kasam se kasam FF episode 25

when tanu was going to take bath someone knocked her back
tanu-rishi you
rishi yes me your haldi rasam is not over yet
tanu-rishi its over
rishi puts haldi on her with a rose petal
rishi-now over
tanu-not now
puts him haldi by touching her cheeks
tanu-now over
rishi lifts her to the bath room and pours water
tanu-its cold
rishi-i know its for cooling your head
tanu and rishi throw water on each other
biji-tanu beta have you seen rishi
tanu-no no biji
biji goes away and tanuja comes
tanuja-mumma I have kept the cloths for mehendi you may come and wear
inside the bathroom:-
tanu-rishi don’t disturb be let me concentrate
rishi with a naughty look
rishi-I will
tanu pinches rishi rishi shouts
tanuja-papa you where is mumma
tanu-sorry sorry sorry
rishi-I don’t know
tanuja-okay papa what are you doing here
rishi-aaac actually hot water isn’t coming there so I came for that hot
tanu kicks rishi
tanuja-okay I will check
rishi-no no need I will check myself
tanuja goes away
tanu-you go or else someone else will come
rishi-okay I am going

just then he so tanuja coming inside and went inside the bathroom
outside tanujas room:-
rano-offo I forgot to say to tanu that where are rangoli colours
tanuja-dadi what happened
rano-I wanted to ask tanu where are rangoli colours
tanuja-that are inside that flower basket and mumma isn’t here papa is here as hot water isn’t coming there

biji-no no just 3 minutes ago I talked to tanu
ahaana and mapreet heard the conversation
manpreet-tanuja bijji come inside once again and call bhai and bhabi turn by turn okay
nakul naira and rakesh also came
naira-whats the matter
ahanna-lets come
ahanna pointed to call rishi
tanuja- papa are you still bathing
rishi-yes go do your work
manpreet pointed bijji to call tanu
bijji-tanu are still inside
tanu-ji biji
rano-so that’s the matter tanu rishi come outside right now
both came sorry
rano-what was going on who started this
both pointed to each other
rishi-sorry mom
tanu-sorry mummi ji
rishi-by god we only played water water nothing else
all laughed
rishi-i am going
tanu-me too
all went for doing their work
at kitchen:-
tanuja-naira can i ask you something
tanuja-how you and nakul are connected means when you met each other
naira-after both of our graduation me and nakul were in the post
tanuja-okay and what about your husband
naira coughed-what
tanuja-yes you gave me invitation for your marriage but my bad luck you didn’t came
naira in mind-if i will say the person whom i married is rakesh then the new love story would end before it starts
tanuja-my kasam say

rakesh runs to kitchen-actually the person ran away
rakesh winked
tanuja-how sad
naira-i know but no worries i am moved
tanuja-okay i am going to give everyone tea
naira-okay i have to say you came in correct time
rakesh-i will do anything for my highness
naira-i liked it
nakul saw rakesh was taking water and naira was cutting vegetables
precap:-mehendi starts
tanu-rishi find my name


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  1. Jasminerahul

    i just loved tanshi haldi scene,it was so romantic.bathroom water scene was cute.tanshi trying to hide themselves n finally others catching them was funny.So Nakul Naira r friends?Naira is married to rakesh?Then y is she hiding it?I’m confused.Which actor is Rakesh?How is Rakesh related to rishi n Nakul?

    1. Sprihasarania

      rakesh is kranveer borah they are hiding it to unite nakul and tanuja

  2. Jasminerahul

    wow.I was also imagining karanveer as rakesh.how is rakesh related to Nakul?

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