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Rishi assures Rano that he and Tanuja would never be one, they will only stay as strangers. Rishi asks for her promise not to reveal the truth, until Raaj is fine. Rano says Tanuja has got what she wanted, she won’t let this all go. Rishi was ready to give her as much money as she needs, money isn’t worthy in front of Raaj. Rano asks if he is aware of its meaning. Tanuja was passing by and over hears, Rishi promises Rano never to touch Tanuja. Smiley comes to call them towards Raaj, Rishi reminds Rano of her promise.
In the room, Bee ji asks Raaj why he got on bed. Tanuja comes there, Raaj calls her towards himself. Raaj tells her not to worry, nothing would happen to him anytime soon. He asks Tanuja to call him Bauji, and blesses her for fulfillment of all her wishes. Smiley takes them to complete their wedding rituals. Rishi takes Rano out, as he is doing this all for Raaj only.
In the room, Smiley asks Tanuja about her room’s decoration and leaves her, assuring Rishi would be here soon. Tanuja recalls, Smiley smiled watching Tanuja set her bed. Tanuja asked why she is laughing. Smiley said everyone know what is going to happen on wedding night, still everyone ask about it. Malaika came there excited about her special night.
Tanuja says she had never thought this wedding would end this way, this wedding was for someone else; what is this game played by her fate. Rishi comes in the room then, he slaps the door shut loudly. He explains to Tanuja he came because of Dad, then walks inside.
Tanuja sits on the bed crying, while Rishi walks towards the window to look at the moon. Tanuja walks towards the mirror and removes her jewelry.

PRECAP: Tanuja tells Rishi she didn’t betray him, she is being punished for something she didn’t commit.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Oh! Dragging

  2. ThankQ for the fast update…

  3. Nice episode

  4. This is not full episode !!! why ???

  5. Oh!! Dra..,gging.

  6. nice epi!! thnx for written update!!!

  7. Nice episode

  8. @Tanshi dear. trp kasam is 2.2.

    guys please vote for tanshi and serial kasam for tellyawards . guys i write link (vote) on page 4th november ( telly update) . all you want vote because i done that and vote for tanshi and serial kasam . please hurry up and go vote for them . because them need oursupport.

  9. I think d writer cant write d story ahead.so d show is dragging . Time wasting..

  10. jaweria jamil

    Rishi always scold tanuja why????
    But he is cute too

  11. Please put forward the story of kasam serial please don’t walk around the one place constantly

  12. Why rishi scolds tanuja????

  13. Thank you vafa.

  14. All Rishi does is open and close his mouth seems to b a duffer the wedding episode and dress is carrying on for six nights what abt the poor guests did they get their dinner and since u r not accepting the bride how abt returning the gifts dear rano the witch in the story

  15. guys go page instgram kasam that have written update kasam.

    @guys and @catherine dear. after marriage rishi and tanuja. rishi and tanuja will be best friend and through them fall in love together. rishi notice that he is madly love tanuja . frist them will be friend and so them fall in love togeher.we will romanc moments and frindly btwn rishi and taunuja. and this will be interesting that see how rishi is feeling love for tanuja after this that be best friends.

  16. When this series first started,I loved the idea and the script.
    But now they just seem to repeat story lines and swap characters.
    If Tanuja is a reincarnation of Tanu as she becomes more Tanu surely the sparks or electricity between her and Rishi should increase ?
    I still think the Mother Rano should be locked up somewhere secure,Or at least until Rishi finds a girl ?
    And half the misunderstandings in this show would stop if people just said to the other person Quiet let me speak,Oh and maybe people should close doors,Because there is always somebody listening outside,Unless you are a villain talking about your plans.lol?

  17. Dave Laya Ann you are a breath of fresh air by saying the truth …this page is for this purpose not forcing people to vote …. dear Dave I am a 19 year old male who watched kasam from beginning and you are bang on the money by saying it start wit a very desirable and defferent story line but become a disaster in aspect of dragging …repeating …. and giving biggest field to the characters like rano who everyone hates her…. but the heroin and hero crying none stop and being dump and foolish and the stubborn careless ekta doing whatever she likes not her audience…..the show becomes a joke meaningless….boring …even a die heart like me got tired by the way there are a big problem in the other side .. all dead people now demanding reborn like tanu and Saddam Hussain and Adolf Hitler has been awarded the reborn and going to rishi’s house in fastest possible way to be those 2 men ….the otheres were promising all the time to come in life of tanuja and make rishi mad…..

  18. I was a silent reader of this kasam page comment.kasam you are right. I was following kasam till august but it started dragging and dragging. What cvs think of people.

  19. @Ankit and @catherine dear. where are guys ? please guys comback fast on thus page kasam family.

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