kasam se kasam FF episode 21

tanu-come lets do dinner together
at dinning table:-
nakul-how you came here
rakesh-to see mumbai hey tanuja can you show me mumbai and we will also have friends talk what say
nakul-bad idea we have already a plan for tomorrow
rakesh-no problem
tanuja-what no problem there should be a problem after we are meeting after so long
nakul-then i will also come
tanuja- no as his best friend is coming naira
tanuja whispered-and also you have to fix a date for mumma and papa
tanu-natasha tanya come time to sleep
tanya-papa come
tanya was holding rishis hand and natasha was holding tanus hand
at natasha and tanyas room:-
natasha kissed tanu and tanya rishi on their cheeks tanshi came to do the same but when they came natasha winked towards tanya and they ran away and tanu rishi were left facing their faces they had an eyelock on mujhe ishq se
ahanna-how many times i said you both to sleep by this time
when natasha tanya and ahanna entered they saw tanshi too close ahanna coughed and they realized what they were doing and turned there faces
ahanna-di not so fast wait till the marriage
rishi-i am going i have some work
ahanna loudely-di where will you sleep today
rishi-in our room
ahanna-no not till the marriage
manpreet-bhai wait
tanuja-dont pull legs of mumma and papa mumma will sleep in my room
ntasha-i am sleepy mumma
nakul-naughty natu
tanya-we are not naughty we are radha and krishna
manpreet-like bhai and bhabi
now rishi and tanu were turned fully red and rishi ran towards his room and tanu towards tanujas room
at manshis room:-
manpreet starring at ahaanna
ahanna-what happened
manpreet-my wife is looking gorgeous
ahaana-what what happened
mapreet-n n nothing
at rishis room:-
rishi-i cant sleep without tanu lets go to the kitchen
at kitchen:-
tanu also wasnt sleeping she was also taking water rishi saw her and hugged her tanu was about to shout but rishi shut her mouth
rishi-dont shout everyone will wake and think … you wont shout
tanu nodded
rishi-you will listen to me
tanu nodded
rishi-now you can speak
tanu pointing towards rishis hand
rishi-oh sorry
tanu-you nowdays disturb me a lot
rishi-do you think i am person who always look at girls with a bad eye
rano-who is there
rishi was about to shout tanu hold his mouth
tanu-are you crazy
rishi-say sorry for what you said
tanu-no not at all
rishi-okay then i will shout
tanu-no no please
rano-for a last time i ask who is it
rishi-mom me and
tanu whispered- sorry sorry sorry
rishi-and no else
rano came near as tanu hide to next side if the slab but rishi hold her hand tightly but tanu kicked his leg and ran away after rano and rishi conversation both tanu and rishi slept happily
precap:-haldi and mehendi with a new war of love of who will win tanujas love
sorry for the delay

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  1. Jasminerahul

    where were you?why didn’t you update for a long time?tanshi eye lock was romantic. will tanuja arrange tanshi’s date?tanshi kitchen scene was romantic cute and funny.manpreet ahana scene was cute and romantic

    1. Sprihasarania

      actually this was because of some personal reason sorry and thank you

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