Kasam ff (Episode 6)


Rishi is thinking when he feels a hand on his shoulder.He turns and sees Manpreet and says

Rishi:Chote what are you doing here?

Manpreet:You were sitting alone so I thought to give you company.


Rishi goes to his room and Manpreet thinks

Manpreet:I can’t see bhai sad.Hope Tanvi is only Tanu Bhabi.

Manpreet is going when he bumps into Ahana.

Ahana:Can’t you see?

Manpreet:You can’t see,it was walking properly only but you came.

Manpreet and Ahana start fightingwhen Rano stops them and says

Rano:Here Rishi is sad and you both are fightin.Seriously?

Ahana:We know but what can we do?

Raj comes there.

Raj:She is our Tanu only.

All are shocked.

Manpreet:Papa what are you talking?

Raj:I am correct.Remember what the lady told.The lady told that whenever Rishi is in danger then Tanu will save him but she will get hurt.Tanvi saved Rishi from getting hitted by the car and she herself got hitted.

Rano:Yeah you are right.But her name is Tanvi and she is daughter of Pawan and Saloni.

Manpreet:But it was not in her hand.

All are talking when Rishi comes there.

Rishi:What you all are talking?

Everyone gets tensed.

Rishi:I am asking something,answer me.

Ahana:We were talking about party.


Pawan and Saloni comes inside his house.All see them including Rishi.He is very much angry but Tanvi comes from back and he calms down.

Rishi:What are you doing here?


Pawan is about to say something bad to Rishi but Tanvi stops him.

Pawan:We have came here to say sorry as I have behaved badly with you.

Manpreet:Now what drama you are doing Pawan?

Saloni:It’s not drama.We are feeling guilty for what we did.

Ahana:Oh really but why don’t you feel guilty at that time when my Tanu died was dieing?

Tanvi stand still in front of Pawan and Saloni and faces Rishi and his family.

Tanvi:Please forgive us for our mistakes.Because of you I got saved as if you would not take me to the hospital then I would die.

Rishi thinks

Rishi:Tanvi you don’t know that how much cheap your parents are.

Tanvi joins her hand and asks for forgiveness.

Raj:Please Tanvi you don’t say sorry.

Tanvi:Uncle I down know you but you are just like my father.

Rishi remembers Tanu saying that Raj is like her father only.

Rishi:I forgive you.

All are shocked except Tanvi.

Tanvi:Thanks for your forgiveness Mr……

Rishi:Rishi Singh Bedi.

Tanvi:Yeah thanks Rishi sir.

Tanvi comes to him but she feels dizzy.She and gets unconscious.She falls in Rishi’s arms.All get worried.


Rishi takes her in his arms and takes her in room.All follows him.Pawan calls a doctor.

After sometimes doctor come and checks Tanvi.

Doctor:She is fine.She got weakness as she met with an accident.

Saloni:She will get conscious?

Doctor:Yeah She will get conscious soon.

Manpreet takes doctor out.

Rishi is very much worried for Tanvi.

Suna suna song plays

Suna suna,lamha lamha
Meri rahe tanha tanha
Aakar mujhe tum thamb lo
Manzil Teri dekhe rakta Mudke java
Ab dekhe love, Aisa Milan fir ho na ho
Sab kuch mera tumihi toh ho
Bepannah pyar hai aaja
Tera intizaar hai aaja
Ohhh Bepannah pyaar he aaja
Tera intizaar hai aaja

Rishi have tears in his eyes.

Precap: Raj comes to Tanvi and says

Raj:Tanvi beta you are like my daughter only so whenever you will have problem you can say me.

He keeps his hand on her head.And blesses her.

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  1. Juggu

    Its better wen tanu called raaj uncle instead of rishi……wen pawan and rishi is of same age….and one is her dad…..another is to b husband. ….lolzzzz

    I am sry siddhi fr a bad cmnt….ive said wats on my mind…

    1. Siddhi

      It’s okay

  2. Jayatasamtani

    Pls update next part,when will you update next part.

    1. Siddhi

      Will try to update today

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