kasam se kasam FF episode 23

at garden:-
tanu was playing with water in the garden and rishi was staring at her
rishi-tanu come here
tanu-what wow such a beautiful butterfly
rishi puts it in her hand but after seeing it tanu let it fly
rishi-why you let the butterfly fly you said you liked it
tanu-yes but think if one day you will be putten in the cage wont you die if you see your family
rishi-yes you are right mrs.right tanu come
taking her near the bloomed flowers that were falling and tanu was so happy to see it that she roamed around and rishi took photos of her someone holding his ear
boy-why are taking her pics what are your plans
rishi-she is my wife
girl-how can we believe you
tanu-what happened
rishi-we are husband wife know
boy-i knew it
tanu-i mean we are getting married for 3rd time
girl-wow what a love
boy-no its eternal love now lets go let we not disturb them
girl-okay bye love buds have a great time
rishi-thank you sooooo very much
tanu-so melody drama you do mr.bedi
rishi-actually mrs.bedi you know my wife is there so i have to
tanu-what do you mean
rishi-actually the problem is my mrs.bedi is very pretty as well as very smart
tanu-mr.bedi it had to be as you are still a kid you dont feel love
rishi-i am
tanu-rishi no its an open area
rishi-okay then lets go to our room
he took her in her arm and took her in his car

at waterfall lake:-
tanu-i thought
rishi-sshhh you talk a lot i took you here to see the moon together
tanu-means you said that to tease me you
rishi-your beauty is more glowing in this moon light
rishi-done my sweetu my jaanu
tanu and rishi had a sweet hug
tanu-shall we go
tanu-rishi home
rishi-i dont want to i have to
tanu-rishi singh bedi mr.drama king
bedi house:-
tanuja-today we are very late
rakesh-yes and sorry we couldnt reach airport
tanuja-dont worry we will see her here
after entering in the house
tanuja-what hapened
manpreet-exactly what happened
rishi-miss daughter you were never late with nakul also you never stay out after 10pm
rakesh-actually we planned to dinner out
aahana-what going on between you two
tanuja-masi you to
rano-not you to all of us
tanuja making puppy face
tanuja-dadi you also i will not talk to anyone
raj-puttar dont be sad
tanuja smiled

raj-but is there really something going
tanuja-dadu you too
rakesh-your biggest problem to get angry very soon
voice-so you are miss nachadi
tanuja turned back
they both had a hug
rakesh and nakul-you both know each other
naira-yes she is miss perfect and we were also in the same badge
rakesh-are you serious

precap:-haldi starts with a jealousy game
may you all like it

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  1. Jasminerahul

    this chapter had d best tanshi scenes so far.butterfly scene,flower scene,moon scene were damn romantic.i loved them.naira n tanuja r friends.cool.
    plz update ur other ff too

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