Kasam ff (Episode 2)


Rishi:Many times full moon night has came but Tanu dint came.

Rano keeps her hand on Rishi’s shoulder.

Rano:Rishi you only use to say know that you and Tanu are made for each other in every birth then Tanu will ofcourse come for you.

Raj comes there.

Raj:What you mother and son are talking?

Rano and Rishi turns to see Raj.

Rano:We were just talking like this.

Raj:Okay if your talking session is finished then start preparations for Manpreet and Ahana’s marriage anniversary.

Rishi:Oh I forgot that today is chote and Ahana’s marriage anniversary.I will start the preparation

Rishi goes from there.

Manpreet is sitting on sofa at his and is reading news paper when Ahana comes inside the room and sees that the room is untiedy.


Manpreet lifts his head to look Ahana.


Ahana:Here the room is untiedy and you are reading new paper.

Manpreet stands up and sees that the room is untiedy.

Manpreet:Oh yeah let’s clean.

Both Manpreet and Ahana clean the room.After the room is clean Manpreet asks

Manpreet:Ahana do you remember what is today?

Ahana smiles and says

Ahana:Yeah I remember today is our marriage anniversary

At evening the party starts.Rishi is talking with some people when Manpreet comes there and Rishi excuses him from people.

Manpreet:Bhai what are you doing here?You never spend time with family.

Rishi:Chote I got lonely at that moment when Tanu leave me.

Manpreet:Bhai please don’t get sad.Tanu will come back for sure and you only say that we miss them to whom we can’t remember and Tanu Bhabi is in your heart.

Rishi:Yeah chote you are right.Come let’s spend time with family.

Both laugh and goes to Raj,Rano,Ahana and Yuvraj.

Raj:My both son came.

All are talking when a boy comes on stage.

Boy:Today is marriage anniversary of Mr Manpreet and Mrs Ahana so don’t you all think this lovely couple should have a lovely dance.?

All cheer Manpreet and Ahana to dance.Both look at each other and smile.

Manpreet lifts his hand for Ahana’s hand.Ahana places her hand on him and both go to stage.

They start dancing

Dil ibaadat kar raha hain
Dhadkane meri sun tujko mein
Karloo Hasil yahi hai meri dhun

The dance ends and all claps for them.

Rishi also claps for them when a girl bumps into him.

Girl:I am sorry sir.

When Rishi lifts his head to see her he gets shock as the girl looks like Tanu.


Girl:Sir my name is Tanvi

RishI thinks

Rishi:No she can’t be my Tanu

Rishi:It’s okay it happens

Precap:Rishi is about to hit the car but Tanvi pushes him and the car hits her.

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  1. It’s really nice Siddhi, please keep writing.

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks luna

  2. Mona146

    Ahna cant be so sweet to Manpreet. I want her make dialogue. Kamra koi aise rakhta hai. Mere madata kar ab ise saaf karne varna tumhara mooh tod doongi.

    1. Siddhi

      Actually after 20 years everything got changed but will make her little like you want ahan

  3. mouni roy fan

    Siddhi don’t u see the hai mohabbatein???it’s my favorite show after naagin.so If u watch it then please write an ff on ishra as u write on rivanya…….

    1. Siddhi

      Will write ff on ishra today

  4. mouni roy fan

    I am sorry it’s yeh hai mohabbatein

    1. Siddhi

      I understood 🙂

  5. mouni roy fan

    Thank u soooo much

    1. Siddhi

      Your welcome today first episode will be posted and what is ur name?

  6. When will you post the NXT episode..pls rply

    1. Siddhi

      Will post tomorrow

    2. Siddhi

      I mean I have written third episode it will be posted soon

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