Kasam 7th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Ranbir feels Kritika’s pain and gets teary eyes

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The Episode starts with Ranbir getting Mathew’s call. Balraj asks Akki what is he talking? Ranbir tells Mathew that he can’t come right now due to some personal issues. Mahima asks what happened? Ranbir says Mathew is calling me for football premier league, and says he will play next year. Mahima says your fans will get upset if you don’t play. Ranbir says my fans are loyal. Akki asks him to go and sign, and says I will take care of everyone. Balraj, Mahima and Akki asks him to agree. Ranbir smiles.

Pummy asks Kritika, you know everything, but you didn’t tell me. Kritika says may be marriage happened in his childhood. She says marriage used to get fixed in childhood and tells that he left that childhood bride, home and came here. Pummy asks where is that childhood wife? Kritika says she is dead

and tells that all relations ended. Pummy says he has betrayed me big and it is 25 years long betrayal and cries. Kritika says it is not like that and says he couldn’t connect that relation and loved only you. Pummy says what do you mean? Jiana says Di is saying that it is like doll marriage which happens as a game. Kritika looks at Arun and cries. Ranbir gets flashes of kritika with her face hidden while he is sleeping, and thinks why he is getting restless. Kritika hugs her mother’s photo frame and says sorry Maa. She says I had to lie to save Papa. She says she told half lie. She says I can’t tell anyone that he is not my Chacha, but my Papa.

Ranbir looks out at the sky from the window. Kritika also looks at sky. Suddenly tears come in Ranbir’s eyes which surprises him and thinks how did it come in my eyes, who is crying and I am feeling whose pain. Malishka and her friend Shilpa are talking. She sees Ranbir and falls on him intentionally. She says sorry and tells that she told Dad to behave nicely, but he didn’t understand. Shilpa says she can’t see anyone’s pain. Ranbir goes out. Malishka tells her that she will stay in his heart soon. Ranbir is walking on road and thinks it is whose pain, which I am feeling. Kritika thinks moon comes to share her pain. She sees Ranbir going from there. Ranbir stops looking at her and signs her to wipe her tears. She wipes her tears. Ranbir asks her to smile. Kritika smiles. Ranbir waves her bye. Kritika goes inside the room and sits on her bed. Ranbir thinks my pain/restlessness went seeing her, it is a miracle.

Ranbir gets ready to go to Canada and says Akki will drop me. Mahima says even we are coming? Malishka thinks Kapoors are going seeing the bags packed, and thinks to give good news to Dad. She thinks to say last good bye to them, and asks why you all are leaving India? She says I thought you will share with me and says I will tell Dad, and everything will be fine. Ranbir asks her to hang on and tells that they are not leaving and he is going to Canada and will soon be back. Malishka wishes Ranbir and thinks you people have to leave one day.

Arun tells that he wants to give cheque to her. Pummy asks her to give to Jiana. Jiana asks what to do? Pummy asks her to withdraw. Arun says I am going to shop. Jiana says bye..Kritika looks at him. Arun says bye. Jiana asks Kritika to come with her to Bank. Kritika agrees. Mahima calls Jiana and asks her not to come today. Jiana thinks if that Akki got me fired from the job. She says that creeper fell on Akki accidently. Mahima says what are you saying and tells that she called to say that her son left for Canada, and now we will rest in day time. Jiana gets upset. Mahima says he went for few days. Kritika comes and tells that now she has to see Ranbir’s face daily as her boss took case against him. Jiana tells him that now she don’t have to see his face as he left from India to Canada. Kritika is shocked.

A robber aims gun at Kritika in the bank. Kritika says you are doing wrong and says she is a lawyer by profession. Robber threatens her.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Justin Bieber

    Kasam got 0.5 on the trp chart. The show donot deserve such low trp. It is all due to the show prime time slot. The show is currently at the worst time slot now.The channel have to change the show’s time or it will go off air due to the low trp which i dont want.

    1. Mona146

      it deserves it as show got so much twisted in its story that loyal fans must have got fed up.

  2. True mona146. Right now I can’t even promote to pple who haven’t watched before coz it is confusing they will watch once and never return. It just looks like Comedy not a love story. It is better to promote when the CVS get their act together. I think presenting Kratika as an angry judgemental girl is not a good idea especial if u watched angry Tanuja before. I m just saying. She has a career a strong woman will never live with a father who rejected her. First pay check she must leave that house and rent a room. Thank you Uncle and Aunt for helping me bye..instead of making an excuse that she is there because of her mother. and keeps getting angry. Being strong is not about fighting goons..is to make string decisions. Don’t play happy family with your father’s daughters and keep lying for him. Another thing don’t make her keep secrets. We had enough of that with Tanuja.

  3. Once again this malishka will fool ranbir like netra did wth bedi fmly..plzz dont show kaporr fmly like stupid..love kholi fmly scenes. Loved the way kritik handl the situation without hurting anyone..she save her father at same time never broke her mothee promise. Lovinng kittu character the girl wth golden heart wth attitide..

  4. Yes Malishka is given more time of acting.Let this not turn out like Netra issue please. Bedis house used to look like a palace. I hope they decorate it with class. Kratikas sister has just been a short time in the job. I think she needs to be supervised by someone who has been doing a job for a while the house is just too big for her boots. They need to get rid of stuff that the caretaker put in the house it looks like a furniture shop.or a childrens nursery.She does not look professional that is why I feel it’s like a comedy. she is coping Kratikas mannerism and Kanbirs brother is coping him too

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