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Tanuja was crying and shares to Bani that Rishi is marrying someone else. Bani cheers that she got the lottery and can’t let go of it. She walks inside to see how he marries someone else.
Malaika comes to Rano cheerful about her marriage. Bani comes to hug Rano from behind, Rano was shocked. Bani says she was sure she would make Tanuja as her daughter in law for sure. Rano asks Bani to take her granddaughter along, as she has no space for Tanuja in the house. She is marrying Malaika with Rishi. Bani swears Rano of their friendship. Bani requests to own Tanuja, no matter she doesn’t keep a friendship with them. Rano introduces Bani to Malaika as someone who lives in Chawl, she went to any extent to marry her daughter to Rishi; but what happened resultantly; Neha had to marry a murderer. Then she

sent Tanuja to stage to marry Rishi. She was ready to let Bani live in her house as maid. Bani interrupts, but Rano shouts at her to keep her voice low. Bani wonders how Rano can be so narrow hearted. Rano curses Bani to be fallen lady, its Malaika’s status that makes her incomparable from Tanuja. Rano calls the crowd and announces Bani as a Dian. She is happy that her son in law killed her niece, and ended the game for her. Bani says she had come to give a proposal to her son, neither her daughter, her niece and granddaughter could enlighten Rishi’s life. She now curses Rano that her house goes burning. She challenges to revenge this insult now, and will remind Rano of her worth. Rano was enraged, and shouts to kick this lady out. Bani warns Rano to note this date, she would surely return to remind her of her worth. Malaika tries to calm Rano, Rano hurries Malaika to go and get ready.
Rishi was watching the moon, Nikhil comes to call him downstairs. Rishi spots the Sehra and walks outside. He comes across Tanuja and asks how he is looking. Nikhil replies charming, but Tanuja was left open-mouthed already. Rishi sends Nikhil away, and stops by the crying Tanuja.
On the stage, Rano calls Rishi as sensible enough to marry Malaika. She asks Ahana to go and call Malaika, but Ahana wasn’t ready. Rano leaves by herself. In the room, Malaika cheers in the room. Shekhar enters the room, worried that Rishi and Tanuja haven’t been divorced yet. Malaika wonders if he is worrying her for this reason. Rano comes there, Malaika opens the door but Shekhar held her hand behind. Malaika takes a moment to drink water, and explains to Shekhar that Rano doesn’t accept his marriage with Tanuja.
Shekhar speaks to Rishi’s photo that he loves whenever Tanuja cries.
Tanuja comes into the room, crying hard watching Rishi’s photo. The wedding rituals take place. Malaika smiles watching Shekhar’s thumbs up as they stand to take rounds. Raaj was silently a part of wedding rituals, Smiley upset. After the rounds, they perform mangal sooter and sindoor rituals. Tanuja was packing her bag. Shekhar thinks finally, this is Rishi’s blood in Malaika’s head partition, and not sindoor. Malaika looks towards Shekhar.

PRECAP: Tanuja was left alone in the hands of a trap, as Bedi family was left in lockup.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. the new promo finallly tells me that i don,t bother kasam anymore…….

  2. What the hell according to news malaika n her boyfriend get out of bedi house n rano accept tanuja.
    Why the rishi family in lockup can anyone know about that so please explain

  3. i have read somewhere tanuja left house , then met with accident, rishi was searching her which was written in d seg, I think bani haf put domestic violence charges on bedi family thats why whole family is in jail. I think Aditya entry is about 2 happen, so i think aditya will somehow help tanuja in helping bedi family,. except rishi all will be in jail

  4. What a precap? I don’t understand, please anyone explain

  5. actually iam also supershocked wat was that ? so again they r going 2 separate where is the story going ? iam also confused they R stretching it unnecessarily so again melodrama wat twist they r executing ? anyone know TRP of kasam

  6. What nonsense is happening here .rishi family in lockup once we think everything is gonna be right it will turn always negative.
    We want some good moments of rishi and tanuja but they were always crying even after the truth comes out nothing is changed.irritating…

  7. i think this is rubbish. i was so happy that they found tunuja not pragnet and that everything will be alright. i thought it will be a happy ending but it turns the wrong away around. you know what i think. i think they are exratring this drama making it longer and boring. i wanted to see tunuja and rishi happy but i think this is so not going to happen now.

  8. Now every 1 is frustrated > shocked> by nonsense >tale of story> created by heinously unfunctional brain of psycho Ekta> something was anticipated by OUR KATERINE>long back> this mad woman > pleasuring > and most enjoying> when her audiences are tortured >by keeping them wit hope of> d truth of a very long>boring>&dra…………gging evil conspiracy come out> then> at that time > showing her middle finger up> to everyone > through > another piece of rotten trash >& none relevant story line>

  9. Interesting

  10. Actually i didn’t understand whats going on kasam.Really boring.

  11. Trp 2.1 last week this week is I think 1.o

  12. Boring episode

  13. In the first series they jumped twenty years ahead,With no explanation ?
    I don’t understand why they have to throw in so many ridiculous plot lines.
    Yes we are watching a soap,But some of the stories are so stupid and situations just unbelievable.
    I have tried watching various soaps on Rishtey,And the number of them that start with a great story line and acting,Usually descend in to crazy people doing stupid things.
    Then people stop watching them.
    Script writers please try keeping our interest with believable story lines and decent plots stop jumping in to the future and concentrate on what you are supposed to be writing now ?

  14. Alister La Frenais

    I think they should rebrand this show as ‘Comedy of Errors’ The plots are wafer thin and the direction the serial is going beggars belief. Whilst I am aware that this is fictional and not real life, I somehow think that the writers should try and at least mirror real life situations and not treat the viewing public like morons.

  15. Yayyyyyyyyyyyy…………good news………finally rishi and tanuja is patching things up??………
    i think rano deserves to be in asylum not jail???? ………also this ekta , she always show all these crap….makes no sense at all……?
    Anddddd i came to know there are so many malayalis here…….i m also one?…….?

  16. I am falling out of love with kasam… So tired of watching tanuja/tanu helpless and sad over and over again, i hate the story… Too much emotional atyachaar! If these continues im afraid ill stop watching it

  17. Ekta kapooe has lost her charm in serial industry in ger every serial she will show hero and heroine dumb and villan powerful character she all ways make shows negative in her serial she darg a simple topic for 2 years she should learn from some other serial like ishqbazz and mehek they dont drag a topic for more than a week viewers should stop watching ekta kapoor serials her all serials will show evil win over good

  18. Please don’t bring Bani and Neha back as negative role. It is too much of them being in negative role.

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