Kasam 8th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Kritika, Akki and Jiana get captive by bank robbers

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The Episode starts with Jiana telling Kritika that Ranbir went to Canada. Kritika says it is good, thank God. She says I saw him outside the window last night. Jiana says your heart window which is closed often. She asks did you fight? Kritika says he smiled, looked at me and went. Jiana says you are imagining him and says it means kuch kuch hota hai….Kritika says nothing will happen. Batra is restless and thinks what Ranbir might be planning. Malishka asks him to relax and says she knows what to do. Balraj asks Akki to get the bank account and locker open. Akki hesitates. Balraj asks did you have any problem? Akki thinks I never handled bank work before and thinks to ask Ranbir about bank process. Mahima gives him jewellery to keep it in locker. He calls Ranbir and tells that he is in problem. He tells that

Balraj asked him to open an account and get locker, but he don’t know anything. Ranbir asks him to go there and talk to him via Bluetooth. Kritika and Jiana come to the bank to withdraw the cash and are asked to wait. Kritika asks the watchman about the washroom. He signs her tensely. She goes. The goons come there and plan to loot the bank. Jiana collides with Akki and scolds him. Akki talks to Ranbir via blue tooth. She asks him to move from her way.

Pummy tells Ishani that she will write her autography when she becomes Mrs. Universe. She says she will become popular. Akki gets the form and just then robbers/goon attack the bank. Ranbir asks who is shouting? Jiana takes the old lady and hides with her. Manager is about to ring emergency alarm, but terrorist attacks him. They cut the CCTV footage wires. Akki tells Ranbir about robbers attack. Ranbir gets tensed. Akki says I am hiding. Kritika comes out of washroom and sees the robbers. She gets shocked and says it is a bank robbery. Ranbir asks Akki to look out for window or door and leave immediately. Akki says I saw window here. He tries to open the door. Kritika calls Police. Just then goon comes and snatches phone from her hand. He asks her to come there. Kritika says this is wrong and says she is a lawyer. Goon gets angry on her. She pushes door on his face and makes him fall down. Jiana calls her and comes out. Akki is about to leave, but stops seeing jiana and Kritika in trouble.

Kritika, jiana and Akki along with others try to open the door when robbers stop them.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I am,not at all liking current track , trp will go Now 0.3 then 0.0 coz the,track is boring . Not getting connected to the characters whether kritika or ranbir or their families , bedi s and khurana s were awesome but kohli and kapoors are over acting . Even chipshek torture was good than this , no love , no soul connection, bakwass . They,still are dragging the show and I am aware bo track will be completed fully . Bitter truth no chance of kasam to gain again much love of audience and its this time soon going off air by colors and end will be most abrupt and fast plus unimpactfull for sure . Hope krasha again do show together as they have best chemistry.

  2. You are right Lilly about over acting. The use of hands and shouting.Jiana and Aakki are coping Kratika and Kanbir by shouting and scolding each other. Kapoor family don’t comper to Bedis.Raj.Beeji,Mantreep. Ahana Rano they had status.and dignity. That mansion house need to be proper decorated. Jian has never decorated such a big house before why would you give such a big job without supervision.it’s a joke. Without family like Bedis the whole thing will flop. Dragging is another thing the families must be settled by now.

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