Kasam: ff (Epi-6-11)


The girl goes away but Rishi tries to find her.

Rishi’s family comes there.

Beeji:Rishi are you fine?

Rishi is not hearing anything and is just looking for that girl.

Raj:Oh Rishi

Rishi comes to them

Rishi:I am fine but that girl

Manpreet:Which girl bhai?

Rishi:That only I don’t know.

Rano:Rishi don’t take tension.

All take him home.Rishi is thinking

Rishi:Who would be that girl?That girl was just like my Tanu.What if Tanu have come back to save me.

The same girl is walking on road.

Girl:If that person would not come out then he would die.

She is walking when a old comes on a scooter and says

Man:Tanuja come beta what are you doing?

Tanuja:Papa actually

She tells everything to him.He is veerendra.

Veeru:Are you fine beta?

Tanuja:I am fine

Tanuja looks like Tanu only.

She sits on scooter and both leave from there.

Rishi’s hand was bleeding so Ahana came and ointment on his hand.

Ahana:What are you thinking Rishi?

Rishi:About that girl who saved my life.Who would be that girl?

Ahana:Maybe she would be Tanu di.


Ahana:I don’t know

Rishi:If it is true then she will come back to me.

Ahana applies bandage on his hand and leaves.Rishi goes to his room and caresses Tanu’s photo which was hanged on the wall with garland.

Rishi:Tanu please come back to me please

He gets teary but rubs his tears and goes away from his room.

Rishi remembers that the girl was wearing same style of cloths as Tanu.

He was walking when a waiter bumps into him.

Rishi:Hey I can’t you see

Waiter:I am sorry sir

Rishi:What sorry!You are fired.

The Waiter kneels down and joins his hands

Waiter:If you will do this sir then what my family will eat?

Rishi remember that Tanu use to tell that when someone is in need we should help them.

Rishi makes the Waiter stand

Rishi:Okay I will not fire you and take this

He gives the bundle of notes to the Waiter

Rishi:Take care of your family

Waiter:Thank you Rishi sir

Waiter leaves from there.

Tanuja and Veeru are going when she asks him to stop the scooter and she comes down and sees that a begger is asking for money but some are telling him bad words and are leaving.Tanuja goes to the begger and gives him 50p rupees note and says

Tanuja:Take care of your family.

Begger:Beta I am sure that something good will happen with you soon.

The Begger goes from there.

The screen frozen on Rishi and Tanuja’s smiling face.

Precap:Rishi is about to hit by a truck but Tanuja pushes him.She falls on him and both have a deep eyelock.

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