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Tanuja thinks if she dies, Rishi would cry in her memories for a while then will stay happy with his family. She prostrates in the temple, sindoor getting over her head.
At home, Rano was in her bed when Ahana comes to question Rano how she can do this. She says Rano never understands this, and inquires if Rano was relieved watching Rishi and Tanuja in pain. UV comes to interrupt Ahana. Ahana says she knows well how she must speak to Rano, but if Rano is aware what her children are going through. UV says Ahana is crossing her limit. Ahana qualifies she doesn’t know what happened here. Ahana complains Rano she is well aware what happens at home. She says Rano told Rishi to remarry Tanuja. Raaj comes there and says Rano never said anything about Tanuja. Raaj says it was Rishi who wanted Tanuja to

marry someone else, but he needs a time for one month. UV says Rishi has seen his mother on wheel chair, he has seen his family injured; Ahana must have a soft corner for Tanuja but he can still remember his family’s pain. Ahana needs to remove her blindfold, only then accuse others.
It was night, Tanuja walks towards a floating river and steps up the wall to jump in it. She says in their last life she saved Rishi, and this time she would save Rishi from her cursed birth chart. She prays if she gets another birth, she must get Rishi’s companionship, else she doesn’t need another life. She closes her eyes saying she loves Rishi dearly. Tanuja was about to jump when Rishi drags her behind and slaps her hard. He demands what she wants, if he should spend his life with the shame that his love, his wife committed a suicide. He watches Tanuja cry, and comes to hug her close to him. He says he looked for her all along, he loves her dearly; maybe he loved Tannu this much only. He wonders what he must do now, he is on a turn of life where he stands helpless. His mother wants him to remarry, Tanuja wants him to keep Rano happy but what about his own feelings and desires. He just want her to do another marriage. Tanuja turns her face away, but Rishi holds her saying he can’t leave her alone in this world only to suicide. This cruel world, and their hearts won’t let them live alone. Tanuja can’t live at either Bani’s place, not Bedi’s house. He places his forehead over Tanuja’s, and says she must marry again. Tanuja asks how she can belong to someone else. She is unaware how long Rishi loves her, but she loves him since past two lives. It seems she would always be born only for Rishi, even if she dies her soul and the love in it would stay here around him. Rishi insists that in life, there are few things important in life than love. Tanuja denies marrying someone else at any cost.
Rishi says alright, if death solves all the problems let’s die together. He steps up the wall with Tanuja, the water in the river was stormy now. Rishi says he couldn’t die with Tannu, but let’s die with Tanuja; if they can’t live together atleast they can die. Tanuja recalls Kartiani’s warnings that if she stays connected to Rishi, there would be death in his life. Rishi says if they die together today, their love story will be remembered. Rishi steps his foot ahead. Tanuja drags him behind and cries as she can’t let him die this way. Rishi bends to sit beside her then asks if she would abide by him and marry again. She nods, unwillingly and crying. They stand up, Rishi says he wish a proposal for her who takes care for her more than he ever does.

PRECAP: Rishi reads the points of their divorce that there is an understanding between them two about this contract, if she accepts. Tanuja rejects.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. this page become as joke as kasam# as# 85% of time d update page doesn’t respond #N# wouldn’t come on screen of our computer#so all our time #N# emotions# consumed by commenting going down d drain D SAME AS MY YESTERDAY’S COMMENT# I hope somebody kill tanuja # N# give us some peace #away from her boring face# N #constant torturing crying#N# keep rishi #N rano in on of cages in zoo among highly dangerous animals# N# EKTA burning slowly #N# painfully in hell# I ‘m the longest term viewer of kasam # but # in term of giving up like katerine# or NINA# I thing I will be the latest one very soon#

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  3. I really hate that selfish rano or shall I say rhinoceros. That name suits her more.

  4. Hi guyz iam new to this page and iam chinnu from Kerala I love kasam dearly and usually watch it from beginning but after that domestic violence track iam stop watching this but still i hope that kasam will regain the old pride it owns because i hope that during any of tanujas marriage ritual(with someone else) it would came known that she is pregnent with rishis child and then may be we can see a leap or love romantic drama if tanuja leaves afyer letting rishi know her pregnency then rishi will turn against rano for making his life hell without tanuja
    This is only my wish not the storyyyyu

  5. I think the very bad shows in colors are kasam, sasural,and thapki.. pls end this…. these serials spoiled their good story line. I liked theseserial at the begining.. kasam dropped their good story after bring back kratika. Thapki and sasural became fully backwas shows

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