kasam se kasam FF episode 24

tanuja-even we participated in many competitions and got equal medals
naira-our last competition was miss beauty unfortunately tanuja won
tanuja-yes and then did her work as my work
rakesh-yes one day she did the same to me and i didnt did thinking she was raging and tanuja is the leader
tanuja-then i got to know what she did behind my back
naira-but that day i got to know how good tanuja is
rano-means you know each other science long
ahanna-this tin tigadi will definitely stay toghter
all three-correct
at nakuls room:-
he was punching bag in anger that he wont get tanuja
naira-you will get tanuja
naira-offcourse as you both are my bistie and you both should get a better choice and tanuja is a perfect choice
at rishis room:-
rishi-tanu thinks i dont feel love so today i will feel love
in few minutes rishis hand burns while lighting lighting candle
rano-what happened rishi

tanu bandages him
rishi-mom while writing love story i thought to light candle and my hand burned now how will i write
raj-putta when will you grow up tanu
tanu-ji bauji
raj-please help him in writing
tanu-yes yes
tanu-off course why not
ahanna-okay rishi
rishi in mind-yes my plan worked now everyone will go and i will feel tanu oh sorry love
rishi excitedly-YES
rishi in pain-yes
rishi in mind-this sink in fake to feel love
manpreet-now lets go and sleep
all went
tanu-rishi you also know say what to write
rishi staring at tanu
rishi says and tanu writes aaj id kar raha dil plays and then slowly rishi goes back tanu and says tanu gets goose bombs when her hair disturbs her he puts it back and kissed her neck tanu shivers and gets lost in him and slowly he slowly puts his hand on her neck and slowly put her down touching her hand and makes her stand and goes and kisses her head and goes near ear
rishi-today i will feel love
he lifts her up to the bed and when rishi goes to kiss her lips tanu puts her hand
tanu-not before marriage
tanu shyes and runs but rishi holds his hand and moves near her
rishi-not today but soon will you love
tanu blushed-good night rishi get well soon
she ran away

at tanujas room:-
tanuja-by the mumma i thought you will have sweet dreams there only
tanu-you are becoming naughty day by day
tanuja hugged tanu
tanuja-love you mumma
at morning haldi began:-
everyone was putting haldi on tanu rishi and nakul thought to do the same but tanuja stopped
tanuja-i have heard if an unmarried boy or girl touches it he or she marries very soon i think you should there should be someone to stop your foolish act
nakul-okay then i will put on you
and both runned to color each other
one lady-mother father are getting married but later they 2 very soon
tanuja-i am going to take a bath
precap:-mehendi and a new love story

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  1. Jasminerahul

    naira assuring nakul that he will get tanuja was nice.how is naira related to nakul..
    tanshi scene was damn romantic.nakul tanuja haldi scene was very romantic

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