Kasam: ff (Epi-3)


Nurse goes to doctor


Doctor:Yes what happen?

Nurse:Doctor that patient is their know Tank she is telling that she wants to donate her blood to Rishi as her blood group is same.

Doctor:What!But if she will do this then she will not be in world.

Nurse:I told her but she dint listened to me.

Doctor goes to Tanu

Doctor:Tanu you can’t donate the blood.

Tanu:Doctor please let me donate the blood.I want to save Rishi.

Doctor:Try to understand I can’t do this.

Tanu joins her hand and says

Tanu:Doctor please when you see one of your family member in need of blood then you donate and my husband is in need please let me donate.

Doctor have tears in his eyes.

Doctor:Yeah you are right like this one time my son met with an accident and he needed blood and my blood group matched his blood group but unfortunately I was not able to reach in time.Nurse make Tanu ready to donate blood we will surely try to save you.

Tanu:Thank you doctor

Nurse takes the injection and takes her blood.Tanu gets unconscious.

Doctor takes the blood bottle and keeps it instead of saline water.

Doctor immediately goes to Tanu and sees her breathing heavily.


Doctor gives her shock treatment but it was of no use.Tanu”s eyes gets close and in other eyes Rishi’s eyes gets open

Tanu takes Rishi’s name and dies and Rishi takes Tanu’s name and gets alive.

Precap:Rishi gets very much angry and sad after hearing Tanu’s death news.
I know that this episode is very short but I will try to write next episode long.

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  1. Wow siddhi amazing. Plz update d next soon

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks vansh

  2. Rithik

    Its Awesome episode

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks ritik ☺

  3. Thanmy

    Sorry I’m late but this one was amazing actually the part where rush I opened and tannu closed her eyes was too emotional I just loved it and post the next one soon n long and cont tei fan fic also

    1. Siddhi

      Thanks and will continue

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