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Rishi asks Tannu if she really doesn’t care. Rishi comes out to Neha. She asks how she looks. Rishi asks her to come inside to talk to each other. Rishi watches Tannu peeking from outside the kitchen. Rishi holds her shoulder looking at Tannu. Neha asks him to zip up her blouse, Rishi smiles watching Tannu outside as she restlessly peeks through the window and gets curt. Neha’s phone rings, it was Sandy. She was worried what if he comes here again, then takes a leave from Rishi to talk to her childhood friend. Rishi comes behind Tannu who had come out of the house and had taken flower basket from a man. Rishi hits the basket, the flowers fell off. Tannu asks him to let it be, its his Mehndi. Rishi says it was his mistake, he holds Tannu’s hand while helping her. She jerks it away. He throws a flower

behind her, she turns. He asks her to say yes for once, he will create a rain of flowers over her. Tannu leaves.
Rishi calls Manpreet asking where he is. Manpreet says he has reached Bani’s room finally. He changes the mehndi bowl. Ahna stands there, and asks what he came to steal. Manpreet says if she beats him with a single fist, all his bones will break. He calls her fat, they have an argument. Rishi arrives there, watches under the cloth for the bowl of mehndi. He asks if it was changed, while Manpreet and Ahna still argued. He struggles, takes the basket and leaves the room; leaving Manpreet and Ahna fighting cutely.
Neha asks Sandy not to come, its Tannu’s mehndi. Sandy says this is a good day, he has to be aware of the rituals. Neha asks him not to come here whenever he arrives, he never listens to her. If he has found some other girl. Sandy says alright, he isn’t coming. She must not cry. He asks how he will learn all the rituals then. Neha says she will record the function for him, and hands out. Bani stands behind and asks how will they get rid of him. Neha says they will do something about it. Bani goes to get henna.
Manpreet asks Rishi how they will find Tannu now. Rishi looks ahead and watches Tannu coming. Manpreet says she seems to be really angry, what if she slaps him. Rishi awaits him smiling, while Manpreet thinks about leaving. Rishi kicks a basket of flowers and Tannu slips, he twists her and holds her in his arms. He repeats Bee ji’s words and asks if she would be colored in his love. Tannu says not at all, this is God’s blessings, atleast he must not mock it. Rishi shows her his hands with which he held Tannu’s, she was shocked to see hers. She says she won’t let the color get on her hands. She goes to wash hands when Rishi also comes to wash them. He says this is the color of his love, won’t go. Tannu says it has to. Rishi watches her struggle, he says henna color is just like love, deep and strong. Someone says if a henna color doesn’t go, it means the guy loves her more than life, they are partners not for a single birth. Tannu asks who said this, Rishi says he did. Bani calls Rishi, Tannu asks him to leave as she doesn’t want Bani to see them together. Rishi asks her to say she likes him just a bit. She says she doesn’t. He holds her, he asks if she doesn’t look for him when he goes away, why she feels jealous when he is with her sister. Tannu says this is lie. Rishi asks her to lie with her own self. Tannu composes herself and says no. Rishi leaves her and says he is a liar then. He leaves the washroom.
Rano puts on henna at Neha’s hand. Manpreet watches Ahna bring the drinks tray and turns away. UC asks who is it about, Manpreet says no one. Raaj appreciates Rano’s talent of putting on henna. Swati asks her to make an R as well. Rano thinks she never wants to let Rishi come near them. Swati stops Rishi and asks him to find his name in Tannu’s hand. Rishi asks why, if his name has been lost. Swati says it is a ritual. Manpreet thinks it seems he got slapped by Tanvi. Rishi watches Tannu come to the hall, he gets charged at once, sits beside Neha. He looks around her hand, Neha says finally he has fallen in love with her. Rishi says this is all to make her sister jealous, she is standing there. Neha looks at Tannu. Rishi asks if she is getting jealoused. Neha says she doesn’t know. Rishi looks more intently as Tanny stares at him. He announces he has found it, they all clap. Rishi kisses Neha on forhead, Tannu was shocked and leaves.
In the kitchen she murmurs he is marrying someone else and claims to love her. Rishi stands outside the kitchen. Manpreet also joins him. Tannu wonders if she has gone crazy, why she is overthinking about him. If she is really jealous? Then jerks the idea why she would be jealous? Rishi and Manpreet hide under the counter as she comes out. Rishi tells Manpreet he told her she loves him. Manpreet says he plans work, she will say yes to him soon. Rishi says once she confesses her love, he will apologize Tannu’s family and will marry Tanvi. Bani hears this conversation. Rishi says he now knows what love is, a man fights the whole world to get his love. He will fight the world to get Tanvi now. Manpreet says Rishi has changed a lot, improved rather; he is happy that he met Tanvi. Tanni comes out of the kitchen, Rishi stops her. Bani shifts her position carefully. Rishi tells her that her stroller’s pin may hurt her. She hands him the tray and struggles with it, Rishi asks her to let him. Tannu says it isnt needed, Rishi hands the tray to her, moves her hair behind. They share some moments together. She leaves when done. Rishi smiles saying they both love each other, she is running away from her own self. Bani was worried at this all.

PRECAP: Bani tells Guljeet that after mehndi they will throw the girls away, when Tannu isn’t in front of Rishi he must marry Neha then.

Update Credit to: Sona

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