Kasam 9th October 2017 Written Episode Update: Rishi happy knowing Tanuja still uses his name

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The Episode starts with Netra asking Raj and Beeji to have food. Rishi comes there and shouts at Netra for hiding the truth from him. He says I always told you that I love Tanuja and wants them back in my life. He tells Raj that Tanuja and Abhishek aren’t married and she is just his caretaker and Natasha is my daughter.. He asks Netra how she could do this with her and goes. Netra follows him and says she wants to see him happy, but then looks at the paper and thinks how did the water fell on it. She thinks Rishi only knows that Tanuja and Abhishek are not married, she thinks he got much angry just knowing half truth then he will be much angry if he comes to know that Tanuja saw us on bed.

Ahana waits for Manpreet and tells Tanuja that she will leave. Manpreet is searching for proofs in Abhishek’s

house. Rishi comes there and tells Netra came to know that Natasha is my daughter through admission form and tells that they can get all info in school. They rush there and asks Principal to give details of Natasha and Tanuja. Principal refuses saying she can’t break school rules and says she can let them know the details only if Tanuja calls her. Rishi thinks why will Tanuja call her and asks to show details to him. Manpreet says he will call as Tanuja. Ahana calls him and says she is going home after waiting for him. He asks her to go and says I love you. Ahana gets happy and says I love you too. Rishi and Manpreet are thinking what to do. Just then a teacher comes and tells Rishi that she heard his conversation with Principal and believes that he loves Tanuja. She gives him file having details of Nastasha and Tanuja. Rishi gets happy seeing his name as father’s name, and on Tanuja’s passport, his name as her husband. He gets happy and says he will question tanuja now.

Rishi comes to Tanuja. Tanuja asks why did he come to her and asks him to go, says whenever he comes infront of her, he breaks her and asks him to go. Abhishek comes there while playing with Natasha. He asks her to go to room. Natasha goes to room. Abhishek asks him why did he come? He says I told you not to come to my house. Tanuja folds her hands and asks Rishi to go and asks Abhishek to try and understand. Abhishek says I have understood enough.

Rishi thinks he has to win the custody case and then only Tanuja will get back to him. Tanuja thinks about Rishi’s words. Abhishek says sorry. Tanuja scolds him for saying the thing without thinking. Abhishek says he said sorry as he knows the way he told that was wrong. Tanuja also says sorry. Abhishek says the same lines. Tanuja says it is the same lines which I told you. you can’t tell by heart. Abhishek says he is falling for someone. He says I can understand you and your anger, but I will not understand that Rishi Singh Bedi. Tanuja says Rishi comes to know about us something. abhishek says no, else he would have created drama. Tanuja thinks she knows Rishi well.

Everyone gets ready to go to court. Rishi says Rano is not coming as she is emotional and we might lose. netra looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  3. Kunal_Chauhan_the_Great

    Please stop dragging the story and tell airship the truth that Netra is hiding.

  4. Until when u will keep using cheap ideas to hide truth from rishi..???
    Always far far……far away from reality.

  5. swapnanil sinha

    this daily soap is getting bogus day by day. why dont ekta end this serial.

  6. Fahad sharafat

    Meria khayaal mai reshi aur tanuja phir sai eik honia chahia.Serial kasam na rula he diya hum ko..Har eik episode ka baad aik heart breaking twist aata hai,iss sai boxt dukh aata hai…kahi yeh kahani sach mai too nahi hai.

  7. Please let Neithra lies come out and if Rishi lovesTanuja so much why doesn’t he tell her that he iis not married. You want your love back tell the truth. I think if you drag the story too much it becomes boring.

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