Kasam ff (Episode 3)


Tanvi:I am really sorry again sir.

Rishi:It’s okay

He is staring at her continuously.

Tanvi waves her hand in front of him.

Tanvi:Where are you lost?

Rishi comes to his sense

Rishi:I have seen you.

Rishi sees Manpreet.He calls him and Manpreet turns to him and goes to him.

Manpreet:Bhai what happen why did you called me?

Rishi with his hand turns his face towards Tanvi.He is shock to core.

Manpreet:Tanu Bhabi

Tanvi:I am not Tanu,I am Tanvi

Manpreet:But how?

Rishi:Bye Tanvi

RishI takes Manpreet a side and says

Rishi:She is not my Tanu

Manpreet:Bhai but she looks like her

Rishi:There are many people looking like her so this doesn’t mean that she is my Tanu.

Rishi goes from there.Manpreet thinks

Manpreet:Bhai believe or but she is your Tanu.

Manpreet is thinking when because of air the window gets open and Manpreet sees that today is full moon night.

Manpreet:That lady told that Tanu will come back in full moon night and today is full moon night means

He looks at Tanvi who is talking with her friends

Manpreet:Means she came back for Rishi bhai

Manpreet running goes to Ahana


Ahana turns and sees that he is standing

Ahana:Why are you shouting like hell?

Manpreet:Tanu Bhabi came back

Listening this Ahana is shocked

Ahana:What are you telling?You know she sacrificed for Rishi then how can she come here?

Manpreet:You can’t believe then come with me.

Manpreet catches her hand and takes her where Tanvi is standing.

Manpreet points his finger to Tanvi.

Ahana sees her and is shocked to core.


Ahana is going to her but Manpreet catches her hand

Manpreet:But she is not Tanu Bhabi.

Ahana stops and turns to him.


Manpreet:She is Tanvi she just looks like your sister.

Ahana starts crying and Manpreet consoles her.

Rishi is just staring Tanvi.

Rishi thinks

Rishi:Tanvi you are just a like Tanu.I feel like my Tanu is reborn for me but it can t happen.

Rishi have tears in his eyes.

Rishi goes out of the hall and this is seen by Tanvi.She gets tensed and follows him.

Rishi is teary and is walking on road when a car is coming from back.Tanvi comes out of the hall and starts searching Rishi when she sees that the car is very near to Rishi.She runs towards him and pushes him.He falls down and he gets little hurt on his head.The car hits Tanvi and she falls in pool of blood.

Rishi catches his head with pain but when he sees Tanvi on road he forgets all his pain and runs to her.He tries to wake her up.

Precap: Rishi takes Tanvi to hospital and Raj,Rano,Manpreet,Ahana and Yuvraj reach their.Raj,Rano and Yuvraj are shocked to see Tanvi.

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  1. The epi was nice siddhi.? keep writing.

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks Sakshi

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks alia

  2. The episode is nice.but the name of newborn tanu is also Tanvi! It does not expected.
    By the way awesome e.g..keep it up???

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks nabanita

  3. good episode

  4. mouni roy fan

    Hey siddhi it was awesome. I would like to request you as it is divek wedding today please write a romantic ff on them

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks and will write

  5. Rafaya Adnan

    Very nice Siddhi, but I wanna request, that in serial UV is married but his wife is not shown, why not u add ur own imaginary character!

    1. Siddhi

      Hmmmm nice idea and thanks for the comment

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