Kasam 7th February 2018 Written Episode Update: Natasha calls Papa to Rishi

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The Episode starts with Inspector telling that they can’t file missing complaint until 24 hours. They ask her to take immediate action. She says she will ask her friends to search her. AK tells Maasi that he has reached Police station. He sees Rishi and Tanuja coming out from there, and thinks when he is handling her then I am not needed. Tanuja keeps her head on Rishi’s shoulder. Rishi pacifies her and promises to bring Natasha back. Rishi calls Manpreet and asks him to give detective number.

Kanchal asks Rano to harden her heart and stop Tanuja from coming home. Rano says she has become bad in everyone’s eyes and says now she can’t stop her. Kanchal says she has an idea and asks if she can stop Natasha from coming home and asks her to end her love for her and keep Rishi away from her.

Rishi hugs Natasha while she is sleeping and says you are my daughter and life, I love her. Tanuja comes there and asks Ahana where is Natasha. Ahana tells that Natasha came in auto and asked her to pay auto driver. Tanuja says she really don’t know that Natasha came there. Ahana says you would have called here and says Natasha can come here as this is her father’s house. Tanuja comes to Rishi’s room and sees Natasha. Rishi says she is sleeping. Tanuja kisses on her face and gets emotional. She touches his tears. Rishi wipes his tears. Tanuja signs him not to cry. Kasam tere pyaar ki…plays…

Rishi says I was scared. Tanuja says even I was scared. Natasha wakes up and tells that she is hungry. Tanuja goes to bring something for her. Natasha says it is good that she left and tells that she acted to be hungry. She tells about AK and Tanuja’s fight. Rishi asks her not to call him AK, but something else. She says if you want, I can call you by your name. Rishi says Mr. Handsome is good. Natasha says ok Papa. Rishi asks what did you say. Natasha says she heard AK telling Tanuja that you are my Papa. Rano and Tanuja come there and are shocked.

Rano tells Natasha that she is not Rishi’s daughter. Natasha asks did I ask you. She asks Rishi to tell. Rano blackmails Rishi with Tania’s name. Rishi is silent. Tanuja asks Natasha to come with her.

AK comes home and asks Maasi about Natasha. Maasi says she is found. AK calls her princess. Maasi says she is not at home, when we all were searching her, she went to Rishi’s house. AK is shocked. Tanuja tells Ahana that she is taking netra. Ahana asks why she is tensed and asks what did you say? Rano says Natasha heard from AK that Rishi is her father. She came to ask Rishi if he is her Papa. Ahana asks then what did you tell her. Rishi comes and says she said AK is natasha’s father. Ahana is shocked.

AK tells Tanuja that he can’t live 50: 50 life and asks her to decide between Rishi and him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. I am now sure tanshi will never unite and tanuja mad made natasha daughter of rishi

  2. Or I should say that tanuja made natasha as pk s daughter . God she is so confused lady or I should say flip as per her need she will choose pk sometimes or rishi ,using both desperate

  3. She is a confused bitter lady.Keeping grudges and secrets makes you a bad person in the end, Because she promised Maasi that she will marry AK she still want to keep the promise. The whole thing is messed up why would Rishi hide the truth coz of Tania. I have never heard of such a corrupted family.The draging and confusion follows. I sometimes regret why I watched this drama in the first place.They sucking u in and u think u are watching something good its not easy to leave without seeing the ending…I now see Tanuja as a mean munipulative..unforgiving human being. Using a child to control situation is the most evil thing.That is why Maasi is turning against her. For the last 7 years she has been telling AK about how the Bedis mistreated her. She forgets about her own mistake she made,now she is doing the same to AK just sitting on the fence but Maasi has seen that she is poison. Rishi has apologised for his mistake,then she just plays victim all the time. She apologised about not knowing she is not divorced after AK accused her. Writers have failed this drama. In life they are bad and good people
    .but here they show bad pple and good one turning bad.What lot of crap.

    1. Tanuja is not a bad person. She never owed AK anything and neither did he ever confess his love for her. Before this marriage, he clearly stated that it was just an arrangement for him and that he would still have s*x with other girls, so why is everyone blaming Tanuja here? If Abhishek can go with other girls, then Tanuja can meet Rishi whenever she wants as well. Why are you being biased? And also, stop expecting Tanuja to understand that AK loves her without him telling her, she can’t read minds! Did she ever tell Abhishek that she was in love with him? No. She said that she would never stop loving Rishi. So she’s not wrong here.

      And apologies are not enough for the supposed ‘infidelity’ that Tanuja thinks Rishi did with Netra. That has to be cleared first, Tanuja won’t just take Rishi back whenever he wants to come back. She has some self respect, unlike the shameless and obsessive Netra. This show just shows us that joint family is not everything and you must stop surrounding yourself with toxic people (Rano and Netra) and make a life of your own, otherwise, they will ruin yours. It’s high time Rishi moved out of the Bedi house, but of course, our sanskari cvs will never show that.

    2. And I forgot to mention, Tanuja has never complained about the Bedis to AK until recently. He didn’t even know who the father of Natasha was until a few month back.

  4. Tanuja looks like a coward. She runs when things get tuff. She has lost grace,she is bitter she even fails to give respect to workers at the hospital,and police station. Crying on Rishi’s shoulder has become boring and cheap she should swallow her pride and fight for her love. Rishi has done his part. Rano wants Rishi to forget about Natasha how evil is that. It’s sad to see a woman like Tanuja who controls men,and
    wants her daughter to live a lie. She can not stand up for things that matter. I hate people who live a lie. Writers are casting her as a pretty face with no brain,she wants sympathy by crying crocodile tears all the time ,’hey look at me I was wronged’.Swinging from one men to another using her daughter.She is not a role model for strong women strong women don’t shout if they don’t get what they want..She is an example of weak and foolish women. Please writer don’t belittle women by making a family drama with a weak leading lady.Netra looks comer.than her and she is patient and fights for what she wants,she is not pretty but right now I would choose Netra over.Tanuja does not even listen to an apology she dismisses Rishi yet she is supposed to apologise for her part,the marriage fell apart coz she neglected him,whilst she was playing a game of a shread bussiness woman. Who can forget the scenes of Rishi sleeping on the chair every night,whilst she was bossing him around ‘Rishi crying for attention ended up engaging Netra If you apologise for your part u heal and move on even if you don’t want to go back to Rishi..but let Natasha know the truth.

  5. You are right Hayafover,If the truth comes out Rishi and Tanuja must team up and ask for blessing from Raaj and move out. But right now Tanuja needs to Standfast than keep sending wrong signals to AK..this is another guy who is not stable,each time there is a problem he drinks and drives to the motorway.No wonder Maasi want Tanuja to stay and control his alcoholic nephew. She was going to be another mother in law from hell.

  6. It doesnt matter how many times rishi begging to tanuja to come back wth him..as long as he never reveal tania truth then there is no use. Tanuja was rite..she has d reason tat y, she never go back to rishi..how can she go n stay wth rishi along wth that characterless chipkali. And about to giving respect, there is no more important thing than a mothers love for their child. In d hospital, d only thing in tanuja mind was natasha..she was shouting coz of her love for natasha..she cnt accepted her child is no more..must say mindblowing acting by kratika. Even rishi shouting in police station, he never gave respect to police..so its simple..coz he love natasha. How can u guys can compare tanuja wth chipkali.. may be tanuja is weak now..but its better than d fake chipkali. Tanuja has a pure soul, tats y she dont want to break rishi fmly..coz she thought tania is rishi daughter. But d chipkali worst character in kasam, characterless person, betrayer, taking anothet woman husband, showing her fake care to bedi fmly, acting like mahaans.. but she is d one n only reason behind tanshi separation..d one make tanshi suffer.. as long as her truth not reveal then tanshi will never unite.

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