Kasam ff (Episode 1)


Rishi is 43 years old here so let’s start my ff.

Rishi is coming downstairs from his room when he sees Tanu’s photo.He goes near her photo and says

Rishi:Why Tanu why?Why you leave me alone in this world.I want to kill my self but can’t kill.


Rishi is sitting on sofa when Tanu comes and serve him tea.Rishi gets happy and takes tea.He drinks one sip and says

Rishi:Tanu this tea is very sweet like you.

He smiles and Tanu blushes.

Tanu:Rishi thanks for compliment.Rishi I want to talk with you.

Rishi:Yeah what you want to talk?

Tanu stands up and Rishi also stands.

Tanu:First give me promise that whatever I will tell you will do that only.

Rishi:First tell then I will think to promise you or not.

Tanu:No first promise me.

Rishi:Okay I promise you.

Tanu:Not like this

Tanu takes his hand and keeps on her head and says that

Tanu:Of something happens to me then please never harm yourself.

Rishi is shocked and jerks his hand

Rishi:Tanu you will leave me!

Tanu:Rishi don’t ask any questions please and now you have promised me and you have to complete the promise for my sake.

Rishi agrees

Flashback end

Rishi caresses her photo t and he closes his eyes and tears roll down from his eyes.He is teary when he feels someone calling him and he turns and sees it is Rano.

Rano comes to him

Rano:Rishi beta control your feelings.

Rishi:How but?From 20 years I am living like body without a soul.

Rano:Rishi Tanu loved you very much and I am sure that one day she will come back to you for the sake of your love.

Rishi:Really mom?

Rano:Yeah.Don’t you remember what that lady told?


After Tanu’s death Rishi,Rano and Raj goes to kali ma temple.Rishi cries hardly and both try to console him when a lady comes there and says

Lady:It was destinied to happen beta.

Rishi,Raj and Rano turn to see that lady.

Raj:What was destinied to happen?

Lady:His love (indicating towards Rishi by pointing fingers)will sacrifice for him.

Rishi comes to the lady.

Rishi:Means I was going to die but instead Tanu died for me?


Rishi feels guilty and burst out crying.

Lady:But on full moon night she will come only for you She will take a new birth only for you.She loves you this much that she will come again just for you.

Flashback ends

Rishi:But many times full moon night has came but Tanu dint came.

Precap:Rishi to keep a party for the marriage anniversary of Ahana and Manpreet.
Guys hope u lived my ff.I am fan of kasam and kasam is amongst india’s top serial.Waiting for after 20 years story.

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  1. Zuha Fatima

    Keep it up Siddhi!!


    1. Siddhi

      Thanks Zuha

  2. Your fan fiction is very nice siddhi??. The epi was amazing.waiting for next one

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks Sakshi

  3. The best thing is Ahana nd Manpreet ki shaadi đŸ˜€ I wish they show the same thing in drama too
    Good start Siddhi ?

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks Ayesha

  4. Nice episode. Waiting for the next…..

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks Raji

  5. loved today episode

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks alia

  6. mouni roy fan

    Awesome siddhi.From now on we should say that you are a ff queen because whatever u write is mindbobling

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks for the compliment and I am not a ff queen just a normal ff writer

  7. Write the episodes fast as I can’t wait for the next

    1. Siddhi

      Today will write fourth episode

      1. Well I think it’s the best fan fiction

    2. Siddhi

      Thanks razia but I think just should improve and there are am hy who write better ff then me

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