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Rishi hands his locket to Tannu while leaving.
15 years have passed.
In America there was a wrestling match between Mike and Tony. The crowd cheered. Raaj cheered Tony and asks him to get up who laid faint. Mike had won. A young boy smiles from between the crown. Raaj was worried, he tells the young boy to beat this American Mike. Everyone is cursing Indians here. Raaj tells him to break his bones, the young man asks his dad why he is inviting his death, if he has seen the size of mike. Raaj announces among the crowd that his son will beat Mike. The crowd cheered him, he looks at Mike and is worried about himself. He watches Tony being helped by two men out of the stage. Mika calls him inside. There is an announcement about the fight of Manpreet Singh Bedi with Mike. The wrestling begins. Manpreet

was being beaten badly by Mike.
Rano calls Raaj and says people are waiting here. She asks about Manpreet. Raaj says he is being beaten. Rano says he had promised her he would never take her son to the wrestling. Raaj says to Rano that if he doesn’t save him someone else will surely come. He hangs on, Manpreet watches a young man coming, Raaj also cheers. Raaj goes and says to Rishi he knew he would definitely come when he will watch his brother being beaten. Rishi gives thumb up to Raaj and goes towards the stage. Raaj announces that his lion son is now here. Manpreet pleads Rishi. Rishi beats Manpreet and says he has been beaten enough. He takes his shirt off, the announcement is made of Rishi Singh Bedi coming against Mike.
There, in India a young girl washed her face in the morning. The usual morning chores went on at their home in village. Rannu comes to the temple outside and prays.
Rishi punches in the face of Mike, then saves himself from Mike’s attacks. Raaj curses why he isnt beating and is just saving himself. He gives another punch to Mike saying he must never underestimate Indians specially Punjabis. Mike holds Rishi and beats him, Rishi tries to fight back. Mike holds him by neck and punches him now. He was being beaten badly and fell down on the floor of stage. Raaj and Manpreet call him. In Rishi’s mind only Tannu’s memories go on.
Tannu watches a butterfly near the candle, she goes to remove it and save it from burning. Raaj calls Rishi to get up. He watches the score board where he gets that it was about to be Rishi’s 23rd birthday. He thinks Tannu is far away from them, then how can Rishi be saved. Tannu feels the windstorm, the locket of Rishi that she worn in her neck had fallen in burning coal. She puts her hand in the pot. Her sister comes to save her from doing this. There, Rishi rolls to get up and beats Mike back.
Tannu held the necklace and was relieved. Her sister called her as crazy. Tannu goes away with the necklace, she watches her hand burnt later on.
Rishi and Mike had great fight, Rishi beats Mike badly. Manpreet goes to hug him and announces Rishi as the winner. Indian anthem was being played, everyone stood up.
Tannu’s sister wash her hand asking if she doesn’t care about her hand. Tannu says this isn’t only a necklace, it’s the last identity of Rishi. Ahna asks why she thinks about them, they are rich now and might not even think about her. Tannu asks if she thinks she does this all because of watching all the dramas or because her parents say. Her heart say that Rishi will come, she will not listen to anyone. Tannu says we see people die everyday, still we never think we will die as well. Because death is of the body, not a soul. If she has the feeling of his pain, he will also have. If she waits for him, he would also not have forgotten her.
There, Rishi smiles in the party.
Ahna comes inside, locks the door of the room and opens a chocolate. Tannu comes and snatches it saying she will get more fat now. Ahna says Tannu is waiting for someone for 17 years who didn’t ask for her even, if she thinks he will come back and will marry her in seventeen minutes. She ask Tannu why she doesn’t behave normally, if she has seen some other boy ever. If she knows what girls of her age do, they do window shopping, theatre and cinema just to see boys. What Tannu does is just watch the moon, butterfly and and old locket. She just want to say it is their right to stare at boys.
Rishi looks at a girl and says she is so hot. Manpreet says he has been with so many girls, if he remembers any single one’s name. Rishi says name doesn’t matter, number does. Hers would ne 448. He cheers.
Tannu says its isn’t because of maa or because she has read some old style books. Ahna says for Tannu feelings only come with moon. Tannu says whenever she see the moon she thinks her life isnt normal, there is someone whose life is linked to her. She thinks she isn’t made for all the cute boys, and if she thinks so it is like this.

PRECAP: Raaj says to Rano that if Rishi doesn’t go to India he will give his property worth billions in charity. Rishi was spending time with some American girl. Rano boasts about it. Veeru was hurt, he tell Ahna to remove this else if Tannu watches this she will be hurt. Tannu says she has already seen this.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. rookey rookers - 4 ever the ♡♥lover of ranvi

    hai to the writers who wrote this stupid show however ever the plot is good u r going toake it wrost and i am waiting 4that . by a true ishveerian . 1st day 19 com. yesterday 5 com. and today who knows . the same is going to happen in trp also all the best wishes for that too

  2. Krishnadasi?

  3. Please

  4. Nice episode

  5. Oh wat crap ! How can they show love connected through some supernatural powers ? I mean true lOve is the one that ranveer did to ishani , it was a natural one not happened because of some kali maa ! I know they are trying to copy the story of MATSH but THEY are forgeting , that matsh depicted the true , selfeless and unending love of ranveer and ishani … Which they can never depict , by the enforcement of goods and goddesses!!

  6. I curse them for replacing my ashiqui !!! But internally and soulfully they can never do that ! They can never create that space in our hearts as ranveer and Ishan did !! ?

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Me too yaar this show will end soon

      1. wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

        ranaji i like this show….. i like both kasam n matsh…… i can understand u guys pain n r missing matsh but dont curse this show pls…… u r my friend na?……. lets see what this show has for us……..

  7. I love ks ( tanu )she is so cute… rishi what and all u r doing u will regret it later once u met tanu… their Jodi is perfect…like made for each other..

  8. Waste …. baakwas stupid ekta…. go to hell ….
    soon going to end ….!!!!!

    I always curse ….!!!

  9. What stupid word are youll using……curse and all…… grow up guys…even i lyk ashique but there is an end for every serial

  10. Even in d begining aashiqui too was an eusual story……
    Ekta mam creAted magics nd made it best….
    Kasam is entirely eternal luv story wich u will lov soon guys.
    Even for life the end is uncertain……
    Its afterall a tv series

  11. Why guys u r cursing this show…. I think because it ‘s different story so you don’t like. All of you like the boring and dragging show and plz don’t curse anyone you don’t like the show don’t watching ??

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