kasam se kasam FF episode 20

manpreet-bhai waiting for bhabi
rishi-shut up and go
tanuja-papa dont wait so much think if she runs away
rishi holding tanujas ear
rishi-what are you thinking
nakul-a bet that was about that you will propose chachi infront of all
manpreet-bhai cant he becomes
all three-phatu
manpreet- in front of chachi
rishi-no one can challenge rishi sing bedi and the challenge is accepted
tanuja-so i am going to take mumma bye
at room:-
natasha-mumma you are looking like a angle
tanya-mumma you are so beautiful
tanu-like you 2 angles
aahana-di lets go we are getting late
tanuja-mumma all are waiting specially papa
tanu-lets go
ahana-wait di put this kala tika as you are looking beautiful
tanuja-now lets go

when tanu came down everyone saw her only her after sometime rishi and tanu were taken to the stage for ring exchange the first ring was taken by rishi and rishi bended
tanu-yes yes YES
after the ring exchange manpreet took the mike
manpreet-isnt the party going boring as its my brothers there should be dance
manpreet danced on shamsandar with rishi
tanuja-its the great wedding of my mom and dad so there should there dance
rishi and tanu danced on lag ja gale
after sometime when people started to go then rano stopped them
rano-please stop theres an announcement
raj-actually tomorrow is haldi and mehendi so please come
nakul-after that chuchs and chachis marriage
tanuja-please dont forget to come
after everyone went a person entered with a kid the person is played by karnveer bora
ravi-hi tanu auntie
tanu came and gave hug
tanu-hi ravi
tanuja-i missed you so much rakesh
rakesh-me 2 tanuja
nakul-who is he
tanuja-rakesh my best friend

precap- grand marraige nd a love triangle of rakesh tanuja nakul
sorry for the delay because of some personal reasons

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