from mumma and you is great na bye
rishi-totally gone on tanu oh god
rishi goes to tanujas room where tanu is sleeping and sleeps there
precap:-rishi-i won the bet and now my kiss

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  1. Jasminerahul

    i didnt know that u had updated this.tanshi mehendi scene was very romantic.so rakesh tanuja r college mates.thx 4 clearing my doubt.rishi tanuja scene was cute.good to see rishi tanuja bonding

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