Kasam 8th March 2016 Written Episode Update

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Raaj scolds Rano and says they won’t go to America putting their son’s life in danger. He has decided to fix their proposal tomorrow.
The next morning in the temple, kids run to the temple. The family greet each other. Raaj says to Veeru he wants to ask his daughter’s hand for his son. Veeru was silent, Raaj gets worried. Veeru laughs at once. He says there can nothing be better than this. He tells him that Rano came to their home, he accepts this proposal but on a condition that Raaj must go to America. He must return in a while, but right now for the future of his son and their daughter he must go. Rano says victoriously that she got it said from his own friend’s tongue. They now have to leave everything belonging here over here.
In the temple, they all fix Tannu and Rishi proposal. Both

kids smile. They get into argument of winning their chase game again. Raaj thanks Veeru for accepting the proposal all at once. Veeru says the day they had children they had decided to change their friendship into relationship. The lady at temple says the proposal has been joined, it will never break. She was worried that there will be a problem that will part them away. The lady says love will speak itself. Now every relation must shape itself into this proposal. They ask about the meaning. The lady says the story now begins, everytime there will be problem and the girl will save him. she says the 23rd year of this boy is difficult for him, if they aren’t married before this it will bring the death of the boy. Right now only names are joined, in 23rd year it will join practically. Rano comes to Raj and tells him not to get worried. Shanta also distributes sweet among children. Rano was determined that this wedding won’t take place. This proposal is just an excuse as she has to go to America.
Tannu and Rishi sit in the evening in a garden together. Rishi catches a firefly but Tannu frees it. Rishi says Tannu likes firefly. Tannu says her maa says if she loves someone she must set him free. Then he will be happy and she will be happy too. Rishi says sometimes he doesn’t understand her. He asks Tannu what was that in the temple. Tannu says it was their Roka, now he can only marry her. Rishi says this is all drama, he didn’t understand. Tannu says her maa says they are joined together, maa also said they were together for so many lives and will also be together in the lives ahead. He will recognize her years later as well. There is someone who can watch them move all around the world, the moon. This moon will tell them that who they are. Rishi says he has been thinking when he will go to America, buy a house and a car. Tannu says she will pray for him to get all what he wants to and come back. Rishi says he doesn’t want to hear this all, his mother says boys must not think about it all else their attentions divert. Rano watch them together and strictly calls Rishi. Rishi looks behind at her, they wave and he goes towards Rano. Rishi was confused that his mother says something and Tannu says something else, who is true. Rano asks what he had been talking to her? Rishi asks Rano if he and Tannu are joined together. Rano asks if this was what she was talking to him, she says it is now time for them to fulfil their dreams. She tells him they are going to America, San fransico. Rishi goes happily.
The next morning, Rano enjoys Bani’s movie. A post man brings a letter to Rano.
Veeru asks Raaj if he has done the preparations of going to America. He shows Raaj a gift of money. Raaj asks money? Raaj denies keeping them. Veeru says he will need them, for Veeru the whole village will gather. Raaj asks this is why Veeru mortgaged his house. If he is giving him dowry? Veeru tells him to forget their children are going to marry, their friendship is above all this. He knows that if something happens to him and his brother, Raaj will take care of his family. Family means standing with each other.
Bani asks Rano if she will come back? Rano say she won’t return again. Bani asks what about Shanta and Veeru here and what about Tannu. Rano says she did this because Raaj didn’t agree to go to America. The luggage was being loaded on cars. Bani gives Rano her house key and winks saying it will help her. Shanta tells Rano to keep writing. Rano says she will call her. There, Tannu comes with a gift and looks around for Rishi. Rano watches her as she goes to Rishi and says these are all her toys, he used to snatch them from her now he take them all. Whenever she will miss him she will look at the moon, if he miss her he must also see the moon. Rano watch them and asks Rishi to get in the car. Rishi and Tannu wave each other.

PRECAP: There is young Rishi and Tannu. Rishi fell off in America while Tannu holds hot coals for him here.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Akanksha sharma

    Nice epi….eagerly waiting fr further epis….thanx sona di for writing update

  2. Nice epi, waiting fr 2moro epi

  3. Wow it’s different story!!!!! Thank u balaji films for the new concept

  4. rookey rookers - 4 ever the ♡♥lover of ranvi

    i agree with u ranaji . if the trp is less than 1for 3weeks they should stop it lets see that too i am sure its going to happen waiting 4 that moment

  5. I actually like this show. Will see it for six months, considering that’s the time after which Ekta’s shows go downhill…And Kratika and Sharad have a nice chemistry in the promos.

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