Kasam to Complete Promise of Saath Nibhana Saathiya (SNS+Kasam) Part 1 season 2 (Lovers are back)


Thanks again siddhi, ishaa, Jasmine,sid,devna,diya,zain,sara and anyone who like this ff.I’m starting season 2. Hope you all will like its 1st part. Let’s start.
Recap:Sandy shoots,Rashi starts crying,Sandy gets punishment, ahem and tanu dies.

Location: Modi Mansion,Mumbai
After 20 years….
A woman is seen coming downstairs. She does pooja. She turns. She is none other than gopi. She gives aarti to all.
At evening….
Jigar comes and says bhabi. Gopi comes and says what happened,Devar ji? Jigar says we have sign a contract with Bedi industries. Gopi congratulates him. Gopi smiles. Gopi says I’m happy to see you are managing yours bhai’s business very carefully.

Location: bedi house
Rishi comes home and go to raj and hugs him. He says we’ve sign contract with modi industries. Raj congratulates him. Rishi says have a party. Raj says of course. He calls jigar. Jigar picks phone. Jigar says hello! Rishi says hi! Mr.Jigar Modi, I’ve arrange a party as we are partners now. Jigar says OK. Jigar calls gopi. Gopi says yes devar Ji. Jigar says its call by Mr. Rishi Singh Bedi. He invited us to a party in our becoming partners. Gopi says OK. We shall be ready.

Scene :3
Location: Modi Mansion
Gopi is seen in kitchen , she says to meethi not to cook nothing as we are going to a party. Gopi goes out. Pari comes and says Gopi behn, is rashi coming today? Some one turns her with her hairs. She is none other than kokila. She slaps her tightly. She says to Pari, how dare you to call her with this name! Pari says sorry kaki Ji, I said this with mistake, I promise you, I will never call this name again!

Kokila says sorry, but I can’t control myself, you know what happened that day! FB starts….
Modi family does ahem’s last rituals.
After 1 month:
Gopi goes to kokila and says Maa Ji I want to tell you some thing . koki says yes , you can. Gopi says I was giving bath to rashi, suddenly I saw a sign of R and TA on rashi’s waist/back. I was thinking about it and comes to you. Kokila says we’ve to consult it by pundit Ji. Pundit says according to you, she was dead but when gopi carries her, she starts crying and now you see sign of R and TA sign. It means she come back for someone and her name starts with TA and she is back for a guy name starting with R. I think you have to name her with Ta instead of rashi. Gopi says OK! How is this name , tanu? Pundit says its nice , In fact, I suggest you to shift to another city. FB ends.

Gopi says that’s why , We’ve shifted her in Mumbai. Pari says yes, gopi behn, I’ll take care of it. All comes. Jigar says let’s go. They leave.

Scene: 4
Location : Bedi House.
All are celebrating in Bedi house. Modi family comes. Rishi comes and welcomes them. A call comes to Rishi. Rishi says once a minute. Jigar says its OK,you can. Rishi attends call and says hello! , you both have land to Mumbai. Its good news. Gopi gets a call and attends call. Gopi says are you coming tanu? A girl voice comes, yes badi Maa, I’m coming. I’m feeling so happy to come Mumbai. Like some one own is here! Gopi says come directly to party. A girl turns her face. She is none other than Tanu(played by kritika sengar). Tanu says OK. Call ends. Rishi says there’s a party in home so come soon. Call ends.

A boy enters in Bedi House. He is none other than Ahem(played by Mohammad Nazim). Another boy too comes. He is none other than Ankush(played by Shabbir ahluwalia). Ahem bumps with gopi. Gopi maintains her balance. Ahem hugs Rishi. Ankush too hugs Rishi.
Rishi asks them to enjoy party. Gopi ignores them.
A girl come downstairs(wearing dress like rashi used to wear in earlier) with rishi’s dadi. She is none other than rashi. Tanu comes in house. Rishi and Jigar are seen busy with each other. Song plays janam janam….

Raji are shown , Go hem are shown, Tanshi are shown.
Screen freezes on raji, gohem and tanshi .

Precap: Ahem try to help Tanu. Sandy comes. Kokila try to slap Rishi. Each co,is.

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  1. Siddhi

    Awesome episode dear

    1. Shakaib

      Thanks siddhi you always comment.

      1. Siddhi

        I will always comment as it is amazing

  2. You always come back with a surprise. This time too. Rashi is tanu. Wow, nice but bring radha back. What does mean by each co,is. In precap. But how will raji united as Pari will hurt. Please don’t make Pari negative. Keep going.

    1. Shakaib

      Thanks for supporting. Sid. I want
      to write radha comes. But write each co,is in hurry. Sorry for that. I will notmake pari negative . i want to pair her with sandy what you think guys?

  3. You and your ff is nice. Modi family shifted to mum bai. Nice . tanu is back. Tanu’s soul is in rashi’s body. Wow, rocking ff.

    1. Shakaib

      Thanks for commenting twice and calling it rocking.that’s twist of tanu’s birth.

  4. You and your ff iscute. Where are you guys are you not commenting here? But I will. Nice Shakaib there’s a sign of Ta and r on tanu’s back.anxiously waiting for tanshi, gohem and raji get united.

    1. Shakaib

      Thanks Devna. They will get united in part 4.

  5. When are you updating part 4 sorry part 2 of season 2.

    1. Shakaib

      On sundaysep3 2016

  6. I love it. So much surprise twist. Hope Rishi see tanu.only wait in anxiously for go hem. Shakaib will you write any other ff. Please tell. Rashi is too back. Always sandy comes. Hope this time he will do not harm tanshi.

    1. Shakaib

      No he will not harm tanshi but does a other work.yes I’ll.thanks for giving this fan fiction so much love.

  7. I love it. So much surprise twist. Hope Rishi see tanu.only wait in anxiously for go hem. Shakaib will you write any other ff. Please tell. Rashi is too back. Always sandy comes. Hope this time he will do not harm tanshi.

    1. Shakaib

      Thanks for loving it. Yes I’ll write another ff , he will not harm tanshi.

  8. Mohammad Nazim

    Hye Shakaib, hope you’re fine. Your ff is rocking. Ahem, rashi, tanu are back. Shabbir ahliwalia as ankush in fan fiction. Nice twist. Hope you will make it better and better.

    1. Shakaib

      Yes,I’m fine. Thanks for saying its rocking. Yes I’ll make it better .

  9. kokila slapped pari just for calling Tanu rashi…its littlebit awkward…well the episode is good….but why kokila is in mood to slap everyone(LOL)??????….

    1. Shakaib

      Thanks rianaa.

  10. I’m here . Rianaa. Shakaib nice ff. Tanshi is back . Only waiting for tanshi get united. Are you ending this like sns-ahem is alive.

  11. Shakaib

    Yes , next part will be the last part. Thanks

    1. Siddhi

      Oh very sad you will end it too soon

  12. jasmine Rahul

    rishi n modis as business partners.ahem bumped in2 gopi at d party.un4tunately they didnt c each other.cant wait 4 them 2 c each other.the unexpected twist is that rashi had died,but when gopi took her in her hands tanu’s soul entered her body.so rashi is tanu n according 2 what panditji said they named her tanu.wow.another pleasant surprise is rashi’s re entry.rashi took rebirth in Rishi’s family?whose daughter is rashi now?interesting

    1. Shakaib

      Rashi is aahana’s daughter.

      1. Jasminerahul

        I am not a regular viewer of Kasam.Have seen only a few scenes.Ahana is Tanu’s sister?

  13. jasmine Rahul

    shabbir as ankush was a surprise.and thx 4 making tanu kratika in this birth also unlike the serial where tanu got a new face

    1. Shakaib

      Thanks Jasmine. For giving it love from starting.

  14. iam not a viewer of kasam . yet its so nice.please come with another story . AWESOME

    1. Shakaib

      Thanks nisha. I’ll come with another story but after this .

  15. When you’re updating 4 the part, I’m anxiously waiting for next part.

    1. Shakaib

      I’m writing part 4 hope it will complete today.

  16. Hi, Shakaib, I’ve just read your fan fiction. Its nice. Please update next part soon.

    1. Shakaib

      I’ll try my best to update next part soon.

  17. Shakaib

    Upcoming scene, sandy will ask Rishi for forgiveness.

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