Kasam to Complete Promise of Saath Nibhana Saathiya (SNS+Kasam) Part 1


Hey Guys! shakaib here. I’m to start a new fan fiction of saath nibhana saathiya and kasam.
Scene : 1
Location : Mumbai
Tanshi marriage was completed. Aahana reveals neha’s truth in front of Bedi Family. Tanshi comes to house. Rano welcomes them.
Next morning….
Tanu does aarti. Tanu says rishi ,I’ll cook food as its my first day in my in-laws so I’m to cooking something for my in-laws. Rano says no. In earlier I don’t know you will be my rishi’s wife but I know then you are not mine daughter in law, but my daughter. Tanu hugs rano. Rishi says see I say you if they know that you are tanu , they will give you love like your daughter. Tanu says yes rishi.

Tanu was cooking in kitchen. She was to fall unconsciously but rishi holds her in his hands. He calls everyone. Aahana calls Dr.
Doc checks tanu and informs family about tanu’s pregnancy and she is pregnant with twins. Rishi says seriously doc. Doc says yes. Raj hugs rishi and says once there’s a time when you feel like son and now its a time that you will feel not like son but also a father. Rishi says thanks dad. All congratulates tanshi.
Scene : 2
Location : Mumbai
After 9 months…..
A man is seen with a gun saying you will not be spare rishi Singh bedi.he is none other than sandy. You took advantage of my neha, now you will be in full of disadvantage. Sandy says.

Scene : 3
Location : Where gopi killed radha.
Radha was confronting gopi for her mistakes. Ahem comes with kokila , jigar and Pari. Gopi says to radha see my family is here as I tell you.
Radha says OH! So your family is here to save you but they can’t(in vamp voice).
She pushes gopi. Gopi falls in river. Ahem dives in river.
He shouts gopi. Gopi says ahem Ji. Ahem sees her.
Pari says please leave my daughter. Radha says oh! So she’s yours. I give her to you. I leave her. Pari says yes.
Radha leaves rope. Pari says no. Jigar shouts radha. Radha smirks.
Kokila catches basket and takes rashi out. Kokila tune plays. She was to slap radha but radha pushes her. Rashi slips from kokila’s hands, radha’ s tune plays.
Radha shouts I killed your rashi.
Pari carries rashi and checks her pulse and heartbeat. She was dead. Pari says she is no more.
Ahem saves gopi and takes her outside. Radha says kokila modi , I killed you grand daughter and see what I’ll do now! She was to do something but someone stabs her with trishul.

Scene : 4
Location : Where gopi killed Radha.
He is none other than ahem. He says its for torturing my gopi. He again stabs Radha. He says this one for torturing my mom. He again stabs her and says this one for torturing my daughters and this one for torturing my whole family. Ahem shouts and stabs her once again. Radha falls.
Ahem ,gopi , all hug. Radha stands and says I’m devil and I’ll not die alone, some one will from you will must die here. All see at Radha. Tune plays ( whuch was played on gaura and all seeing naiya.) She carries a stone and was to hit gopibut ahem comes in between and gets hit by Radha on head. She dies saying I said your that one will die here . Ahem falls.

Precap: Sandy takes out his gun and says your life’s countdown is started. Tanu sees this and comes out of car. Sandy shoots.
Ahem says yes Gopi I’ll be yours in every birth. He dies. Gopi says thanks kahana Ji.

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  1. Siddhi

    Awesome shakaib

    1. Shakaib

      Thanks siddhi

  2. jasmine Rahul

    Tanu preg.all r happy.but this sandy 2 trouble them.h.here radha killed rashi.wish jr Rashi was saved.Ahem killed radha 4 torturing all.sad that Radha killed ahem in return.guess both tanu n ahem will take rebirth.interesting

    1. Shakaib

      Yes rashi will be save and a new twist will be happen soon. Yes they will take rebirth and it will interested to know who will born in which family.

  3. Such a fabulous ff. Thanks to you for kasam and sns version. Ahem stabbing Radha 4 times was surprise.

    1. Shakaib

      Yes new is happened. Hope you all are enjoying.


  5. Shakaib

    Thanks nisha.

  6. Its very good

    1. Shakaib

      Thanks rianaa

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