Kasam 7th June 2016 Episodic Analysis


The episode starts with Tank and Rishton hug and Rishi says you don’t like my proposal still you are crying and Tank says still you are joking and Rishi says sorry Tanu says she was about to say that whatever he told it was true and Rishi says that she never accepted his proposal so how she cheated on his dad.Rishi asks Tank to smile and says she looks beautiful while laughing and asks her not bring Pawan between them.Rishi says that he knows she loves her and don’t show that she doesn’t love him.Tanu says he doesn’t know the importance of relations and says when parents are with them then they don’t know there importance but when they are not there then they understand there importance.She tells she could do anything to bring her parents back.Rishi says that when he will marry her then he can’t give her parents back but will make his parents love her very much more then him.Tanu hugs Rishi and he hugs her back.

At Pawan’s house Pawan’s mother says that if children’s would be not there then there generation will end here only but Tanvi is there.Pawan and Saloni gets sad.

Rishi is packing his back when Manpreet comes and touches his cheeks and Rishi asks why he is touching his cheeks.Manpreet says dad beat him on cheek he will not leave him and Rishi tries to stop him.Rishi pulls Manpreet towards wall and says to do fast as flight for Amritsir will get miss.Manpreet says that he should say first only.Rishi says did I sayed in farsighted he has gone to father and he goes from there.

Rishi and Manpreet are going secretly when Tanu comes and asks where are they going?Tanu asks whether he have did his room dirty again and Rishi says it’s her promise that he has not done and Manpreet asks why for small things he takes promise.Rishi tells when he takes Tanvi’s promise he tells truth.

They go to car when Tanu asks at least to tell where are they going?Manpreet is about to tell the truth when Rishi stops him and says some excuses and goes from there.

Neha comes to Tanu and asks where did Rishi go and Tanu says he sayed he have gone to bring pavilion bhaji something.Pawan and Saloni comes there and Tanu says that yesterday he cut the call in between so that’s why she don’t able to talk with him but she asks why did Saloni screamed and Pawan tells some excuses.Bani comes there and asks them to come inside.Saloni tells that they have came to take this shagun’s thaali and Tanu is little shock.Bani says to Tanu to take the thaali and she takes it and Bani tells are to make tea for everyone.Raj tells Tanu if she is making tea then to make tea for him also.

Bani asks them to sit and Pawan asks for Rishi.Raj comes and asks whether he has gone out with Tanu when Neha says that she is hear only.Pawan thinks that is where would be Rishi.Biji tells she sees Rishi everyday and he looks very good.Raj calls Rishi but his phone is switch off and Raj says he never switches his phone off.Rand tells whether Tanvi would be knowing.Pawan thinks something fishy,Rishi would be going to do something and I have to know what he will do.Tea falls on Saloni and she ask for washroom and goes with Pawan.Raj tells why she always tells anything in front of anyone.Bani says why don’t they ever do friendship and Biji tells friendship with Rano.

Tanu goes to kitchen and reminded Pawan’s word and also remember Rishi saying that something is there between Pawan and Saloni.Neha comes and ask why she looks lost.Tanu says she thinks that Pawan and Saloni’s relationship don’t looks like sister and brother in law.Neha says she is thinking wrong and says Pawan is a good person.Tanu goes from there.Neha thinks only five days are left for marriage and Pawan is really stupid now Tanu also have dought on him.

Precap:Raj says that Rishi not picking his phone and when he does some mistake then only he doesn’t picks his phone.

Credit to: Siddhi

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  1. Dear this is not an analysis.. This is story update.. Today’s story is already posted.. Then why this?

  2. Today’s episode wwasss just awesome…….tanshi scenes too good……manpreet rishi scene tooo…
    bt as of latest spoilers pavan would hit rishi and then he would try his best to remove all kund of evidwnce against him.

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