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Rishi asks UV about Raaj. UV says it was Raaj on a video call, he connected it to sound system but now Bee ji has taken a laptop. Rishi comes to Bee ji where Raaj was speaking to Bee ji. Smiley comes to call Bee ji to bid a good bye to guests. Rishi sits to speak to Raaj. Raaj thanks Rishi for celebrating Bee ji’s birthday. Rishi replies he would have celebrated it anyway. Raaj tells Rishi that parents are a blessing in life, an umbrella in the severe climates of life. He is lucky to have Bee ji as well as Rishi. He then notices Rishi is disturbed, he thanks Rishi for giving a chance to the wedding. He requests Rishi to give Tanuja a chance, she has an important place in his life and would gain her place in Rishi’s life as well. Rishi was speechless. Raaj says according to his experience, this won’t

be a bitter one. Rishi asks when Raaj is returning. Raaj asks about any problem, the call was disconnected. UV comes there, and tries to reconnect the network. Rishi thinks this time he can’t provide even a last chance. Manpreet tells Ahana that Tanuja should get a single chance to prove her loyalty.
In the room, Tanuja was crying. She spots Rishi’s shirt and holds it. Rishi was drinking heavily. Manpreet comes to stop Rishi, as it’s not good for health. Rishi asks what is good for health then, if Tanuja good then? Manpreet replies with a yes. Rishi gulps another drink, saying Tanuja betrayed him. It was Manpreet who believed she is nice and loves him, she has a soul of Tannu; but she isn’t. She is a betrayal from head to toe. Manpreet tells Rishi that he feels bad about her because he loves her. He is sure there is some mistake, else Tanuja isn’t a bad woman. Rishi shows the report to Manpreet, demanding what this is. Manpreet says he has seen the report, but he doesn’t suspect Tanuja but this report. Sometimes, what’s written isn’t true. Rishi says the reality is, their relation never had trust. Even her face was a lie, she was never faithful. Manpreet asks him to repeat this by placing a hand over his hearth. Rishi tries to keep his hand, Manpreet asks what happened now. Rishi jerks his idea, and goes to get the bottle again. Manpreet snatches it, and insists Tanuja isn’t wrong. Rishi says Manpreet has always betrayed him, in case of love. Rishi walks inside, murmuring she betrayed him. Bee ji watches him and was worried. UV takes her inside, along him. Rishi walks into the corridor, remembering about Tanuja.
In the room, Bee ji cries that Tanuja had broken her trust once more as well. And today she showed her real face to her. She insists on going to Rishi. UV tells Bee ji Rishi isn’t conscious. Bee ji says Rishi returned to life, because of Tanuja and today she again made him cry. Bee ji says Tanuja has also betrayed her, as she now believed Rishi was happy only with Tanuja. UV consoles Bee ji.
Tanuja sat on floor beside the bed. Rishi walks in, Tanuja goes to help him while he jerks her away. Tanuja could smell wine, and helps her to sit on the bed. Rishi fell on the bed, Tanuja removes his tie. He pushes her away, while she was concerned that his shirt is really wet. Rishi tries to pour water from glass in his hand and splash it over his face. He stands up, Tanuja requests him to lay down. Rishi points towards her stomach, and asks whose it is; who is its father. He cries who it to betray him, along with Tanuja is. Tanuja was speechless, and only cries. His heart aches, as something is breaking; he can’t understand what he should do to get rid of this pain of betrayal. He loved her, considering her as Tannu. Rishi cries he never loved anyone after Tannu, then she came over at once and his heart felt for her. He began to love her, but was betrayed. Both cries, Tanuja says I am sorry. Rishi pins her to the pole of bed, asking what he should do to his heart. He is in real pain, he wonders where he should go and cries. Tanuja holds him as he was about to fell but he slops over the bed. Tanuja cries sitting beside his feet on floor, and says she never wanted to hurt him but this time it had to happen by itself. She was about to tell him… but watches him fallen asleep. She helps him lay straight and tucks the pillow under her head, while falling asleep sitting there on the floor.
The next morning, Rishi wakes up before Tanuja and finds her sleeping with his hand stuck between her arms. He removes a hair strand from her face. Malaika was passing by with a cup of tea, was shocked to see them close together. She turns around curtly. Rishi carefully removes his hand from beneath Tanuja’s, recalling the report he withdraws his hand at once and tries to move on. He stops saying she doesn’t need to get into his feet and apologize. He then realizes it was her anklet stuck with his pants. Tanuja tries to remove it, Rishi sits with her; their heads bang. Rishi curtly says her dramas never end and breaks her anklet to remove it.
On the breakfast table, Rano joins everyone upset and asks why everyone isn’t eating well. Chintoo was carrying his toy box, complaining it being heavy. He wonders why doesn’t anyone help him, and asks Malaika for help to keep the box upstairs. Tanuja just came out of her room. Malaika watches Tanuja walking downstairs, and decides to hurt her. She spreads some marbles on the stairs and walks into her room.
Rishi was speaking on a phone call. Tanuja slips down the stairs as she steps the marbles and rolls down the stairs. Everyone on the dining table was shocked, Rishi rushes towards her, concerned about her safety. He finds a marble on the stairs, and scolds Chintoo. Chintoo says his toys were being taken by Malaika. Rishi looks towards Malaika, hands Tanuja to Ahana and moves towards Malaika. He questions why she did so, Malaika denies. Rishi says she is angry with Tanuja, he know she hates Tanuja. Malaika tells Rishi no one in this house likes Tanuja, her dislike won’t make her fell. Malaika says may be marbles would have fallen by themselves. Rishi calls her a liar. Manpreet tells Rishi he couldn’t get a call to doctor. Rishi holds Tanuja to take her to doctor. Tanuja couldn’t walk, Rishi holds her in his arms. Ahana calls Chintoo downstairs. Divia says Rishi has a big heart, else Tanuja doesn’t deserve what she did.
On the way, Tanuja cried in pain. Rishi keeps a hand over hers, assuring they would reach the hospital soon. Tanuja thinks she was lucky to have such a companion, knowing about her pregnancy and hating her so much; he is still caring. In the hospital, Rishi held Tanuja’s hand on stretcher assuring he is with her. Rishi informs the doctor she fell down from stairs, and was already hurt before. Rishi tells the doctor she is pregnant, she must be careful. Tanuja was given treatment inside. The doctor was shocked at the revelation. Tanuja forbids her share the truth with anyone. Rishi was peeking through the door, and enters. The doctor asks Rishi to leave Tanuja at hospital for a few hours, she needs to examine Tanuja.
At home, Rishi returns. Rishi assures Rano and everyone that Tanuja would be discharged in a few hours. Rano asks if anyone inquired about Tanuja, Rishi says he thought they must be concerned. Rano says it’s only Rishi who is always concerned about her, he forgot she is Bani and Neha’s blood. She came in here with Tannu’s face, and played her tricks over him and he was stuck with them. Rishi denies. Divia tells Rishi if a man gets to know a woman has been unfaithful with him, he never even looks towards that woman. Rishi says even Ahana was worried for Tanuja, Ahana insists Rishi held Tanuja in his arms out of love. Rano curses Tanuja for not knowing about the father of her child. Rishi stops them. Rano was worried what Rishi would do against their family, when he can’t even hear a single word against her. Rishi demands what he must do, Malaika asks to prove he doesn’t care for her. Rishi agrees to bring them a proof today. He leaves.
In the hospital, a nurse informs Tanuja she has been discharged. Tanuja asks about her husband. The nurse says he won’t come, she was discharged after he spoke to hospital authorities. Tanuja wonders why she has a sense of something wrong going to take place.
In the room, Rishi watches Tanuja sitting with his dress in hand. She stands aside as he walks towards her. Rishi reminds she asked if he feels for her, he thought maybe she loved him. He confirms if she loves him? She nods. Rishi asks if she ever truly loved him, even for a moment, a day or a month. She nods. Rishi asks if she accepted their marriage by heart, or she wanted him to be happy for lifetime. She nods. He asks if she ever felt to be his reason to smile. She nods, while tears fell off her eyes. Rishi asks what she can do to see him happy. Tanuja says she can do anything for his happiness. He demands her hand in his. She places hers. He takes her along. Tanuja was left staring at him quizzically. She then asks about the pain in his eyes. Rishi tells her to come along.
Everyone from the family was gathered in the hall. Rishi hands her papers and pen to sign. Tanuja asks what these are. Rishi says these are divorce papers. Everyone was taken aback.

PRECAP: Tanuja asks if Rishi really wish she signs the papers, then she will.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Hi vafa nina tanshi all Kasam fans.I think the love triangle is better because the story will be somewhat interest but the love triangle is already there between rishi malaika tanuja and the malaika is negative then one more triangle means one more negative entry.I dont am I saying right or not. If there is you can correct me

    1. [email protected] .dear. go to page instagram and see rishi will find out truth next this divroce tanuja. and will be repents and bye . i just now is replying to you mydearfriend and some of kasamfamily that aske me. and now i leave this page.hope be fine and happy and bye

  2. Damn wht knd of drma is ths??? Plz Ekta a.k.a selfish woman I m beggng of u if u dnt hav gud stry thn atleast stp shwing somthin stupid as ths trck….is rishi dumb y he cnt undrstnd tanuja???if I would hav bn in rishi plce thn atleast I wll thnk from brain….Oh God jst fed up of the drma….cnt take it anymre….

    1. @Archie.dear . go to page instagram and see. rishi will know next of this that he divroce tanuja. and bye freinds.

    2. Hi Archie/ very warm welcome to your comment/this is positive act & my good friend/ BUT/ why rishi is confused?/ for once rishi is a victim and cheated husband/ since start of PART2 kasam/ this is first time I am most sympathise towards rishi as a broken husband/ BUT/ THE REST OF YOUR COMMENT REGARDING THE GARBAGE SHOW AT THE MOMENT WAS A PIECE OF GOLD/thanks/SEE YOU SOON/

    3. Archie dear nowadays I don’t have words to describe about this show….n whatever u said it was fully correct….now I genuinely think that Shivani shouldn’t hav replaced by krathika n she should hav get a chance to prove herself then the story n my comments would have been something else….

      1. dear snow white#shivani or kritika wouldn’t make any difference # in what ekta#& her unkind nature is creating or imagining# viewers wrote & asked her in huge number of times# please don’t change tanu#but# on base of her negative nature she did it# yes the story line changed #bcos# TRP dropped badly #so she was forced 2 bring back tanu# but do you remember ?# how she was getting nerves of everyone in first part of kassm# when there was million reasons # friends# rishi & father# mothre#brother……ask # who was parents of tanu & ahana?when Boni was introducing Neha as tanu# but ekta continue to ignore# so as in case of pawan……….# SO DEAR THE SOURCE HAS PROBLEM # EKTA# CHANGING TANU WILL NOT CHANGE THIS ANNOYING STORY LINE# LETS PRAY TO GOD # A MIRACLE HAPPENS# &AS D RESULT EKTA CHANGE HER FRUSTRATING BITTER MIND#

  3. excuse me guse . i wrong write my name in mycomment.my name is vafa not vina.

  4. You are right Archie that Rishi has no brain

  5. rishi loves tanuja so much
    and tanuja is just hurting him like tanu
    from the first episode rishi is bearing tanu betrayl
    i m fed plzz writers i know tanu is very kind hearted but why alwayzz she hides everythng from rishi
    and then rishi become broken heart..
    he was crazy… he is crazy… he alwayz will be crazy … for tanu/tanuja…
    tanu alwayzz hurt rishi to become a soft hearted girl but rishi alwyz stand for tanu and he fight for her…

    why r u making matsh 2 by putting that story again in kasam….

    now rishi wants to become angry on tanu but he loves her too much but tanu is just hurting him somuch i m very sad for rishi here actually….why alwayz rishi bear pain…
    he was crazy for tanu but tanu keep distance from rishi for her greedy family when everything sort out then sandy shoot tanu rishi bear evrything 20 years now tanu again doing sacrifice for tanu now when evrything sort out then malaika shoot tanuja and again rishi will bear seperation y y y alwyaz rishi bear evrything….this is disguting really and painfull…

  6. rishi loves tanuja so much
    and tanuja is just hurting him like tanu
    from the first episode rishi is bearing tanu betrayl
    i m fed plzz writers i know tanu is very kind hearted but why alwayzz she hides everything from rishi
    and then rishi become broken heart..
    he was crazy… he is crazy… he alwayz will be crazy … for tanu/tanuja…
    tanu alwayzz hurt rishi to become a soft hearted girl but rishi alwyz stand for tanu and he fight for her…

    why r u making matsh 2 by putting that story again in kasam….

    now rishi wants to become angry on tanu but he loves her too much but tanu is just hurting him somuch i m very sad for rishi here actually….why alwayz rishi bear pain…
    he was crazy for tanu but tanu keep distance from rishi for her greedy family when everything sort out then sandy shoot tanu rishi bear evrything 20 years now tanu again doing sacrifice for tanu now when evrything sort out then malaika shoot tanuja and again rishi will bear seperation y y y alwyaz rishi bear evrything….this is disguting really and painful…

    plzz unite tanshi for sake of their true love………….

  7. oops double comment …
    i actuallly want that rishi finds the true truth of tanu and really start loving her like a husband…..

    1. dear Maryam# I don’t know# what happened in ekta’s life & changed her to such a bitter#cruel#negative person# she just enjoying # hero & heroin # being in agony# torture# away from each other# &# even bring them together# will be as short as a black# following by a bigger disaster & torture#

      1. i agree ekta is villian for evryone…

  8. @vafa…which Instagram page? Thx

    1. @MSD dear. page kasamterpyaarki and also page kasam and page omg -itis – kratz- dheer. you and all ven will be happy. and bye

  9. vafa / what happened ? or you missed your famous phrase / good bye for ever?/
    nobody said anything to you dear/ why you are leaving this time.
    vafa /kasam is not your life why you are so overwhelmingly sensitive towards any negative comment regarding kasam?/ why you are buying so much agony & hurt for yourself / when every second of life is : challenging/ & facing wit problems/
    vafa please act as an educated as you said you are doing your master degree / & a young 26 years old lady? how many people / how many times asked you to come back /in last few months? do you think the other pages has different members/ who all are in favor of your belief? no friend / that is impossible / b coz / this is nature of life/

  10. 12/12/16

  11. Tanu fell down the stairs.
    Tanu visits hospital.
    Hospital would x-ray damaged part of your body.
    She was holding her stomach.
    Hospital was told Tanu was pregnant.
    Tanu would be x-rayed.
    And there would be no baby ?
    Did Rishi get the results at hospital ?
    Asking Tanu for a divorce is Rishi testing her loyalty and love ?

  12. Eventlly I m thinkin Balaji telefilm is becomin worsr dy by dy….as hr old series lyk tere liye, Pavitra rishta, bade ache lagte hai n kis desh mein hai Mera dil ws ma fav 1… Bt nw she is shwin illogical thngs….Y Tanuja cnt stnd 4 hrself??? Is she tht week 4 nt doin so… Y she cnt sy tht she us nt Sandy dauter???? Oh god so mny ques in ma mnd….n may be ths shw endin gonna ans 2 ma ques….

  13. hay vafa/this is my very last time /I talk to u;regarding your leave/even u come back & after a while / do the same/ saying good bye/ I wouldn’t say any thing/

    1. [email protected] DEAR. i never ignore you.. you and katerine and sia and siddhi and nayana and tanshi and tia and catherine and ankit maryam snow with mona and chress and kopz and .msd… . god know i like you and very respect you .dear. if about respect i want say.that i several time givecomment you but you donot reply i donoknow thatdo you seethem or no?
      i just worry for a something and that is this say that i force other that vote for serial and actor and actress . if i tell about vots and even explain it for all kasamfamily . maybe other donot know .because i know that most kasm family memeber donot know about vote because most havenot facebook and twitter like i that already havenot facebook and twitter.cause i told vote for kasamfamily dear. do i force you and other that surely should go and vote them.
      most person that tell me it. be sure . when that i told about vote .they go and vote actor and
      actress that they like . not me. so now why they are telling that i force d other for vote.
      i for second time heart break . i frist when that anika leave kasam i be very very upset . i even
      in aweek donot eat anything .mymothr be upset and worry that maybe i be sick. ii amnot
      upset for something that other say about serial . because i better than all know ekta and
      when other talk about story line this is correct (but every serial have twist and bader this track
      and twist ) because writer this story is ekta.and something that katerine about ekta tell is
      correct and even i confirmed it and support her. reason why i like this serial ? i like this serial
      because that remmber me .best moments mylife because through this serial be friend first
      with @anika @sia siddhi and next with all (ankit catherine tanshi tia nayana Abri nupur and
      you (nina dear) and katerin and ……. i already also tell katreine . katreine know why i like this
      serial. i am a girlthat alwayz was study cause i couldnot indiaserials watch i even if can
      watch .i didnot watch everyserial. i also hate ekta .i even write several letter for ekta and it all
      smothing that kasamfamily want write in that letters .i all mytalks about you @nina dear and
      katerine is correct . becuse i aready write upcoming serial .but why donot i now write
      upcoming ? because when truth donot get reveal i donot truts anyupdate in facebook and
      instagram and twitter and serialgoosip i even my friends that me about update tell such
      something them. but i truts myeyes and something that had seen tell them”: yes rishi will
      understan that tanuja isnot prgnant and smily is prgnant . yes they first court for divorce and
      in here happen romanc tansh i also rishi know that tanuja love her but i donot know that get
      divorce or not . ijust tell something that saw yes i also saw a new promo that show in that truth pregnant.rishi will be regret and raji try again unite rishi and tanuja and saw interview tanshi that sharad said that when tanuja comback rishi will tell her love you .
      @nina some person that come this page and are new they donot watch kasam and want that
      kasamfamily member atatrack toward yourserial. when butterfly confiremed you. do i tell her
      or his that shouldnot comment? no dear. i know you and katerine why that you like serial and
      like ekta change her thinks and worry for serial.i when reply butterfly that he or she first start
      talk with me . dear but i donont froce people for vote . yes butterfly also like you and
      katerine worry for serial i tell just harisha93 something because i saw he or she in several
      serials and even i know that which serial like her or his . dear also know that harisha93 isnot
      like you and katerine and butterfly( donot say badpray for serial) . be sure that some persons
      that come this page they are hyena( for like hainsmoker that person that wasinsulting
      justen bebier and i reported and they block his about his and he now with otheremail but samename is inulting me. because noicte tht reported about his for creat rift us and also be sure if siddhi was here surely told harisha93 it smothing that i tell. and about charcter all donot worry because all kasamfans in instagram and twitter and facebook all yourrequsets tage ekta and even some of they therirequstes also in instagram is .you can go and see.
      i amnot a kid that worry for smothindgs that some of people say about story line. no dear. i worry about that something that tell me about vote( this is a disrespect me ) . and i willnot tell about vote at all. and also i willnot come here and this will be better that just only watch kasam and donot give comment . hope all be happy and fine and also hope all best for all.this mycomment just for reply you and all that donot worry. and alwayz be happy and hopful. because only hopfuls alwayz are successful .because i in univesity with hope can tolerate all hardest difficults.hope all be fine and happy and also alwayz best for all.

  14. Guyzz they are not going to divorce of raj….and just saw the new promo that it is shown that smiley is pregnant and it will be revealed soon..

    1. @Anshu thanks . yes dear. u right. i know all thing i also kow but you go and say them on page 12th [email protected] see tanshi interview. sharad tell that rishi will tell l love u ( tanuja) and will start a story cut love .and bye

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