Kasam ff (Episode 5)

Tanvi:I am not Tanu I am Tanvi.

Raj:But how?

Rishi takes Raj,Rano and Yuvraj at a side and says

Rishi:She just looks like Tanu but she is daughter of that stupid Pawan.

Yuvraj:But how can Tanvi look like Tanu?

Rishi:It’s just a coincidence but if she would be Tanu only then I would get very happy.

Rishi gets emotional.Rano cups his face.

Rano:Rishi please don’t cry because Tanu will come back to you at any cost.

Pawan comes to Rishi

Pawan:Rishi says the truth what you did with Tanvi?

Rishi:What I did?Tanvi came in my party and you dint came just left your daughter alone.

Saloni:Rishi Tanvi’s condition is because of you.

Rishi:My Tanu died because of you both.

Both Pawan and Saloni gets quite and goes to Tanvi.Tanvi is staring at Rishi and thinks

Tanvi:RishI I know you are very sad.I only came for you but what did ma and papa did that I died?

Rishi:Tanvi are you okay?


Rishi:Thanks Tanvi for saving my life.

Tanvi:It’s my duty so please don’t say thanks.

Rishi remembers that Tanu also use to say like this.

Rishi:Okay I and my family will go take care of your self.

Rishi and his family leaves from the hospital and Pawan thinks

Pawan:Truth should not come in front of Tanvi or else she will hate me and Saloni and I can’t bear my daughter’s betrayal.

Rishi reaches the home and thinks

Rishi:I have to ignore Tanvi.She is just like Tanu but her soul is not of Tanu.

Precap:Pawan and Saloni with Tanvi comes to Rishi’s house and Rishi is very much angry.
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