Kasam 8th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Tanuja hugs Rishi and gets emotional

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The Episode starts with Tanuja and Rishi’s conversation. Tanuja thinks Rishi can’t understand her relation with AK. Rishi thinks what Tanuja wants, shall I do AK’s aarti. Natasha comes to Abhishek and asks him not to gossip. Abhishek says lets go to school. Rishi comes there. Natasha asks if he will drop her to school. Rishi says he has some work. Abhishek asks Natasha to let him go. Ahana asks where is he going? Rishi tells that he is going to coffee shop. Abhishek and Tanuja are going to school. A kinnar knocks on the car’s window. Tanuja gives her money. Kinnar blesses them and their Jodi. Tanuja gets down the car and tells kinnar that they are not Jodi and asks to take the blessings back. Kinnar says she can’t take it back. Tanuja insists. Kinnar says ok, be happy with your Jodi. Tanuja gets


Rishi meets Maasi in the coffee shop. Maasi goes with her friend. Tanuja, Abhishek and Natasha come to school. Abhishek says he will meet Marathi teacher and takes Natasha with him. Meanwhile some teacher/principal comes to Tanuja and says Abhishek is a good father, but Rishi is also a nice guy and goes on praising him. Tanuja gets upset and goes out. Abhishek and Natasha come to the car. Tanuja is upset. Abhishek says we are going home and tells that he is not bothered with Rishi’s words. He says he came to know what she means to him. Tanuja asks what. He says he wants to tell her something and asks her to listen to music. Inna sona song plays…. Tanuja thinks about her conversation with Rishi.

Abhishek tells Natasha that he has to attend an important meeting and asks driver to stop the car. He gets down the car. Tanuja asks driver to change the radio channel and hears the news that fire broke out at coffee express. She is shocked and asks driver to take Natasha home. She gets down the car. She comes to the coffee express and searches Rishi. She prays for him. She spots him, but the man is someone else. She calls his name and sees Rishi. She turns him towards her and sees his face. She says Rishi and hugs him emotional. Rishi says Tanuja…you are here. Kuch der bahon me plays. …She asks if he is fine. She says she thought she lost him again. Rishi gets happy and smiles hugging her. Maasi is going from there and asks driver to stop the car.

Rishi asks Tanuja not to cry. Netra calls Rano and asks her about Rishi. Rano asks her to find out about him and go to coffee house. Just then Tania sees Rishi and runs to him. Netra searches for her. Rishi kisses and hugs Tania and says he is alright. Tania says mumma is in tension. Tanuja is about to go, but Rishi holds her hand. Netra sees Rishi. Tanuja sees Netra and leaves Rishi’s hand. Netra comes to Rishi. Tere bina plays….

Abhishek proposes Tanuja for marriage. Rishi tells Tanuja that they have bear enough pain. Tanuja says she will not stay with him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Finally netra coming n it’s good that abhishek proposed tanuja n tanuja again left tanuja because when netra find this she try to tell the truth to directly tanuja that’s why after the break she come back to show I hopes so that will happen. The serial must be end after this track because 400 episode is enough, if they continue the serial with young natasha knowing about real father , natasha life of marriage college etc the show completely ruin just like kumkum bhagya, kasam se, kyunki saas bhi, kahani ghar etc.

  2. But some one is saying ke rishi tanu ka phir se janam hone wala hai
    is these news is true???

  3. Rishi’s life is in a mess,why did he adopt a child with Neitra knowing that he will never marry her? I always wanted Richi and Tanuja to end up together but now I think he is weak,he is caught in between his mother and Neitra and a child.He can’t even open up his mouth to say he is not married. Move on Taluja Abisheck will give you respect you deserve , Tanuja keeps falling on Rishi’ lap and pretend she does not want to be with him it’s becoming annoying . I tHink the show must come to an end,they are running short of ideas.Please don’t kill the actors end the show peaceful no.disasters and prolonging please.

  4. Plss dont seperate rishi and thanu..pls.pls

  5. acording to utube this crap show come to a happy end , by, tanshi and Nathasha come together n AK sacrifices his love by leaving tanuja n daughter
    apparently devil Rano will change her feeling towards tanuja n the older brother , his wife n son will join the family hallelujah d headache is getting lost

    1. Youtube pe kasam seasone 2 ara bolke batara
      kon se news sahe hai samag nahi ara
      facebook pe log comment kare ke tanu rishi ka phir se janam hone wala hai

  6. its very boring and predictable story so something diffrent and unique ending should happen if at all it is ending. really faltu to see pk sacrifising his love and rishi and tanuja getting togeher after big shit marriage drama that also very dragged one. plz bring rishi’s markdosh again , make the story intresting not a family drama .kasam fans are not so old .

  7. Please say yes Tanuja!!!!!! say yes to AK!!!!
    about time. Go for your happiness. Start afresh and be happy!!

  8. Sorry for tanshi haterz and tanshek lovers , tanuja refused the offer as per the spoiler but I think she may change her decision for natasha

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