Kasam ff (Episode 4)


Guys stop your heart as if you will read today’s twist then there are chances that you will get heart attack ?

Rishi is trying wake Tanvi up but she is not waking.

Rishi thinks

Rishi:I will not let her die.

Rishi takes Tanvi in his arms and starts running.He sees a car and asks for lift.The car stops and a couple comes out of the car.Rishi is shocked to see the couples.Couple are also shock to see him.The couple are Pawan and Saloni.


Both Pawan and Saloni goes to Tanvi.The both get teary seeing Tanvi.

Rishi:Why you both are crying?

Saloni:Are you mad?My daughter is in this condition and you are asking why we are crying?

Rishi is shocked to core to listen this.

Rishi:What!But Saloni you can’t get pregnant.

Pawan:We will talk later first take Tanvi to hospital.

All he three sit inside the car taking Tanvi to the hospital.

They reach the hospital and doctor takes Tanvi inside the operation theater.

Pawan:What you did with my daughter? (Angrily)

Rishi:I did nothing she met with an accident.

Raj,Rano,Ahana,Manpreet and Yuvraj comes there as Rishi called them.

Raj:Rishi what happened and how you got hurt on your head?

Raj is asking when he gets shocked as he sees Pawan and Saloni

Raj:You both

Raj catches Pawan’s shirt collar.

Pawan:I am here because my daughter is in operation theater.

All are shocked.

Manpreet:Chaman Pawan what are you telling?Are you out of your mind?

Pawan:I am not out of my mind Tanvi is my daughter.

Saloni:If you all don’t believe then you can see her birth certificate.

Yuvraj:Pawan with which poor girl you got married?

Pawan gets angry

Pawan:Shut up everyone.

Doctor comes out

Doctor:Now Tanvi is fine.You all can meet her.

Pawan and Saloni goes inside the room and all follow them.Raj,Rano and Yuvraj are shocked to see Tanvi as she looks like Tanu.

Raj:Tanu beta.

Tanvi:I am Tanvi

Precap:Rishi to ignore Tanvi and Tanvi to get upset as she only remember Rishi and no one else.

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