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Rishi was shocked to see Bee ji dance in the room around Tanuja who was also laughing. Rishi recalls Tannu’s laughter and wonders if he really remembered Tannu watching her. Raaj comes to him in the corridor, and was shocked to see Rishi smiling. He was happy to see Rishi excited, as much as he was when he fall in love with Tannu. He moves on blessing Rishi, then comes to the door of Bee ji’s room and watches Bee ji and Tanuja. He wonders who brought this smile over Rishi’s face, Tanuja or Bee ji.
There, Bani signals at Neha who announces there is no chilies at home. Bani says aloud if Guljeet was here, she must have sent him to market. Sandy offers to go to market, Bani reads him a huge list. Neha was calling Nidhi but she didn’t pick up the call on cell phone, Bani dials their landline.

There, Rishi holds the intercom and hear Neha and Bani urging Nidhi to get to Nakul’s room as soon as possible, only this way she can get her money. Rishi was shocked to hear that Nidhi had mixed some sedatives in Nakul’s drink as well. Neha says everyone in that house are emotional fools, everyone there is idiot; once she get hold of Nakul their monetary problems would be solved. Rishi silently heard the conversation.
Tanuja comes downstairs and walks outside from behind him. Rishi keeps the phone down and wonders who is there in the store room who wants to get Nakul’s money. He turns to see this. There, Nidhi was about to hang up, Tanuja comes and show her desire to speak to Neha. Neha was uninterested and gets rid of the phone, Tanuja informs Bani she got the job. Bani assures to tell Sandy about it, Tanuja was excited that Sandy is here and promises to be there. Bani tells her to come tomorrow morning. Tanuja promises to do what she wants her to. Rishi came from behind and think this is the girl who wants snatch Nakul’s property. Tanuja assures Bani to do what she is saying, she will earn a lot for them all.
Raaj comes to Bee ji, Bee ji wants to speak to her about Tanuja. She wants Raaj to get Rishi marry Tanuja.
There, Rishi asks Tanuja whom was she speaking to. Tanuja says she was speaking to her nani. Rishi clutches her with arms and twists them behind her, she cries while he inquires what she came here for. Tanuaj complaint about getting hurt, Rishi recalls twisting Tannu’s hand this way before. Tanuja says she told him the truth. Rishi says he know what truth is, now he would keep an eye over her and she will find him standing between her and his family. He leaves after warning Tanuja.
Rishi was curt that this girl is really cunning, he knew already she is here with some intention. Now he has to catch her red-handed and bring her true face to everyone. She isn’t only a pocket picker, but a girl who traps rich boys to get money.
Bee ji tells Raaj that she has seen Rishi and Tanuja looking into each other’s eyes. Raaj denies this as its not possible. He says Tanuja apart, Rishi doesn’t look at any girl this way. Bee ji complains if he doesn’t want Rishi to get married. Raaj says he wants so, as he is his father; then agrees to think about it.
In the room, Nidhi was getting ready. She thinks she spent so much money from tonight, now she is ready and will do everything will Nakul. Tanuja comes from behind and was shocked to listen to this. Nidhi was speaking to herself that tomorrow morning Nakul would have chance to leave her. Tanuja says suspected them yesterday, but she never thought they would really do so. She stops Nidhi insisting they are really nice people, who gave them shelter to stay. Nidhi wasn’t interested in her lecture, but her own luxury. Tanuja wasn’t ready to let Nidhi leave, she shuts Nidhi in the room locking from outside. She then thinks about getting Nakul rid of his hangover.
Tanuja brings soup to Nakul. He felt dizzy, Tanuja asks him to have this soup, and he will feel better. Nakul recognizes Tanuja, but fall over her. She was helping him when Rishi comes there. He pushes Tanuja away from Nakul in rage and helps Nakul lay on the bed.

PRECAP: Rishi says he has recognized the true face of Tanuja, she is here to trap rich boys. He orders her to get out of the house right away.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. milly

    i feel so sad for tanuja she is soo good …. not like her cheap sisters… hope rishi recognise her as soon as possible

  2. Luna

    Nice episode, I think in Sunday it will be the last episode of Shivani. I will watch the show till Shivani is there. After that I may leave the show. Cant take the shitty plastic surgery track.

  3. Luna

    CVs have ruined the main concept of the show by bringing back Kratika. I am having a gut feeling that Ekta’s plan of bringing back Kratika to increase TRPs may backfire. TRP can decrease actually, audience is more smarter nowadays.

  4. jasem


  5. NEDA

    YES.JASEM . YOU ARE RIGHT. BUT I pray of god for shivani and HOPE THAT SHIVANI TAKE A ROLE in very good show soon.that she also became happy.


    i heard that kratika sengar is coming back to the show..soon tanuja(shivani tomar)will get a plastic surgery done,[a usual ekta kapoor concept to get a deceased character back on show]to get the face of tannu[kratika sengar).The makers are doing this due to the comparatively lesser trp’s after kratika’s exit. In my opinion,they shouldn’t do this as it would end a kind of suspence factor from the show,as rishi will identify her just by looking at her.They said that tannu and rishi are connected by souls,not facial looks.If rishi really loved tannu,he should be able to identify tannu’s soul in tanuja,no matter whatever the name or face may be.So,cv’s should retain the current tanuja,as by this only the true intention of kasam, of portraying true love as timeless and a pledge of two loving souls to be with each other,no matter what, will be accomplished.They only told that love is a bond between two souls;not bodies;as though body,identity and name keeps changing;souls remain the same.Do u agree with me guys??

    • Maahiswt


      |Registered Member

      U r r8 ojaswi even I feel the same… Even I lyk krathika so much ….BT the fact is krathika ko vapas laane se show ka concept kharab ho jaayega…. Now a Days Shivani is doing well….

  7. james

    shivani finished hercontract cause leavekasam but donot know why some haters kratika said that EKTA KRATIKA BRING FOR TRP RIS UP. WHILE HATERSKRATIKA Can ask sharad . bcause sharad know all thing. sharad that donot say lie . and they pray bad to god for kratika and serial kasam . I LIKE SHIVANI AND KRATIKA.AND FORTHEY WISH BEST FOR FUTURE . but GUYS WE SHOULD Pray well to god for all. and also pray to god for shivani and i am sure .she will get good show very soon.

  8. Luna

    I dont understand some people, I’m not liking Kratika’s return coz it will ruin the show’s concept, I’m no hater of Kratika.

  9. princes

    Mai ye show dekhna ab band krne wali hu yr ,sach me mjhe shivani k lye bad feel ho rha h use time dena chaye that aise kaise replace kr de rhe h use audience Shivangi ko pasnd krne lagi thi or jb bki serial me anguri bhabhi or hami raja me Mahi ko log accept kr sakte hai to shivni ko Ku nhi ,serial k Jo conept tha WO punarjam love story tha n ki plastic surjary track.

  10. Shalini Senthil

    Yes i agree to luna now its going well y suddenly bringing back krathika it will really get wrost…shivani is doing well and she makes many fans to …u guys same doing when krathika exit we are sad its ruin the show but now kasam is good going with shivani ..we accept this new cute jodi..now rishi and tanuja having good chemistry between each other… Now this couple wins all fans heart now same u guys doing u r dumping shivani its not good yaar…they are doing well..i hope shivani must continue kasam😉

  11. Hency


    |Registered Member

    Kratika message for her fans…here I start my journey part two.. Very excited to get back on #kasam All bcoz of u all n only for u all.. my #stubborn fans 😊 Plz like always shower us wid ur love and support. ❤…
    How sweet is that

  12. Kashish

    Guys if u wana see the pic of latest tanu and rishi so type kasam 3 point where it will be written taht the promo is hoing to out click that and see the awesome pic😋

  13. saeed

    you are right Ahmad .time we say to something( a person) magic : a person die (he or she) same shape (face) bron to be( magic : amiracle of god ) otherwise not magic. ( for more details refer to books the Torat and Gospal and psalms ) read fully books. then you will notice I am right.

  14. Pia

    ekta is not bring kratika for trp she will re enter kasam due to popular demand ….. when tanu died u all wanted kratika n now u don’t want her to re enter

  15. fatemeh

    kraitka and sharad are soul kasam. and kasam without one of theri doesnot mean.
    krasha is perfect and amazing couple.

  16. Luna

    Pia, ekta is bringing back kratika bcoz of TRPs only. After post leap Kasam TRPs dropped bcoz of filler episodes and repetation of story, also there were hardly any proper scenes btwn Ssharad and Shivani. But all the blame of low TRPs was put into Shivani. Now Kratika is making a comeback in the show only to increase the TRP as only TRP matters for Ekta, not story and concept and I always wanted Kratika to leave after post leap bcoz it was the demand of the script.

    • Ujika

      No dear kratika isn’t re entering due to trip just read some articles n threads related to kratika’s re entry they clearly state that kratika is re entering due to popular demand!

  17. vafa

    siddhi my dear or baby. so i realized that you crash kurish. god willing you will be fine.
    you should eat these things:
    1. cow foot soup bone fractures and leg pain is very good.

  18. james

    Pia. you are right . but donot know why some haterkratika said that ekta bring kratika for rise up trp.while shivani finished hercontract cause she go like kratika already finishad hercontract and leave kasam. sharad also know all thing . they can ask sharad. but they cause hate of kratika say that ekta bring kratika for trp. they even pray bad togod for kratika and serial kasam. and they wished that serial kasam flop. while they donot know that any actor donot like that herfans start badmouthing against other actor or (otheractor)fans. so guys please donot pray bad to god for serial kasam and kratika .rather we should pray well to god for all.and be sure that god willing shivani will get a role in a very good show verysoon.

  19. kobra

    YOU ARE RIGHT KASHISH. l lv u kratika ..you are best.. your acting is so natural. I LV U KRASAH
    GOD WILLING . AND GOD PUT YOU jealous eyes aways. god amen

  20. habib

    kratika is better . sharad and kratika has won best jodi award.haterskratika jealous kratika.but god willing god put kratika jealous eyes away. god amen.

  21. james

    pia .you are right. but some guys now deny the turth .shivani herself confessed that she couldnot play good and donot comfortable in some scenes.

  22. Clincy

    If writers did their work correctly, we may like Sivani as Tanu. But they dint. So it will work after Kratika’s re-entry. Anyway we always wish Kratika’s come back. Now it is happening. I’m sure that coming episode will b more and more interesting and we’ll love this show like earlier. Eagerly waiting to watch ssharad-Kratika as Rishi-Tanuja.

  23. Masooma

    Kratika is good but shivani also plays well now let c how kratika will do the role of young 20 years old girl , m happy fr kratika n hv respect fr shivani bkz in the begining I didn’t like shivani but as the serial goes on I like her especially her innocent expressions when rishi scolded her….

  24. Luvleen


    |Registered Member

    Personally, I would wish they just left Shivani to keep acting…just saw an interview with Kratika on YouTube. She is requesting all her fans to watch Kasam so the show can be number one again. Seriously it’s all bullshit about Shivani’s 1 month contract…the poor girl…due to ppl’s unfair requests, she has lost her job! Imagine if you lose your job how hard you worked…so sad. Poor Shivani 😔



      |Registered Member

      hai luvleen, how are u…❗❓
      well said …. 👌👍👍👍

      whats going on CVS mind …❗❓
      ongoing track and story is good but plastic surgery drama i can’t digest this news….
      again kartika coming back with face plastic surgery but boby
      language ….❗❗❓❓😜

      on going track ki baath kare tho SHIVANI is the best

      any way i am leave this page and also quit this senceless serial…… GOOD BYE..👋👋👋

      • Luvleen


        |Registered Member

        Hi I’m well thanks! Hope you are too! 😊

        Yeah I won’t quit yet cause I do like the other characters in the show…I might watch a bit more after Kratika returns just to see if it keeps me interested. Supposedly Thaapki is getting back on a better track…so let’s see I may switch again lol

  25. Luvleen


    |Registered Member

    I don’t hate Kratika at all, I’m happy to see her and I would see her in another show for sure. But I just find it weird that she is returning in this show…doesn’t make sense…plastic surgery?! What happen to thar story about Nakul falling in love with Tanuja, and Rishi trying to stay away from Tanuja etc…this was reported…The thing is the storyline had to change all of a sudden cause of TRPs!

  26. Nupur

    kratika set pe ae thi..iska matlab o shooting kar rahi hea so guys…bad feelings for shivani but all the best for future…kratika oapas achuki hea..welcome kratika…

  27. AHMAD

    you are right clincy . guys pray to god for shivani get arole in a new show and also for kratika because some guys talk bad about bacuse think shivani leave show cause kratika while shivani finished hercontract and shivani herself confessed that she could not play good and donot comfortable in some scenes.

  28. Neha krasha

    What all of u want guys…?.. When kratika exist from the show u guys are said we want kratika back and only want krasaha chemistry don’t want shivani as tanu…… Today our dream comes true kratika is back to the show and now u all feel for shivani and giving lots of negative comments abt this changes and also ekta too.. Ekta get back kratika to the show is only for us….. Shivani is good actress no doubt abt that but kratika is live the life of the character some cute expression are only done by kratika neatly and deeply Offcorse shivani is not only the reason for trp fall down and not working chemistry with ssharad its all abt story line only and makers didn’t any scene between ssharad and shivani its full of makers and storyline’s fault not shivan’s I agree with you guys and moreover KRATIKA IS AN AWESOME ACTRESS she is the only best for the role tanu…. Whatever the character its 20 yrs old girl or anything else…. She will definitely performing very well and give her best completely and get lots of magic to the role….she is one of the finest actress industry

  29. Siddhi


    |Registered Member

    Guys soon Tanuja will meet with an accident and because of that her face will get destroy so she will get a new face which is of Tanu (Kratika Sengar)

  30. Kashish

    Hey guys u all are saying why they are taking kratika back but news chanells repoters are saying that kratika is coming back bcoz she reads the comments and it was written that we are missing you kratika or tanu but write now we all are saying that why are you coming kratika when kratika leaved the show u all were saying that come back kratika and write now u are saying why producers are taking kratika back u should be happy just wait and watch what will happen next when kratika will be back i will be really happy i don’t know about you but i will be really happy just take a chill pill and be happy

  31. Meena


    |Registered Member

    …. Nobody gave shivani a chance to prove her talent…. All were going on and on for”kratika come back”thing…. I respect kratika for her acting skills… Always liked her since punar vivah… But the present story doesn’t suit her… She has to be a twenty year old and she doesn’t look so….. Now I hope and pray for shivani that she gets a show that will respect her talent….. God bless you Shivani🙌🙌🙌

  32. Sia

    Wow rishi is attracting towards tanuja…but i’m feeling sad by thinking that shivani will be there for only about 2 to 3 episodes then she will say good bye to the show….if anyone gonna miss u or not but i’m definetily gonna miss u hardly….i luv shivani n rishi chemistry…..

  33. Siddhi


    |Registered Member

    Guys one more spoiler that fire will get caught in bedi house so rishi gets stuck in house and in order to save him tanuJa comes inside and rishi and tanuJa will save each other but the fire wall will fall on tanuja’s face and her face will get damage so her face changes into old tanu’s face

  34. Siddhi


    |Registered Member

    Guys one more spoiler that fire will get caught in bedi house so rishi gets stuck in house and in order to save him tanuJa comes inside and rishi and tanuJa will save each other but the fire wall will fall on tanuja’s face and her face will get damage so her face changes into old tanu’s face.

  35. Siddhi


    |Registered Member

    Guys one more spoiler that fire will get caught in bedi house so rishi gets stuck in house and in order to save him tanuJa comes inside and rishi and tanuJa will save each other but the fire wall will fall on tanuja’s face and her face will get damage so her face changes into old tanu’s face.!

  36. james

    GUYS When kratika leave kasam she had said to all you (guys) that accept changes and then she leave kasam. even sharad also witness. so guys we shouldnot disrespect anyone after all they all are doing there ownwork.and be sure if god take something of aperson he will give that person something that person havenot even imagained.

  37. hasen

    nobody isnot poor in this world BECAUSE ALL WE HAVE GOG THAT IS OURSPONSOR because they all are actor and have career but we wath do we have? if you hear story mylife surely you said me poor. but I DONOT ACCEPT THE PERSON SAY ME POOR EVEN WITH ALL THE PROBLEMS BECAUSE I HAVE GOD AND GOD IS MY SPONSOR.

  38. Mrudula

    Every serial their is one who perfect for the actress role… in kasam krathika is perfect for the role of tanu. And she is awesome in it.. as we see krathika as tanu.. fans can’t accept any others in that place .even if it’s shivani or any other actress it does not mean that shivani is not a good actress she will be awesome in the role that suit for her..

  39. james


  40. Sandhya

    Hi.shivani Iam gonna miss u a lot.iam feeling happy for kratika’s re entry but am also feeling bad for Shivani.after plastic surgery rishi Wii attracted towards Tanya bcz of her face not bcz of her character this is so embarrassing.naku nachhatledu

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