kasam se kasam FF episode 22

next morning:-
tanuja woke up and saw her room was filled with roses and booke
tanuja-rakesh come why are you hiding
nakul comes out
tanuja-oops sorry nakul i thought rakesh is there
just natasha tanya ravi comes with flowers in their hand
tanuja-thank you princess my angles and rakesh now come out
nakul-how do you know rakesh is there
tanuja-offo nakul you know he always tries to make my morning beautiful by the nakul go you have so much work today first send mom and dad to romantic date second bring naira home
nakul plasters a smile and goes after he goes natasha tanya ravi rakesh and tanuja does hi-fi
rakesh-see your love is jealous
tanuja-i know but at correct time you send these kids
rakesh-i know
tanuja-we have to make sure nakul
all four-jealous
rakesh-this time he will propose you guarantee but know lets go for wedding dress shopping
tanuja-okay you all go i am coming
at hall:-
tanu-no today haldi i cant go
aahana-come on di it in evening
rishi-i am ready
nakul-chuhs ready then chachi is also
rishi wishpered-come with me or else the thing was left night you have to complete
tanu-okay ready
nakul-get ready the car is already ready
at car:-
tanu-you i will kill
rishi-oh you are finding a reason touch me
tanu playfully hitting rishi
tanu-rishi you disturb me a lot these days
rishi pulling tanu near
rishi-just wait and watch what will i do
tanu pulling rishis collor
tanu-you will see what can i do
driver coughed and they 2 made difference
at home:-
aahana-mom please say manpreet to stay away from me
rano-why whats the problem
manpreet-mom actually i said her that you are sweet
rano-so whats wrong
aaahna-mom he said this to stop eating sweets
manpreet-mom actual reason is after eating sweets she has become like kareli
aahana-mom see
rano twisting manpreets ear
manpreet-aww aww aww
rano-say sorry to ahanna
manpreet-sorry sorry sorry
both hugged mom
at airport:-
naira waved her hand towards nakul (naira is played by teeja sidhu)
naira-lets go fast to see who is the lucky girl
nakul-and make her jealous
at mall:-
rakesh-why does nakul sayes naira is a special girl
tanuja-i dont know
tanuja-shhh let me select the cloths
precap:-the grand wedding a jealousy game to begin a new love
hope you all like it

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  1. Amazing

  2. Jasminerahul

    Tanshi scene was cute.As usual Manpreet Ahana scene rocked.after eating sweets Ahana has become a kareli,ha ha.rano is too sweet here.Surprised to c teejey as naira here.acually who is Naira?

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