Kasam 9th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Abhishek proposes Tanuja

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The Episode starts with Tanuja leaving seeing Netra coming. Rishi runs after Tanuja, but Tania falls down. Rishi comes back to Tania and helps her get up, kisses her. Netra hugs him and says thank god you are fine. Rishi asks why did you come here? Tanuja left seeing you. She thinks her life went to the same moment when she left Rishi. Tanuja comes infront of Abhishek’s car. Driver tells him that a lady is walking in trance. Abhishek sees her and gets down the car. He asks Tanuja what happened? Tanuja cries and asks him to take her to his room. Rishi, Netra and Tania comes home. Rano and Ahana gets happy seeing Rishi and Tania. Netra says she will go to her room. Rishi asks her to talk to him and says he needs to talk to her. Rano tells him that Maasi came home, packed their stuff and left. Rishi asks

about Tanuja. Rano says Tanuja left in the morning for Natasha’s school.

Abhishek asks Tanuja not to cry. Tanuja thinks whenever she got tears in her eyes, it is because of Rishi. He asks if you want to tell me anything. Netra comes to Rishi’s room and gives him gift which she brought for him on Tanua’s insistence. He takes the gift. He thinks why did Natasha leave from there. Netra says she didn’t see him. She sees Tanuja’s earrings. Rishi says she stayed here for few days.

Abhishek and Tanuja come home. Maasi tells Abhishek that she needs to talk to him. Tanuja says she is fine. Abhishek goes to talk to Maasi. Maasi asks Abhishek if he is serious about Tanuja and wants to marry her. Abhishek says he loves her and wants to marry her. She says she saw them hugging each other and says Tanuja is a bad character girl and have some relation with Rishi. Abhishek tells her that Tanuja and Rishi were married before. Myra hears them and tells that Rishi has a second wife and a daughter too. Maasi asks Abhishek to talk to Tanuja and propose her.

Rishi is in the car and suddenly his car stops on the way. He tries to repair it, but couldn’t. He tries to take auto etc. Natasha asks Tanuja when they will go to Mr. Handsome’s house. Abhishek says they have returned to their home. Tanuja feeds her food. Natasha asks him to tell her when the matter is about Rishi and her. She says she is getting sleep and goes. Tanuja tells Abhishek that she gets emotional sometimes. Abhishek says you are still living in past or say it is haunting you. He says you didn’t want to come to Mumbai, but I forced you to come. Tanuja says it was written in destiny. Abhishek holds her hand, bends down on his knees and says don’t know, why, when, how, but I fell in love with you, I realized later and didn’t have the strength to confess infront of you. He proposes her with a ring and asks will you marry me. Tanuja is shocked.

Rishi asks Tanuja why she feels pain whenever he is hurt and why she wants to cheer him up. She is teary eyes. Rishi says we both have felt pain and says it is enough. Tanuja says I will not stay with you.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Seriously writers unite tanshi , this show is for tanushree and rishi or tanuja and rishi that is tanshi not tanshek . Plz stop this scenes of pk ,natasha, and tanuja. I dont find them cute at all. It’s rishi , manpreet , ahana, biji ,papaji making the show cute . We miss nok jhok of tanshi, biji and manshi s naughtiness . Trp is also 0.9 of last week , so plz bring the story to right track. And plz fans also stop bashing characters it’s mistake of cvs not rishi or tanuja .

  2. Who Is tanya ,is tanya netra daughter or smiley daughter?

  3. How long Tanuja and Rishi will repeat the same dialogue!!! Cvs please bring new twists in Kasam. Trp isn’t increasing ???I know the time slot isn’t good. Still try something new. Don’t drag anymore. Only Tanshi/Krasha’s acting is enough for me but many viewers won’t be happy. Even I can’t see their sad faces and misunderstandings anymore. Please reunite Tanshi. Make an end of this season with sad or happy ending but make sure that Tanshi should be together at the end. Come back with amazing story and good time slot. Kasam team and krasha deserve a lot. You guys are amazing. Love watching kasam. Giving a comment after a long time. New people are commenting here.Missing old haters and lovers of Kasam serial here.Whatever Nowadays even I don’t write comments because I think I really don’t need to comment everyday my duty is only to watch it everyday as a Kasam and krasha lover.???

  4. Well probably taniya will be smiley’s child , but it will be nice if it is,tanshi’s child like surogate something like that but it won’t happen so smiley s child

  5. Most probably taniya would be smiley’s daughter but if cvs would make then it would be of tanshi only maybe by surrogacy or any other hided track but for now I think it’s smiley’s daughter

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