KASAM… the love transcends time (introduction)


Dear friends…I just want to write an ff about the serial kasam teri pyar ki…
I hope everyone will read this and support …..

This is just an introduction..

The story is similar to that in the real show..that shown ..the childhood of rishi and tanu is the same…tanu the beautiful girl is the protection for rishi..and they are bounded for their all janmas..
According to raano s will they shifts to america..they come back at rishis 21st age…to arrange marrage of tanu..thanu is19 yr old only..she is studiying on collage..her parents are with her..they shifted to another place …rishis family does not know this..they come to their mother land..searches for tanus family and couldn’t find them ..rishi is not intrested in marrage and on this age…

To their dissapoinment..they shifts to another place for the seek of a good collage where rishi can do his pg course..and also family get time to find thanus family…thus unknowingly the both families come to live in same city….this is my story line..hope you enjoy this ..pls give comments and support…

Thanks for reading

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  1. CuteVanshu

    Nice start… Plz continue

    1. Navami

      Thanks cutevanshu

  2. Fresh start Navami go ahead

  3. Rithik

    Awesome continue

    1. Navami

      Thanks rithik..

  4. At last an ff is starting on kasam I will surely support you with love :* do write it daily and and write a bit long and with dialogues…
    With love ayushi

    1. Navami

      Thanks ayushi..i made it short coz it is just an introduction….

  5. Navami

    Thanks nayana

  6. Interesting intro…?

    1. Navami

      Thanks zuhara

  7. MinnieMouse

    After a long time, an ff for Kasam I’m very happy, I am surely with u till the end

  8. Navami

    Thank you minniemouse..

  9. Good start but make it a bit different and pls write more that more people gets attracted.
    Regards lilly

    1. Navami

      Thanks lilly..

  10. Good start…..plz do write it daily dr

    1. Navami

      Thanks afiaa

  11. kushmala mariam

    Please start writing. Its awesome.

    1. Navami

      Thanks kushmala mariyam..

  12. this is good.

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