Kasam: ff (Epi-4)


Doctor:Tell her family that she is no more in the world.

Nurse goes to Tanu’s family and says

Nurse:Tanu is no more in the world.

All are shocked

Beeji:But she was fine then how can this happen?

Nurse got in tension for what to tell but she hesitantly told

Nurse:Actually she died as she donated the blood to Rishi.

Raj runs and goes to Tanu who is no more in the world.

Raj:Tanu beta how can you do this?You were Rishi’s life then how can you leave him?You saved him but will he live without you?

Doctor goes to Rishi.Rishi was awaken

Rishi:Doctor how is Tanu?

Doctor:Tank is no more in the world.

Rishi is shocked to the core.He catches doctor’s colar.

Rishi:How can you say thus?Why you dint saved my Tanu why?

He leaves the doctor and runs to Tanu’s room.He sees everyone crying.

He comes inside and sees Tanu’s eyes are close.He goes to her

Rishi:Tanu pleas wake up.Why are you playing with my feelings please wake up.Please.

He starts crying and touches his forehead on her forehead.Raj keeps his hand on his shoulder.

Doctor comes there and says.

Doctor:Rishi you have to take rest.

Rishi:Just shut up and go from here.


Rishi:Just go from here!!!!!!!!!

Doctor and nurse leaves from there.

Rishi starts crying hardly

Rishi:Tanu please come back for me.

He leaves the room and goes to terrace.All starts following him.

Rishi reaches the terrace and shouts

Rishi:If Tanu is not there then I am also not there.

He is about to jump from terrace but Yuvraj and Manpreet catches him.

Rishi:Leave me you both.

Raj:Rishi please understand of you will die then I will also die.

Rishi finally stops.

20 years leap

Now Rishi had become very rude and aggressive.He doesn’t believe in love.

Rishi is doing some work when Manpreet comes to him

Manpreet:Bhai stop doing this work.

Rishi:Chote work is important and go from here.

Manpreet:But bhai…….

Rishi:I said go

Manpreet goes from there.Rishi gets teary and takes Tanu”s photo and says

Rishi:Tanu everything had changed after you leave me.I have only changed very much.Please come back for me.

He have tears in his eyes but he keeps Tanu’s photo aside and starts working.

Precap:Rishi meets a girl but is not able to see her face.
Hope that you liked it please comment more or else I will stop this ff.

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  1. Awsm siddhi. Its gr8 nd plz don’t stop it. It is going very gud

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks and I will see if to stop or not

  2. Siddhi its gr8 please update Next part soon

  3. Nooooo?Dont stop it
    I enjoy it more than the real serial

    1. Siddhi

      OK tanshi

  4. yes its nice,better than original serial dnt stop it

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks ramyasri


    1. Siddhi

      Me too and also like season 2 but love season 1

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