Kasam Episode Analysis 11 october

Episode starts Malika say to tanuja that you will be stressed with Media and all lets go and rest.
Rishi stares Tanuja. Malika and Tanuja go to room. Rishi in the room angryly Manpreet come Risi say that tanuja has planned something to enter and live here she came to the car not acidently she is going to harm you harm me harm beeji harm us all. Manpreet say bahi forget the past future see present she has saved the reputation of bedi family. We have to thank her. Manpreet leaves. Ahana comes to Manpreet and say to manpreet i am proud of you so love your brother that you say that you are driving car… Manpreet say oh that thought that Malika said im driving car and then Rishi said that he is driving car so I also said that im driving car. Ahana say so thats why you said this and there cute nok jhok move on.

Malika and Tanuja in the room, Malika say thank you soo much to save Rishi and me Thank you soo much. Tanuja say dont say thankyou i am feeling akward. Malika say ok but i reallu want to say you thankyou now you rest. At beeji rooms Ahana came. Ahana sit near beeji with sad face. Beeji-Did again manpreet say you anything. Ahana say yes now he said me jaladan. Rano enters and said to both i want the Rishi marige. Beeji says oh i think of it all the time i thought that you are going to say something new. Rano say beeji I am going to do his marige I have find the bride too..She is Malika and she also likes him a lot Ahana say but…. Rano say Yes rishi dont like any girl but beeji you say that you and papa were not good to each other papa hates you then after some time you both start loving each othe beeji says yes…Rano say so like this Rishi also start loving malika after some time but before that i have to kick that tanuja because she is having that tanu i mean tanus duplicate face. She is leaving Ahana stops her and say mom why you always say bad about tanu di. Rano say i always dont like tanu i only like her for my rishi because after tanu come to my child life he forget me my motherhood. When your boy will grown up then you understand. She leaves.

Tanuja thinks that now i saved Rishi i have to leave home. She say that god always keep happy Rishi and his family. She opens door but bauji stops her and say you are leaving.. if you want rishi i mean if you want our family happiness then you have to stay at home for some time. Will you stay? She nods head..
He give her blessings and move she remember the past and sees her bauji and say bauji…….
He thinks that when i put my hands on tanuja why i feel that im giving the blesing to my daughter tanu why i forgrt always that she is tanuja.

Pecap- There wind was blowing and Rishi and Tanuja came and hug each other

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