kasam se kasam FF episode 19

tanuja while putting flower
nakul-tanuja one last question
tanuja-i should question you what happened yesterday
tanuja-nakul say or else
nakul-yesterday you danced and fooled the goons
tanuja-sirously okay fine ask
nakul-did naren really loved you
tanuja-no it was his plan as he anted to know where i lived and my bio data but said s a friend
nakul-no no not at all
at restaurant:-
tanu-no it not all say what you are hiding
rishi-chal jhoti
rishi-aae i am not rotoru
tanu-aae i am not jhoti
rishi-you say lie hole day
tanu-you cry whole day
rishi-you dont care for me
tanu-you dont love me
rishi-see again lie
tanu-you cry
after wards when they realized they kept quite for a while then laughed
tanu-now answer why you changed the topic
rishi-wow very smart
tanu-i know now say
rishi-actually you didnt say when we will marry so for discussion
tanu-rishi you cant stay at home and discuss you
rishi-thus i was not saying
tanu-your problem your mistake
rishi-okay sorry sorry
at house:-
aahana-what sorry sorry tumne meri angoli kharabkar di
manpreet-i said sorry at least 50 times
aahana-oh really you say sorry to other girls more than this
manpreet-it never happens
aahana-okay then i am going
manpreet-but aahana
tanuja-mama i have an idea i will make the rangoli and show it to mami she will be happy
manpreet-thats like bhanja bhanji jodi
tanuja-and done
manpreet-aahana see i did it
aahana-oh really see its not done please fill it
tanuja running out-mama no it is right
aahana-i knew it as i can say by seeing only that tanuja made it anyways i accept manpreets sorry
tanuja and manpreet gives hifi. tanuja while going
tanuja-aah you you scared me
tanuja-take these gifts and go
at evening :-
when tanu rishi came
rishi-why its so dark
tanu-like your mind
light comes
tanu-what is this
biji-both of you engagement
rishi coming and giving kissing their hands
rishi-you are too good biji
rano-stop this maska and get ready in five minutes
tanuja-mumma you change in my room
tanu-thats better
natasha-no but go
precap:-tanu hugging someone.tanuja saying someone i miss you so much
last time i saw some dislikes please say so i will correct it.

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  1. Jasminerahul

    so naren was just pretending to love.but what was his real purpose?if he gets obsessed with tanuja how will his revenge on tina be complete?I am still confused.manpreet scene was nice.tanuja supporting them was nice.who is that person in the precap?

    1. Sprihasarania

      I will clear all your doubts and the person is secret but it’s just a jealousy game before marriage

      1. Jasminerahul

        you mean naren behaved like that with tanuja to make Tina jealous?

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