Kasam: ff (Epi-5)


Guys I am very excited as on 5th September lord ganesha will come at our home.All though I don’t believe in God but there are many pooja so I feel very nice.

The episode starts with Rishi is working when he gets a call of one of his employee.

Rishi:Hello John.

John:Sir there is emergency please come here.

Rishi:What happened?

John tells something to Rishi and Rishi cuts the call and goes inside his car and leaves for office.

Rishi reaches the office and carefully enters and goes to John.

Rishi:John how these terrorist came here?

John:Don’t know sir.With many difficulties I have came on the gate of office.

Rishi and John try to leave when one terrorist shots him and he dies.


The terrorist shots on Rishi too but he runs from there.

A girl is passing from the office only when she listens the sound of bullets so she calls police.

The police says they will come.

Girl:The people would be very scare.

The girl gets worried when she sees Rishi hiding.

Rishi is trying to go out of the office.The girl secretly.

She keeps her hand on Rishi’s shoulder.

But unfortunately duppata comes on her face when Rishi turns.

She is about to remove her duppata when they here the sound of gun so the girl helps him to come out.They both come out but before Rishi could ask her something the girl goes away and in mean time the police and army come there.

Rishi is finding the girl but doesn’t finds her.

Precap:He sees a girl but is not able to see her face.

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    Nice siddhi but please rishi and tannu meet soon

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      Okay dear

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