hey girls and guys do you know me i am kasam swasan aur tanshi ke pyaar ki writer janvi i will post the next part asap
so here is the os it is about arrange marriage

a bride was sitting on the bed waiting for her groom whom she married a stranger …..
sooon her groom comes
groom: iam rishi
bride: iam tanvi
rishi: see i don’t know u so i cannot make love on 1 night of marriage….if you are going to make sure then it’s okk
tanvi : yeah i was supposed to say the same….
you sleep on this bed i will sleep on couch
rishi : no no these is very bad idea u should be on bed
and i am going on couch
tanvi: no rishi …oh soo sorry i mean rishi ji
rishi: u can call me rishi okk tanvi
tanvi: mine nickname is tanu can you call me tanu
rishi: that is very good name

and they both sleep

soon rishi and tanu were tansferednew to kerela
one day they go for outing
rishi : tanu can we spend one day on this lake in house boat
tanvi: yeah
rishi: tanvi let’s go
tanvi : yeah
rishi: anna any house boat is there i and my wife are supposed to take this boat for a day
anna: yeah ihave a boat but this is honeymoon boat
rishi: anna i just come after a mine
rishi goes to tanvi
rishi : there is only a honeymoonn boat
tanvi: okk
rishi : u can adjust on 1 bed i will sleep on ground
tanvi : iwill adjust

on boat
on boat they had there supper
and rishi hugs tanvi from back and say
i love you
tan: no rishi i am not sure that i love you or not
rishi was here broken and leave the house boat
inside the room tanu was also crying because she also has feeling of love but can’t express
rishi was going to jump in water but tanvi hold’s his hand
tanvi:!pagal ho kya
rishi : mujhe marne do i am not a perfect husband
tanvi : chup
rishi: bye tanvi and pulls his hand
tanvi: agar tum maroge toh i will also be with you
rishi: but why
tanu: because i love you
and i can’t express my feelings because i was scared whether you love me or not
tanvi pulls him up
and both share a passionate hug and a liplock kiss
rishi lifts her up and take her to room
and they made love for whole night
and soon they were blessed with twim brother and sister name ragini and lucy

soo it is thehappy ending

please comment about this os

Credit to: JANVI

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  1. JANVI DEAR!! This is one of the cutest ffs I have ever read!!! I want to kiss your hands for writing this!!! This is amazing!!

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