Kasam 9th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Kasam 9th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Tanuja wakes up from dream of marrying Rishi in the temple. She wonders what was this dream, as she married Rishi in this house. She looks at Rishi sleeping on the couch then towards the moon. She speaks to the moon that he must be evident of everyone’s life, and asks why she dreams about them. Who is the girl marrying Rishi in her dreams, is it her or that Tannu. If she is Tannu, why she is dreaming about her. How is she related to Tannu, and these dreams? She turns to look at Rishi still sleeping, then return to her bed, not wanting to have such dreams.
The old lady sends a girl to get some more woods. The girl asks why she wants to do this Pooja at this time. The lady replies she wants to pray for Rishi and Tanuja, so that he can see what he doesn’t want to.
Rishi wakes up from sleep,

and walks towards Tanuja who was asleep. He recalls he asked if Tannu would really be with him, Tannu got annoyed that her promises are always Kasam. She would return to him even if she dies. Rishi asked if she would return with the same face, Tannu said she is unaware but she would return. Rishi then questioned how he would recognize her, Tannu asked if he touches something and it feels like her; he should understand his Tannu is back. She then held his hands, saying if he can see the shine in her eyes in someone else’s he must understand his Tannu is back. He was thoughtful, Tannu got angry again if he would keep on itching his head; she would leave. Rishi touches Tanuja’s face, and calls her as Tannu. Tanuja wakes up and looks towards Rishi, then sits up correcting she is Tanuja. Rishi backs up with a jolt. Tanuja asks if he needs something. Rishi remember Sandy’s concern for Tanuja, calling her as his daughter. He complains she is disturbing him even during sleeps, and wonders what is happening to him. He leaves the room at once.
Malaika was cautiously entering the house, curt at Tanuja. She hides herself as Rishi walks towards the hall. She wonders why is Rishi going to terrace, and finds an idea to take advantage of this all. Shekhar would also be impressed from her. She finds a shawl nearby and goes behind Rishi.
On the terrace, Rishi breathes deeply wondering why he is unable to stop himself from getting close to her. He can’t give Tanuja the place that belongs to Tannu, he won’t let Tanuja take Tannu’s place. Malaika comes from behind to drape him with the shawl, as its cold. Rishi asks why she didn’t sleep. Malaika says he hasn’t slept as well, is he feeling uncomfortable because of Tanuja. Rishi was speechless, Malaika hugs him saying it was their night but everything was ruined. She suggests about another chance, if he wish. Rishi pulls her away saying until he is Tanuja’s husband, he has to be loyal to her. Malaika questions if he called himself Tanuja’s husband. Rishi says he married her, he feels disgusted about her. Malaika apologizes him, and confess about having got much emotional. She has accepted him as a husband and wanted to share her pains, Rishi takes leave from her. He returns her shawl. Malaika was curt about listening to Shekhar, she can’t get hold of Rishi easily. She was determined to make him as hers soon.
The next morning, Manpreet wakes up in the gallery. Ahana was watering the plants. They have an argument with each other, Manpreet speak about romance in Hindi films. Ahana says she isn’t interested in romance with him, she married him only because of Raaj. Manpreet says if it was Tanuja here, she must have saved Rishi. Ahana says Tanuja has a lot of benefits with this marriage, she got a handsome working husband unlike the idle Manpreet.
Tanuja comes to the kitchen, the house keeper forbids her do anything in kitchen except for preparing a sweet dish. Tanuja thinks this means Kheer must be tasty today, to get rid of yesterday’s bitterness.

PRECAP: Rishi tastes the kheer saying Ahana must have made this. Tanuja says she did, it’s her first day in kitchen.

Update Credit to: Sona


  1. Catherine

    Hey guys I can’t understand the story itself can anyone say vafa pls say vafa and say the updates also

    • nayana

      sorry catherine iam not vafa iam nayana i hope u dont mind by replying i was also little confused becoz wat abt 20yrs leap? sometimes i also used 2 think wat happnd 2 rishis office i think they changed the story dont know where is nakul ? he was not present at chucks marriage wat happnd 2 sandy? he didnt see tanuja after her plastic surgery the birth mark on tanujas back so many questions? no answers 4 all these most important thing is malaika & this shekhar why they r behind rishi ? for money seriously i hope they will clear all the misunderstandings soon

  2. Tanshi

    Nice episode, and that dream sequence made me to cry, in dream sequence tanu was looking so pretty, love you kratika mam.

  3. vafa

    @catherine dear. please donot say that donot talk me . becuse i frist donot see yourcomment. but next when that see yourcomment. i be so happy. and even i also reply yourcomment . please go to page 8th november update and see mycomments.please please

  4. nayana

    aftersomuch of melodrama & emotions some memorable moments b/w rishi & tannu was (Flashback scene )is so nice waiting 4 bat wala scene

  5. vafa

    @cathrnei dear.
    upcoming story kasam we will see romance momnets btwn rishi and tanuja after theirmarriage becuse they first be best friend and so will be wife and husband becuse rishi noticed that donot live without tanuja. cause that he madly is fall in love with tanuja. and laso will see where a bat that com in rishis room and both rishi and tanuja covers them in blanket bcz ofbats fear and i also saw interveiws on page instagram and that was really awesome. and also will see rishi(in blue dress) and (tanuja in black dress) goes to party here the both gets mistaknly drunk and thus expresses their love for each other . i cannot waite .@catherine that is important that malika donot love rishi . and rishi also he just fall in love with tanuja not malika. misunderstand will clear but not now. becuse if clear now . so story is finish or end.@catherine we will see more romanc momentstanshi. so you should be happy.

    infact malika is like neha that want marriage with rishi just for money.

  6. katerine

    hey kasam I misd u but if next time you ignor my comment then I will not send you lots of comments answer me

  7. Alister La Frenais

    The whole serial is rubbish. The storylines are stale and the constant Tanu and Rishi crap is just boring. Tanuja, must be one of the stupidest woman in India. Let us take stock of what has transpired to date. Firstly, she is thrown out of the house, then she some how returns. She risks her life saving Rishi. She is badly burnt and has plastic surgery. The surgeon is given the wrong photograph and now wait for it, he performs a miracle. He doesn’t only give Tanuja, Tanu’s face, he also increases her height and body mass and gives her a new set of teeth, what a load of cow pat. Then we got that horrible woman called Rano who is constantly picking all the wrong type of women for Rishi to marry. Oh yes, what became of Sandy, Tanuja’s adopted father, did he get abducted by aliens and disappeared. Very poor writing and the acting is mediocre.

  8. jaweria

    Nice episode but what will happen if malaika will be done his work soon and what will happen next? ???????????

  9. Catherine

    Vafa thank u for saying the story and sorry for saying I will not talk with u by the by where is ankit

  10. vafa

    @catherine dear i missed you. i send for you lots of comment on page 8th november telly updatees. please donot ignor me and reply mycomments and i promis you that tell you update .and also i never ignored you. and i reply yourcomment.
    you also if go on page instagram and see with youreyes is better . becuse you will notice i am right. becuse someones donot like other be happy and alwayz tell that serial is bad. while serial is good and every serial even best amrican serials needed twist. because when that i and ankit tell update and all were happybut sme someones were pset becuse they donot like other and kaam family be happy. i even see ankit comment on page instagram.

  11. Anamika

    After kratikas re entry the makers lost their story. Day by day it becomes worst…. actualy they had a story befor kratikas re entry. After that they spoiled their story. Actualy old tanuja and rishi are more suit for leap. Makers think that kratikas entry maintains their trp. But i think it is rubbish. Good story is needed for that. Kratika is good to see in tanu. Sharat looks so young. But kratika…. their age defference????,. Anyway now the drama become a normal drama.. dont like new story line. Expected kasam ended when tanuja went to plastic surgeory…..

    • katerine

      anamika u r right but expect ridiculous answer to your comment from vafa tanshi catherin sweety…..who r copy of eachother ooooooffffffffffff

    • katerine

      sweety you and the other copies of you make me laugh to death not alister who is honest and exsist..thanks alister for your honest comment

  12. vafa

    kratika is very very better than shivani. sorry sorry shvani with herenter alwayz serials be flop. and this not first time for shivani. but she have skill in flop serials. and story line now is better than before and persons that say kratika isnot good they jealous of kratika because people requset of ekta that bring and combacking her to serial kasam . and acting kratika is very good and real. and i when that kratika leave serial donot watch seila at all. but now i watch serial and enjoying serial .
    @sweety . i am fine how are you ? . and donot suprised of Alisterscomment because she and some persones alwayz give such comment . infact theircomment alwayz is nagetive. and also Anmika donot like kratika because she is love shivani. why that withreentry kratika kasam be no1 pakistan but now in pakistan cause war (btwn india and pkistan) all serials indian be block. and also again with reentry kratika kasam again be no1 in andonezi ………………..first that even sharad say that krauita is great actress . and also acting kratika is with feeling and isnot like shivani apatheic and not real. shivani even when that is crying clear that heractinhg is not real.
    episode was amazing and awesom. i was missing nokjok tanshi but when see this episode be so happy.
    @catherine.also upcoming story kasam rishi make start compar tauja with tanu.
    one of links instagram :http://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/kasamterepyaarki

    • Ragini

      Yes vafa! I’m too feeling bad for them who can’t watch kasam in Pakistan and one more that they can’t watch it on voot app too because no app do not is distributed in all countries. It will take some time but they can watch it on tune.pk and badtamees dial and Yodesi.net at any time. And badtameez dil give episodes soon. I want that both countries love happy with each other,I font want that destiny play such a big game.

  13. vafa

    [email protected] and and @tanshi dear. tanshi and siddhi dear you vote for tanshi and serial kasam for tellyawards . if donot do that go to papage 4th november(tellyupdate) in that page i explain perfectly vote.

  14. Dave

    Rishi needs to man up,As somebody else on here said Tanu/Tanuja needs to speak up.
    And somebody needs to kidnap Rano ? lol

  15. sweety

    kasam is no 1 serial on Indian TV.it has the concept of reincarnation very good.I like the concept.and I like the previous get up of rishi in shave beard and glasses.he looks more s*xy in this look.

  16. Ankit

    Hey guys! What’s up??
    Nice episode.. .. Well.. the chaddar scene I’m waiting for.. And the reception… Wo hoo!!
    I’m back guys

  17. sweety

    kratika sengar dheer is a wife of nikitin dheer.and daughter in law of pankaj dheer who was seen in rishto ka saudagar baazigar as Mr.kailash nath

  18. sweety

    I m fan of both kratika and shivani.both acting is good.I will tell u what will happen to bani and neha rishi will throw them of their house after they took advantage of tanuja by taking money from her.

  19. sweety

    sandy will be first shock to see tanuja as tannu but later on he accept her as his niece and tanuja will be called tannu by all and soon she realizes that she is tannus rebirth as tanuja and the story ends on a happy note with tannu and rishi reunite and true love never dies

  20. vafa

    @kartaine. @Alister before leap also had gaven such comment. and please ekta donot bring acterss like shivani if you donot know about herpast. and @ sweety and kartaine you learn respect others instead of making fun of others and jealous of kratika and kasamfamily because everyone or each person comments reflect the limen that personscommments.

    @katrine you are new person in this kasam family .

  21. vafa

    @katarine . yourcomments are ridiculous . and i alwayz tell truth .
    and also please donot say myname in yourcomments . and you @sweetu. i think that you really like be friend .. but reality this is that you just wanted make of fun me and others.

    • katerina

      vafa u r the most dishonest and rridiculous person in this page ..the person 10 times said good bye and after a few hours come back and invaded more space of this page calling me ridiculous lo……………………………l you can not live witout this page and you bore everyone wit repeat of news and forcing people to vote vafa dear go and have a life because your old trick of oh this person insulted me I am leaving for ever would not work anymore by the way you say there was not my name in this page be4 l………….ol look homany names you created and pretending to exchanging comment wit them when all of them are you and after a while when you do not need them anymore they disapear come on lo…………………..l

  22. vafa

    @tanshi dear. you also ignor comments person such as katarine .
    i already didnot see name katarine in page kasam . so she is new . tanshi just ignor her and person like her.

  23. sweety

    no vafa I m ur friend.I m also friend of other people on this page kasam.I
    m not making fun of u and other people on this page kasam telly updates.I m just trying to be friend with u and other people on this page kasam.I want that sharad and kratika will also chat ,talk and join us on this page kasam.looking forward to tonights episode

    • katerina

      good job sweety the copy of vafa oh you are from pakistan and ahmad and ali were arab and went to a city in iraq and was in danger of being killed and their father suddenly become so ill the doctor said he will die………………………………………………………..lo…………..l I replay just to good people to say thanks ….and fake people to make them aware they can not treat people as stupid when they are clever and aware

  24. vafa

    @Ankit. how are you? . i be very happy that see you here. i missed alot. ankit dear.please donot leave this page.

  25. vafa

    @Ankit dear u r right. sharad also said that their reception is a big twist and both they drunk maisktakenly thus expressed theirlove for each other i cannot waite . i be soooo happy that see you back. i missed alot.

  26. Snow White

    Hi Guyz….I’m new here, before I was a silent reader n now i ‘m commenting for the first tymtymin this page….so can i join ur kasam family guyz????

  27. Snow White

    @Vafa, Dear I think u r obsessed with this page n for ur kind information this page is about kasam serial n anyone can comment here n that doesn’t matter it is negative or positive….n Just bcz u luv kasam so doesn’t it meant that everyone should luv it….as u said those person who said bad about kasam is jealous of krathika then I remember that once u said u hate bigg boss so does it mean that u r jealous with Salman Khan???Anyways I think with Krathika’s re-try to this show it lost the storyline n the charm as it feels lyk I’m watching the continuation of season 1 n I’m watching this show only my dear sharad n I hope in upcoming episodes they show something…..

  28. vafa

    snow white .dear i next say that i donot hat bigboss but be hate colors bcuse time show kasam give bigboss and i also donot hate salman khan and i love all hismovies. you frist go write mycomment and next speak. yes person that jealous of kratika becuse people want ekta that bring kasam serial they should learn respect other instead jealous and you also jealous of kratika. i am not like you that jealous of other.

  29. vafa

    charming kasam are just sharad and kratika . and all people world know that serail kasam just cause them be famous .

  30. vafa

    @siddhi dear. first this ttalk snow white and herself start and also i donot say snow white that obey me. and this natural that person like otheracterss or actor but i never donot say tat hate of slman khan because i just love hisacting bolloywood movie . and bcz of you jealous of kratika cause u think that i am like u . no i amnot like u. and also tell truth and little honest herself and also i donot need person defend of me iamnot weak ,i can defend of myself . and also first go and mycomments about big boss and then speak. i donot make fun and insult kasam family. while you do this.

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