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Raaj tells Tannu that Rishi is stubborn as his fate. He always took whatever he want. His stubbornness made them weak. Now he insists on getting a moon. Tannu cried. Raaj asks Tanvi how he can give him a moon. Today, he is helpless in front of fate, he feels weak as this weakness comes from luck. Tanvi has become his strength this time, daughters always turn a father’s respect as tough Mountain. It’s only because of her promise that he has trust and faith today, she is the second name to trust in his life. If she won’t forget this Bauji in her in laws, Tannu denies. Rano reaches there and asks Raaj for not getting emotional again, it’s time for wedding.
UV comes to Rishi that Manpreet will reach in a while, they have lost all proves. Bee ji asks Rishi why he even worn the Vermala. Rishi says sometimes

in their life, one doesn’t get what he wants. Bee ji insists on getting Tanvi only. Rishi shares his helplessness even in fighting Tanvi. Bee ji says wedding is by three rituals, Sindoor, Mangal Sooter and vows. Rishi says the wedding has begun, Raaj has taken a promise from Tanvi, now he won’t say another word to Pavan; else Raaj will hurry the wedding to another minute. UV tells Rishi if Tanvi marries Pavan he will die. Rishi accepts he is dying. They were shocked to watch Ahna, she hurries outside as she was watching Tannu’s room.
Ahna enters the room where Tannu had been crying. She wipes her tears at once. Ahna asks if she is crying but she denies. Ahna says she knew that she isn’t happy, she isn’t even normal. She wipes Tannu’s tears, smile in these tears and Rishi in that smile. She can see her pain in this smile. Tannu cries again, then turns around saying it’s just that… Ahna questions what is fine, this time she is saying no. she will not marry Pavan at all. Rishi loves her like mad, she also loves him. It’s just that his craziness is visible. They both cry in different corners. It’s worth more than only love. She questions for whom they are sacrificing. Tannu says it’s really late. Tannu qualifies that Bani and Guljeet, and Raaj and Rano want her to marry Pavan. She even promised Raaj, she can’t break this promise and will have to marry Pavan. Ahna says she promised her Tannu, to be with her even if she is wrong. But she promised herself that she won’t let her cry. If she cries, how will their parents get peace? If she wants so? Tannu denies. Ahna reminds her father’s advice to stay together, she is a storm breaker and will always stop any storm hitting her life. She apologizes as her promise is bigger than her own promise. She doesn’t care for any letter of Baba that may be he hadn’t written, she has loved Rishi for 17 years and Rishi loves her equally. She will bring Rishi in her life, for which she will go to any extent. She can fight the whole world. Tannu asks for Ahna’s promise, but Ahna withdraws her hand. She says she is really angry about her own promise. She comes out of the room and hits Pavan. Pavan warns her to be a bit careful, if it was someone else he would have taken her mouth up. Ahna deters him not to do this cheap joke anymore, he must always remember next time that she can break his face else. Pavan calls Ahna his Sali (sister in law), who is a half partner. He asks about going to Tannu, Ahna warns him to dare it, and half partner is dangerous than the full one.
UV warns Rishi not to accept defeat from that Pavan at any cost. Manpreet comes there, Tishi goes to hug him and inquires about his health. Manpreet was apologetic to Rishi as soon as UV takes Bee ji outside. Rishi assures Manpreet there is no mistake. Ahna comes there and asks them to think about doing anything further. She says Rishi he must at least try to live with Tannu first. Rishi says every time they tried to unveil Pavan’s truth, he proved them as liar. Ahna says they only have a single way, what everyone does when the whole world is against them. She asks him to run away with Tannu.
Bani comes calling Tanvi and asks if she has worn the bridal dress. Tannu was confused at once, and calls from inside she is just getting ready. Bani goes to check for Neha now and complains about her knee ache. Tanvi comes to change her jewelry.
There, Ahna and Rishi were worried about Bani’s arrival. Manpreet announces that Bani has gone, Ahna asks Rishi to run away as Bani has now gone. Rishi asks what about the crocodile and dinosaur, how he will save himself from the three families. Ahna taunts him, Rishi interrupts. Ahna asks him to think about an idea to run away with Tannu now, she wants him to do something as lovers can go to any extent. In a while Tannu will have to go to Mandap, he has no other option but to run away with her. Rishi agrees as this is the last chance, if nothing happens today then… He was charged at once, determined to marry Tanvi only.

PRECAP: Pavan asks Rishi to hold these carpets now, he will pick up the one Rishi was about to pick.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Oh god,please save the viewers ,victims of kasam .amen

  2. waste serial…..

  3. Guys ahivani is new tannu it seems

    Got what crap r they making
    Want kritika back plzzzzzzz

  4. Why is the lead being changed

  5. We want kratika. She is best in that role. And we don’t want any replaced Tannu

  6. this ekta got mad reaaly,from months onward the story is on the same track,its disgusting yaar,she is making fool of viwers,almost there is no trp rating for this serial.i am sure soon this serial is going to end for too much dragging .

    1. Luvleen

      Yeah I like the story line but because of the draggggiiiinnnggg, I will be surprised if it doesn’t end up cancelled with the lack of viewers…

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