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Tannu wonders why Rishi messed up all his room. He sweared her about it in the morning, then looks around at once, worried. She wonders if Pavan deliberately threw tea over his shirt so that he can check Rishi’s room. Pavan must have come in to look for something.
Pavan drives angrily and tells Saloni he has to go to Amritsar to find out why Rishi went there. He books a ticket on call.
Rishi asks Manpreet if he has seen Neha in that house? They call Sandy to be a crazy person.
Tannu wonders what is going on between Rishi and Pavan, where has Rishi gone and what for. Sandy was about to show Neha’s photo in his phone, Rishi gets Tannu’s call and leave their side. Manpreet denies watching the photo. Rishi asks Tannu if she was missing her, why she doesn’t accept she loves him. He urges

her to close her eyes for a while and visualize the one she wants to marry, he is sure it would be his face. Tannu tells Rishi that she came to take curtains in his room and its all messed up. Rishi swears he didn’t do this. Tannu tells Rishi it must be Pavan, he came to his room. She was concerned for Rishi and says Pavan must be about to reach wherever he is. Rishi laughs she is being a wife even before their wedding. Tannu fears that Rishi is in some danger, Rishi calls that danger to be beautiful because she cares for him only because of this. He insists on her to agree, she loves him. Bee ji says we don’t care for our beloved when they are around us, when they go away we realize their value. He is out and now she is concerned for him. He assures nothing would happen to him. Manpreet calls him, Rishi keeps Sandy’s phone in his pocket to leave it for sometime and hurries into the car. They reach the temple. Rishi and Manrpeet hurries inside, a Pandit around stops them from entering with their shoes. Rishi asks about Pandit Tota Raam, the Pandit tells them he has gone to draw a wedding date and asks them to wait here for him.
Saloni comes home. Pavan’s mother asks her about Pavan. Saloni tells her he stopped at workshop for some repairing of car. His mother asks why is Saloni worried? She denies being worried. She was upset that Pavan told her not to inform anyone about his whereabouts. She had questioned what if Rishi finds their secret. Pavan said it would be Rishi’s last day.
The Pandit accepts this receipt if of this temple. Rishi inquires who got married that day. Pandit ji denies giving any information about their temple. Manpreet offers him bribe, Pandit denies taking any bribe. Rishi apologizes from his side; then explains they want to save an innocent girls’ life. He shows Pavan’s and Tannu’s photo and informs the Pandit that they want to ruin her life. They warn him to be a part of sin if he doesn’t tell the truth.
Tannu was in the kitchen thinking about Rishi. She closes her eyes as per Rishi’s demand and smile. Bee ji comes there and stops her putting dry fruits. She inquires if she had been thinking about him? Tannu says she wasn’t thinking about Rishi. Bee ji asks if she took Rishi’s name? She asks Tannu to go away, she will make it. Tannu denies anything like this, Bee ji says Rishi told her if Tannu says a no, it means yes. She asks Tannu to go and hang Rishi’s clothes in his wardrobe. Tannu leaves. Bee ji cheers thinking how happy Rishi would be to know Tannu was thinking about him.
The Pandit confesses Saloni and Pavan married here, their parents didn’t attend the wedding but their friends helped them. Rishi also films the register record. The Pandit swears of God that he made Pavan and Saloni marry each other. Rishi thanks the Pandit, he blesses Rishi. Rishi and Manpreet run outside, and dances with some tonga. Rishi gets Raaj’s call, Rishi tells Raaj that he came to Amrit Mehra, a designer to try a Shervani. Raaj asks why he didn’t pick up his phone, Rishi explains his Shalwar’s belt was in his hand and could have ruined his respect. Raaj scolds him to return home as soon as possible, he is always concerned for other’s lives when Rishi isn’t around.

Rishi was irked at Raaj, Manpreet urges him to first come and blast that Pavan. They get on a tonga. Pavan comes out of the car watching them leave.
Tannu comes to Rishi’s room, she watches Rishi’s photo on the table and says her parents always said her luck was connected to him, now when UV, Manpreet and Bee ji says so she is again hopeful but the reality is dangerous. She is going to marry Pavan in a few days and they won’t be able to see each other then, they would forget about all the tales of moon and nights, only the memories would stay. She cries watching Rishi’s photo, missing her times with him.
Pavan comes to the Pandit and asks what they both inquired from him. Pandit ji tells Pavan to get out of his temple, he didn’t know about Pavan’s reality, it will one day come to that innocent girl as well when she see the mobile. He must not get out of here. Pavan comes out curt at Rishi, thinking Rishi must have head towards the airport to disclose his reality in front of anyone; but he won’t let this happen.

PRECAP: Rishi and Manpreet were attacked by Pavan, Rishi throws Manpreet down the bridge and was badly hit on leg and then head by the car.

Update Credit to: Sona

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