Kasam to Complete Promise of SNS Season 2 Last Part *Maha Episode* (SNS+Kasam) (Lovers get united)


Thanks siddhi, jasmine, devna, m.nazim, sid,day, za in, Sara, ishaa and all for giving it love to this fan fiction. Its last part. Hope you will like it. Please comment guys.
Recap: Party in Bedi House,Modi family comes, Rishi and Gopi attends call, Tanu,Ahem and Rashi comes.
Location:Bedi House
A man comes in Bedi House. He is none other than sandy. He goes to Rishi. He puts hand on Rishi’s shoulder. Rishi turns and says you. Sandy says yes I’m and I am here for asking for forgivnes,for that sin, which i attempt 20 years ago. Rishi says sorry but i can’t forgave you.
Tanu is seen going to gopi. Tanu stops and turns back and says OMG! This table
and My dupataa. Ahem comes and says can I help you? Light dims as in a party. Tanu says yes, please. Ahem try to help tanu. Kokila sees this and miss understands. Tanu thinks I’ve see him before but where? Kokila goes to him and turns him back. Rishi sees this. Kokila try to slap him without seeing him but Rishi holds her hand. Ankush takes ahem away. Tanu says Dadi, he was just trying to help me. Rishi gets surprise. Tanshi tune plays. Rishi says Tanu. Aahana comes and is shocked to see Tanu. Rishi hugs Tanu. Tanu says leave me.

Location:Bedi House
Kokila turns Rishi. Kokola tune plays. Kokila then try to slap him but recalls pundit’s words ; she comes back for a guy name with R. Kokila downs her hand. Kokila says is your name start with R? Rishi says yes, my name starts with R and is Rishi Singh Bedi. Kokila says yours wife’s name? Rishi says Tanu. Kokila gets shock. Gopi come and says what’s going on Maa Ji? Rishi leaves and comes back with a photo. He shows it to Tanu, gopi, and kokila. Kokila says gopi vahu, Tanu is his wife. Gopi gets shock.
Sandy comes, he gets shock seeing Tanu, and goes to Rishi. Sandy says because of you., I was punish for 14 years but your tanu was alive. Now see! He carries a vase. And try to hit Rishi. Tanu comes and saves Rishi. Tanu starts remembering about her previous birth. Tanu falls. Rishi holds her and says Tanu. Rishi asks sandy to stop.
Sandy says but tell me what’s happening? How is tanu alive as I kill her 20 years ago.
Gopi and kokila gets shock. Gopi says I’ll tell you and tells them all the story that happened 20 years ago. Rishi and sandy are surprised. Rishi takes tanu to room.

Location: Bedi House
Tanu wakes up. She hugs Rishi. Rishi says Tanu. Tanu says see, I come back to complete my kasam. Rishi says yes,tanu, I know it. Tanu says where is aahana? OH! How I can forget? It 20 years passed on, she must be married. Rishi says yes, but she is married to….
Aahana comes and says Maanpreet. Tanu says aahana. Tanu hugs aahana. Aahana says I missed you so much. Tanu says but how you get married with MAANPREET? Aahan says sit I’ll tell you. Aahana says when you die, I feel alone, all try that I again start smiling but in vain. Firstly Maanpreet don’t try that but then he starts his tries. He starts understanding me, he makes me to laugh. Slowly ,we start loving each other. We revealed it to Rishi. He tells to family and we get marry with each other. Tanu says you know, I always want that you live with me after my marriage. Tanu says where are ahem and ankush? Aahana says will you not your daughter? Tanu says it means you have….
Aahana says yes and not only one ,I’ve 2 daughters. Tanu says of course, I’ll meet them. Rashi, ahem and ankush comes. Ankush hugs Tanu and says Maa. Tanu says you’re ankush right. Ankush says yes. Ahem and Rashi comes to meet Tanu. Tanu gets shock. Tanu stops them. She says you both come back for them. Rishi says ,what does you mean? Tanu says I’ll tell you. She asks rashi and ahem to follow her. Kokila is seen with rishi’s dadi. She says to Tanu, your husband’s dadi is my mother’s sister/aunt.
Tanu says its really nice. Dadi comes to Tanu and says I know ,you’ll come back one day for my Rishi. Tanu says yes, but story is still uncompleted.
Gopi says what does you mean? Tanu says come ahem. Ahem comes. Gopi and koki gets shock. Jigar comes here. Tanu says someone more is too here. Jigar says it means….

Location:Bedi house
Rashi comes. Jigar hugs rashi. Rashi remembers of her previous birth. Rashi says jigar Ji. Jigar says it means its your second birth. Koki says why I cant see my own son? Gopi says Maa Ji! Please control yourself, ahem Ji doesn’t us. Kokila , gopi and jigar are shocked.
They see Radha. Radha comes. Dadi says she’s yuvraj’s daughter. Kokila says I’ve a plan by which ahem must recognize us. Gopi says but if radha ….
Koki says nothing will happen to her. She will never get that back. Kokila asks Radha to do something. Radha says I’ll. Radha carries a vase and try to hit Gopi. Ahem sees this and takes gopi away. Ahem remembers about his previous birth. Ahem hugs Gopi. Ahem says Gopi. Gopi says I know you will come back.
Radha feels unconscious. She goes to a room. Radha remembers about her previous birth. Radha says, it means I’m back for my revenge. This time you’ll not be spare by me. That time ahem saves you but this time no-one can save you. Pari sees her. She thinks what is she trying to do? I’ve to keep an eye on her!
Gopi is seen going towards rashi. Someone puts hand on her mouth. And takes her away. Gopi gets unconscious.
Gopi opens her eyes and sees her been bounded with ropes on chair. She sees radha. She is surprised. She says you, it means….
Radha says yes, I know about my previous birth.gopi says that time you try to kill me but kahana Ji saves me and this time….
Radha shouts no gopi, no-one can save you this time. She shows her gun. She was to shoot but someone pushes her. She is none other than Pari. Radha falls and gun too falls from her hand.

Location:Bedi house
Pari opens ropes. Gopi stands and ask Pari to run. Radha stands. Radha hits gopi gopi with vase. Pari shouts Gopi behn. Kokila says oh Krishna bhagvan, now what happen, we have to see. All family members come to Pari. Rashi says Pari what happened? She sees Radha holding gopi and putting gun on gopi’s head. Rashi shouts be away, rashi otherwise, I’ll shoot Gopi. She shoots up, rashi stops and shouts Radha. Radha says , it was just a example and next time, I’ll really shoot gopi. Rashi says ,how can you change so much ,you want to kill your own sister. Jigar consoles her and says its nothing, she had killed her own daughter. Rashi says what? Jigar tells rashi how she killed rashi(Jr). Tanu says How can someone kill her own daughter. Ahem says , yes Tanu, she is like that, she can do anything. Pari sees opens window behind Radha. She leaves. Someone pushes Radha. Radha falls and gun too falls. Pari carries gun. Gopi gets conscious. Gopi sees Pari with gun. Pari says enough Radha, My family has suffered you a lot but not now,she shoots. Pari says I wish you never born again. Radha dies. Pari goes to gopi and says sorry gopi behn, I killed your sister. Gopi says, you’ve do nothing , it was only a circumstance. Yuvraj comes to Pari and says How can I thank you , you save us from a witch like her. Mona (played by sriti jha) comes to Pari and says Pari ,you’ve done right ,its not your fault. And I’m thanking you a lot as you have save us from her. They hug.

Location:Bedi House
Rank comes and is shocked. She says Kokila. Koki says bhabi. Rano says sorry, kokila, I’ve call police before Pari shoots Radha. All are shocked. Police comes. They arrest Pari. Kokila says I request you Raj bhai to ask police to leave Pari. Raj asks police to leave Pari as she do nothing. Police sorry ,we can’t do nothing now, if some thing happen it will decided by court. Police takes Pari. Gopi sees CCTV camera. She gets potage through Rishi. She gets happy and thinks now paridhi will be save.

After 2 days….
Pari comes out of court and recalls judge’s words , “all evidence and proofs ,prove that paridhi modi has killed Radha Singh Bedi as a self-defence. She is leaved respectfully. Pari goes to gopi and hugs her and says thanks gopi behn, you save me. Pari hugs other.
In Bedi house….
Sandy comes and goes to tanu. He says tanu I’m sorry for what I do 20 years ago, but I’ve now released my mistake. Rishi comes and says OK, we forgave you but now why you have leave neha? Sandy says 6 years ago, FB starts….
Sandy comes out of jail and thinks now neha and I can spend their remaining life together. He goes to Neha’s house but people there tell him that they leave from here.

After 5 years….
Sandy is seen in delivery boy’s cloth. He knocks at a door. Door opens. A woman appears. She is none other than neha. Sandy is shocked to see neha with wearing mangalsutra and having sindoor on her head. He asks neha , what’s this? A man comes out from neha’s behind. Sandy says who is this? Neha says he is Raman Bhalla. Raman says you’re sandy ,right , neha had tell me about you. You leave her for other girl. Neha hugs raman and says we are Husband and wife. You can leave from here. FB ends.
Sandy says i feel so guilty that neha creates missunderatanding about rishi in my mind and i kill you. she only love money not anyone. Tanu says so ,it was happen. It was not your fault ,it was only circumstances. Forget that. Sandy says yes I’ll and thanks them.

Location:Bedi house
Neha goes to room. Neha says Raman, you’re still wearing shirt. He says this button is break. Neha says I’ll stitch it. Neha starts stitching , suddenly she transfix Raman with needle. He shouts Oh! Neha says what happened? Are you OK? Raman says nothing. Neha says sure, you fine. Raman say yes. She says its completed. Raman goes and neha thinks its my love for Raman but sandy loves her. She has broke his trust and heart. Neha starts realizing her mistake. On the other side, bani is too realizing her mistake.
In modi mansion, gopi goes to pari and says to Pari, Pari how will you live alone throughout the whole life?Pari says I can’t understand . Gopi says I want to say you need someone, who takes care of you, who understands you, etc. In simple words, I mean you should remarry! Pari says but with whom? Gopi says sandy. Pari says OK I’ll remarry.
Gopi leaves and calls tanu. She asks have you do that what I ask you to do! Tanu says no bhabi, I don’t still. Gopi says Pari is ready. Tanu says I’ll talk now.
Tanu goes to sandy and says I want something from you. Sandy says just says bhabi. I can do anything. Tanu says will you marry with Pari? Sandy says yes I’ll.

Location:Modi mansion
After 2 months….
Meera is married to ankush. Tolu is married to Aahana’s second daughter, niddhi(played by surbhi jyoti). Widya is married to yuvraj’s son, Omkara(played by Arjit Taneja).Molu is married to Divya(played by Drashti Dhami/yuvraj’s second daughter). Pari and Sandy comes to Modi Mansion. Kokila asks where are others? Pari says they are coming.
In Bhalla House….
Neha tells Raman all the truth and tells him that she loves her. Raman says i too love you and now, its time to correct all things. Raman says you have to asks sorry to all which hurted by you. Neha and Raman sees Bani. Bani says I will too apologise to those who hurt by me. Bani , Neha and Raman leaves for Modi Mansion.

In Modi Mansion….
Bani and Neha comes. Bani goes to Rano and falls on rano’s feet. She says sorry, Rano Ji, I always hurt you but now I want to change, please forgive me. Rano makes her stand and says I forgave you. They hug.
Neha goes to Sandy and says Sandy, I always hurt you but I realize it. Please forgave me. Raman says she has tell me truth, I think, you have to forgave her. Sandy says OK! I forgave you.
Neha goes to tanshi. Neha says I always try to separate you. Please forgave me. Tanu says you’re like my sister. I forgave you. Rishi too forgaves her. Sandy calls everyone and says I want to tell all of you something. He calls Pari. Pari comes to sandy. Sandy says ,I love you Paridhi. Pari says I love you too, sandy. All are happy. Rashi says have a family pic. Ahem says OF course. They stand with each other. Rishi carries tanu in his lap. Tanu shy. They click a family pic.

**Serial ends on Happy note**

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