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Tannu was hurt watching Rishi and Neha dance, Rishi only eyes Tannu while the performance. Pavan watches Tannu closely as he comes to stand beside her. He thinks if Tanvi is jealous watching them together then there is something. The performance ends, Rishi comes to hug Raaj. UV comes to a side, a girl comes towards him trying to flirt while Manpreet eyes him smirking. UV gets rid of the girl, Manpreet asks why he is so shocked. UV asks Manpreet to steal Pavan’s phone from his father’s pocket.
Pavan’s father comes to his wife, Savitri. They head towards the room to get Shagun sweets. Manpreet assures UV he will steal well. He keeps the phone on a box, and turns to see Manpreet and UV. Manpreet tells Savitri that UV really likes her, she resembles his Hindi teacher. Manpreet breaks into crying, hugging

Savitri. UV tells Manpreet that uncle also resembles his Maths teacher. Manpreet hugs him this time, and steals the phone. They cheer victoriously, but Pavan’s father had come to take the phone. Manpreet was upset, but UV shows him he exchanged the phones already. The phone unlocks at the name of Saloni.
Rishi thinks Pavan had confessed in front of him that Saloni is his girlfriend, but only they know about it. Rishi wants this disclosing to be great. Manpreet boasts he is the only witness of his love story. UV complains they don’t give him any credit. Rishi makes them both up, and hugs them for luck.
Rishi goes to Rano and whispers in her ear. He asks Rano for a little help only, when Raaj interferes. Rano goes to talk to Bani first. Raaj asks Rishi what it was about, Rishi sends him to Rano. Tannu watches Rishi staring him, he thinks about asking if she liked his dance with Neha. Tannu wonders what new mischief he is about to do, he heads to pass her thinking she will catch him today. She holds his hand, he asks if she is really jealous and is ashamed as everyone is watching them. Tannu leaves her hand, and asks what he is about to do. Rishi says he will tell everyone she is only made for him.
Raaj makes an announcement to come close to stage. Rishi looks towards Tannu and takes her towards her father in law to be. Raaj announces today Pavan and Tanvi got engaged. They want to show them the engagement video photos of Rishi and Tannu. Neha had hugged Rishi from one side, while he held Tannu’s hand. Manpreet asks Bee ji to keep her eyes opened, there is going to be a blast. Bee ji wish Rano to blow in that blast.
Swati eyes UV and Manpreet and wonder where they are going. She observes Rishi give a thumbs up to Manpreet and wonders what it is about. Manpreet goes to the slideshow. Shamsher notices Swati eyeing Manpreet.
Everyone clap at the end of slideshow, Raaj appreciates all the photos. He announces it was a surprise by Rishi. Neha cheers. Swati watch Manpreet switch the USB. Pavan’s parents plan they would show Pavan’s engagement photos in his wedding. Suddenly Pavan’s photos with Saloni play on projector. Tanny looks at him quizzically. Swati gets this was the game. Pavan’s gather was angry and asks who did this. Rishi confesses this is his. Pavan comes to argue, Rishi says this is Saloni. She came to him before his Roka, they meet hidden from everyone. He apologizes his parents, and asks why he did couple dance with Saloni outside the restaurant. The photos don’t lie. He asks Pavan who this girl is, why he meets her, what she wants. Pavan’s mother comes to counter Rishi, Rishi asks her not to tie their liar son to this innocent girl. Pavan stops his parents to clarify themselves. Pavan says if Tanvi had asked he would have clarified, no one here wants to know about it. Ahna says she wants to know, she had already warned him not to hurt Tannu. She questions who is this girl, what he has done that she comes behind him and get such photographs with him. It’s about her sister’s life, he must tell who this girl is.
Bani tells Ahna not to interfere, Rishi doesn’t understand the rituals here. Ahna says she does, that is why she is asking them. Bani strictly says they will question them but not in this insulting way. Pavan’s father was not ready to suffer anything more. Shamsher complains Rishi for showing the whole picture. Pavan’s father accuses them of disrespecting them. Bani apologizes them, Rishi wasn’t ready to accept and says if Pavan can’t reply to a single question how he will respect Tanvi. He doesn’t accept the rituals that can’t respect a girl, Rano drags Rishi aside. Ahna demands Tanvi to ask Pavan about the girl, else it will be really late. Bani shouts that’s it, she assures them to talk about it later but this time its Raaj. He agrees to Bani that the way Rishi spoke was wrong, but what he said wasn’t wrong. They always create circles for their daughters but not for sons. They never teach their sons not to hurt a girl. He gives a ten minutes ultimatum to Pavan, he wants to know who this girl is and how is she related to Pavan. Manpreet and UV come to stand behind Raaj.
Pavan’s father tells Raaj they won’t now answer any question here, else they will break this proposal. Neha comes to Bani and whispers if this proposal is broken today, hers would also be. Bani comes to ask Raaj what he is doing. Raaj reminds Bani they hand their heart out along with their daughter, can’t they answer a single question? He apologizes Bani accusing her to be a step. Rano also tries to stop Raaj, it must be his past. Raaj wonders what is the past that is still stalking Pavan even till engagement. Manpreet murmurs to Rishi no matter Pavan breaks the proposal or Tanvi’s side does, eventually Tanvi would be his. The proposal must only be broken from their side.
Raaj gives Pavan’s parents a time of ten minutes, else he will break the proposal himself. Pavan’s mother demands Raaj who is he to break the relation. Raaj argues she didn’t ask this when he had brought a ring for Tanvi, he goes to Tanvi and keeps a hand on her hand assuring her to be his father. Tannu cries looking in his eyes. Raaj gives them time of ten minutes as Tanvi’s father. Bani joins her hands and requests the guests to leave, after having dinner.
Pavan’s father takes Savitri outside to talk to her. Rano takes Raaj along her. Ahna and Tannu were crying. Pavan comes to Rishi and calls him responsible for all this, he shouldn’t have done this. Rishi asks if it hurts he was disclosed in front of everyone. Rishi demands him truth in front of everyone and be prepared to return the ring. He looks towards Tannu. He thinks he will fulfil his promise not to let anything wrong happen to her.

PRECAP: Pavan says alright, if Tannu wants this he would go and get Saloni here, then all doubts will be cleared.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Sona di why don’t you include the songs name like other serials….. Pleaseeee update the name of the songs next time … Its a request…

    1. Sona

      Will try to do next time! 🙂

  2. Thanx sona 4 d update 🙂

  3. Yes!!! That’s the way to deal.now pavan’s truth will be revealed infront of everyone.i wish ke aaisa he ho:-)

  4. too much dragging the serial wastage of time

    1. ya i agree with u they r dragging kasam very much.

  5. A much better episode than I was expecting,

    Why do I get the feeling that pavan will get away with this. That tanu won’t question him?

    I feel like I could step away from this for a couple of weeks and come back and pick it up again where i left off.

    Bani I hate you and your daughters, but I suspect you will still succeed at sticking everyone up.

    I keep watching in the hope that something will happen but Rishi still wants to make asli Tanu jealous. All he’s doing is confusing her. Man up Rishi and confess your love for her in front of everyone and break off your engagement to that neha,

    1. if you did step away 2 weeks ago, you wouldn’t have missed anything. It seems like the story is on a treadmill.

      1. Exactly. Trouble is I’m addicted to being disappointed everyday when I watch and the story yet again doesn’t move on! Lol!! ????

  6. I am very excited for next episode

  7. im so sad bcz this drama borring

  8. Was it a longer episode that previous ones?

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