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Rishi watches Rano’s condition worsen, and promises to leave Tanuja for her. Raaj and Bee ji hear this at door, and enters in shock. Rishi demands one month time to leave Tanuja.
Ahana brings water for Tanuja, and calls herself as Tanuja’s sister who would always be there. She confirms from Tanuja if she and Rishi are together. Tanuja replies she is no more with Rishi, he brought her here and demanded her not to question him about anything. Rishi enters the hall, his marriage with Tanuja flashes in his mind. He wipes his tears, then walks towards Tanuja. Ahana comes to speak to him, but he interrupts her saying he wants to speak to Tanuja alone. Ahana nods and leaves. Tanuja asks Rishi what this all is about, why he brought her here. Rishi says whatever happened that night was his mistake. Tanuja

argues it wasn’t, he insists it was his mistake. Tanuja demands what’s going inside Rishi, she feels there is going to be something she can never think of. Rishi says he can’t leave her all alone in this world, this world is cruel. They can’t stay together as well. Tanuja asks for the meaning. Rishi asks if Tanuja wanted him to keep his mother happy, so he told Rano everything he felt was right. Now, he wants to speak to Tanuja; Rano wants and he will… remarry someone else. Tanuja was broken, tears fell off her eyes as she says it’s good. She turns to leave but Rishi holds her hand. He places a condition. Raaj and Bee ji hear this. Rishi tells Tanuja he never thought about second marriage, even in dreams. Now, he might try for it, but he would only remarry if she also does a second marriage. Manpreet had just entered and also hears the conversation. Rishi insists on Tanuja if she is happy with her second marriage, only then he would marry. His mom has given him time of one month, during this time he would look for a good proposal for Tanuja and he can’t leave her alone in this world. Tanuja finally screams this is impossible, she insists she would die but can’t do this. He can’t understand how much she loves him. They share an eye lock. Tanuja leaves Rishi’s face after realization. Rishi insists this is right. Tanuja shouts at him to stop it, and runs outside. Rishi follows her. Raaj, Manpreet and Bee ji gather behind them. Outside, Rishi’s words still echo in Tanuja’s mind and she cries badly. Rishi looks for her wondering where she has gone. Tanuja walks through the streets, Rishi looks around for her. The traffic on the road posed as a barrier between both.
At home, Manpreet tries to calm Bee ji down. Bee ji was upset that she hasn’t been able to take care of his family. UV comes home concerned about Rishi, Manpreet says Rishi is fine. He informs UV that Rishi brought Tanuja home. He asked Tanuja to remarry. Ahana had just entered the room and was upset that only Rano could have asked Rishi for this. UV notices the rage in Ahana’s eyes and goes behind her.
Tanuja ran across the road crying about Rishi’s demands. She fell on the middle of the road. The old lady’s words echo in her mind. She cries, screaming she only belongs to Rishi and is made for him, she can’t live without him. A red chunri from a temple fell over Tanuja’s head. She walks towards the temple and cries in front of Goddess. She says Rishi can remarry, but she can’t. She can’t even tell him how much she loves him, she can die a thousand times for him. She is his Tannu, she doesn’t even understand what this all means. She can’t live with Rishi, and its better for her to die than to live with someone else.

PRECAP: Rishi asks Tanuja to let’s die together by jumping off in a river. They can atleast die together. He closes his eyes, Tanuja was tensed.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Rishi is mamma boy. He never take stand for tanuja even once. He doesnt deserve tanuja at all

  2. wat rubbish dushari shaadi sab ke sab pagal hai especially rishi rano is devil look at her face in this injured state mein bhi she can’t tolerate tanuja’s name & when rishi said i will leave tanuja she is in cloud nine iss serial ka naam kasam nahi judai hona chahiye i wish pavan’s re entry in the show then only rishi understand that tanuja is his tannu i don’t no wat cvs is upto they totally ruined the concept put some interesting track now adays this serial is boring****************************************************************************************************************************************

  3. This is all bcz of katyayini….lol ..plss make d story interesting if not sure I’ll quit the serial

  4. now days I can not stand tanuja # so that every time she is speaking wit that one level annoying vioce#I make d TV mute# she was very well received by viewers # in d beginning # BUT# crying wit just one facial expression at all time #&# one level boring voice #become as bad as Rano character # AND RISHI# has a disgusting personality# no one can trust # N# count on him #N# his false words #N# feelings#one minute he is on his knees #kissing tanuja’s hand saying# they r inseparable # N# next minute# as slave of his vicious ,most ugly inside #N# out side # A DEVIL IN SHAPE OF MOTHER # RONI# CURSING#SHUTTING#N# PUSHING HER OUT OF HIS JOKE LIFE#d mad holy lady continuing her contradictions # one minute #advice tanuja#rishi #N #her has been created 4 each other # in this life# next one# N# eternity #N# next minute # giving her a long boring lecture# that# they can have ILLEGITIMATE relation# but # not LEGITIMATE ONE# d show one day I was crazy about #loved every second of it# now become doomed# disgusting# unacceptable# N# NONE STOP CRYING# GOD BURNS IN HELL ALL CVS LIKE EKTA# THAPKI’S CREATORS #N# D REST OF SIMILAR 2 THEM#

  5. due to be frustrated #N# fuming I PRINTED D NAME OF DEVIL UGLY RANO WRONGLY RONI #SORRY

  6. Rubbish scene. Kya bakwaas hai baarbaar saath hoke bhi kyu juda ho jate hai.

  7. Kratika is a super actress she portraying tanuja very well and sharad also super actor but rishi character is spoiled nowadays

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